MMA Team Manager

MMA Team Manager

If you like MMA and sports simulation, this game is a MUST have. It felt expensive but I took a gamble and I’ve already become hocked. The thing is, the UI isn’t as bad as people are saying and the game has significant depth and if worked on with future updates, it could become a serious classic video game for MMA fans.

The league system and variety of tactics involved are seriously entertaining with a great challenge in the first few seasons.

I wish there were more STATs on fighter’s records because as a sports simulation buff, that is what turns me on the most.

Real player with 603.1 hrs in game

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Really enjoying playing this title. I start out in lower leagues and try and work my way up. You get a monthly recruitment drive where every once in a while you find a stud that can really pay dividends if you were able to sign him to a long bargain contract. Finances are a challenge and I’ve been sacked a couple different saves from not paying enough attention to it.

One way to better your finances is to get fighters who can win. A fighters career wins adds to his crowd attraction stat, what caliber the fighter is also adds to it. Currently my home attendance average is 2388 with a ticket price of 20. My bargain find fighter who won league 7 fighter of the year last year is a huge contributor to attendance. He’s 21 years old has 50 wins and I have just extended his contract 5 years. He didnt want to extend last year but after we won the 7th league my manager status changed so I was able to. I like the way the game’s contracting is setup. You might be able to sign a bluechip from the market but if the caliber difference is heavily favored by the fighter, expect a overpaid fighter on your hands.

Real player with 70.4 hrs in game

MMA Team Manager on Steam