WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17


Wait for a patch before buying this game!

Since it’s PC release, I’ve had my save data corrupted for the 5th time! Meaning I had to

  • set up a universe,

  • recreate my CAWs (you CAN upload them so when things go sideways, they’re just a download away… But still!!),

  • adjust the settings and game/superstar balance

  • deal with the random crashing

…more times than I’d like.

PS4 users have supposedly dealt with the save data bug when it was released, it had something to do with putting the console on sleep mode while the game is on, OR downloading things from the community.

Real player with 358.4 hrs in game

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A downgrade to WWE 2k16 in every way.

First of all, there are hardly any innovations in this game.

There is no Showcase mode, only a DLC(!) Hall of Fame Showcase.

And the legends are just imported from 2K16, but not all.

So missing are Haku, Col. Mustafa (The Iron Sheik), Fit Finlay, Sgt. Slaughter, William Regal/Lord Steven Regal, Savio Vega, Stevie Ray and many more i will not list now.

But also many important managers from 2K16 missing. Such as Paul Bearer or Jimmy Hart. Especially strange with Randy Savage is that he has to get along without Miss Elizabeth. (Cause she is not in the game, unlike in 2K16)

Real player with 347.8 hrs in game

WWE 2K17 on Steam

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D

So, the first match, the first fuccking match I have right? I have no idea what I’m doing, and think “this match is an iron man match or something,” well it’s with the Undertaker (I modded the game so it would be more like an actual WWE/whatever the fuck company) and it’s me vs. the Miz. So this match goes on for a good solid hour and Kane, Mankind, and who knows who the fuck else gets involved in the match. I can’t stand, I’m getting my ass beaten into the concrete floor, took control of Kane, made him jump off the furniture and what happens? I break his fucking legs. You heard me right, his legs. I beat the Miz’s ass into the pavment as well as Kane did (and Paul Bearer the WWE’s version of the TFS version of Mr. Popo) I get… one. final. pin. On the Miz, and what happens after that? “Nobody wins this contest” my face is expressionless, and all the words from my vocal chords cower back into my skull saying “fuck that you ain’t got no words” leaving me speechless. Never has a game left me so fucking speechless to where I thought I had gotten a lobotomy. For a good five minutes, I was walking around my house wondering what the fuck just happened. And that is why I recommend this game, but not without a controller. Also, this is fucking randomized which makes it better, all the modes are great and I hope to sweet MDickie himself that he updates this game soon because it’s a G L O R I O U S masterpiece. Glitchy? Yes, but that adds character. Needless to say, this game is up there (for me, personally) with the likes of WWF No Mercy, and Wrestlemania 2000. That says a lot.

Real player with 122.3 hrs in game

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You ever wanted to hit someone with a steel chair and NOT be disqualified? Want to manage a card for a show only to be beaten in the ratings by Family Guy? WANT TO MAKE AN 8 FOOT TALL 16 YEAR OLD AND GET PAID THOUSANDS TO BEAT PEOPLE UP WITH CHAIRS? Then Welcome to Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Career mode has you choose and create a wrestler for whom you can have killed. Make backstage choices like getting drunk with your coworkers… even at the age of 16. Form a tag team and tell your partner that you don’t want to dress as them and so they dress as you. Create a tower of doom to injure, mame, and possibly murder your compitition. Don’t worry, the worse that can happen is that you injure yourself.

Real player with 83.5 hrs in game

Wrestling Revolution 3D on Steam

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19


In comparison to the other WWE 2K games available on Steam, 2K19 is the “best” out of the bunch, though that isn’t a very high standard. The game has a large roster of current, past, and legend superstars to play as. You can expect bugs and crashes sprinkled here and there that can potentially ruin your experience (e.g. crash during character creation and losing all progress). If you want to play a wrestling game on PC, your best bets are either WWE 2K19 or Fire Pro Wrestling World. Also, we don’t talk about WWE 2K20.

Real player with 846.0 hrs in game

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Do not buy this game. Oh, it’s on sale? It’s still not worth it. Specifically if you enjoy creating content in-game. The video editor crashes frequently, royal rumbles crash more often than not halfway through. Changes you make to characters don’t save. Audio tracks fail to load. Custom Arena settings don’t work. Music will play over itself during cut-scenes. Created content fails to save correctly and will corrupt your entire save file. The game will crash at a load screens and corrupt your save file. Deleting content will corrupt your save file. I spent over 200 hours creating content for this game. Lost it all because I attempted to copy a created MITB briefcase, which crashed the game and corrupted my save. Had to start over from scratch. Maybe a month later attempted to save a created video. It went through the saving process but stayed in the video editor. I exit out to desktop and the preview is listed as empty. Close the game, reload, everything is gone again. This happened on two different gaming PCs, both which have a GTX 1080. Oh but there’s a BIG HEAD mode now…………….. cool.

Real player with 573.6 hrs in game

WWE 2K19 on Steam