Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim


My first review was after 40+ hours. I recommended the game to anyone who finds TEW too complicated, but also stating that this game was in desperate need of a pre-booker, RNG, the ability to have more freedom to create match-types, gimmicks, etc. Also asking for match history, etc.


Now after 60 more hours of playing and very regular updates by the developer (respect for that!), I can still say that I recommend this game to anyone who likes booking wrestling shows, without the complexity of TEW holding them back.

Real player with 131.9 hrs in game

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Bro this is the first kind of “manager” game I’ve ever played and hooooooly its great. Super easy to learn, super easy to read the UI. And super easy to book a whole show. I bought this trying to scratch that itch of having a GM mode in WWE 2k.

This game is just a little more in depth. Gives show ratings, gives crowd reaction to matches, gives 0-5 star match rating, and gives amount of money made from each show. Whats great about it is getting so much feedback that I think a lot of people have been wanting from WWE 2k games and their Universe mode. Game also has Injuries, Superstars asking for pushes or to work with someone, hundreds of people to contract for different jobs like referee, announcer, staff, wrestler, and ever some that can do all of these things.

Real player with 128.9 hrs in game

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