Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire is a great game where you can kill people, kick them out the promotion, lead a promotion,blow up things,and customize characters to look like real people with a wide range of customization.


-Lead promotions

-Be A manager

-You can die

-Year system with calender

-Able to have a big moveset with wide range of taunts

-Huge move pool.

-Able to walk around with people on your shoulders

  • Can bully the ref, annoucers, and managers.

-Can throw people out of windows

-Wide range of areas of people you can brawl in

Real player with 448.5 hrs in game

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*** Best Career Mode in Just About Any Game. Period. ***

I am not a wrestling fan. I do, however, like fighting games. This translates into wrestling games. It’s just good fun to bash opponents and I enjoy the spectacle.

I was on the fence about buying this game. I did, however, play other MCDickie games. This one is by far, his best one yet. So I bought this on a whim.

It’s hard to explain this game. Anything can, and will happen, while you are playing career mode. Just when you think you have seen it all, it doubles down on the WTF factor. It’s not just totally random, since it sometimes does depend upon your choices. It’s like semi-controlled chaos.

Real player with 282.6 hrs in game

Wrestling Empire on Steam

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World

I’ll start by saying that I’ve been playing Fire Pro World for around three years now. I have all the DLC, I’ve made hundreds of edits, produced a series of YouTube videos (cheap plug: Power Pro Wrestling and Fire Promoter Complete), and at the time of this writing I’ve logged 10,047.4 hours in the game. That’s not a typo. Ten thousand hours. Over ten thousand hours. And I am still extremely excited to boot the game up every single time. All without using mods whatsoever.

Fire Pro World is not a perfect game. One could argue that the controls are too esoteric for casual players, that the lack of gimmick matches diminishes its quality to American fans, you could even say that the necessity of having all the DLC to get the most out of the game is to its detriment. My girlfriend says that it looks like colorful sausages fighting which I don’t think is fair, but which echoes a common criticism of the game’s graphics.

Real player with 10479.7 hrs in game

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Fire Pro Wrestling World is the most incredible wrestling sandbox you’ll ever see. With an unlimited number of wrestlers and just about anyone who’s ever stepped into the squared circle available on the Workshop, you can recreate historical matchups, try to emulate modern wrestling, and set up impossible dream matches spanning multiple eras. You’re able to do the same with boxing and MMA, and on top of all that, throw in original creations, pop culture icons, and whatever else your imagination can come with.

Real player with 4872.7 hrs in game

Fire Pro Wrestling World on Steam

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19


In comparison to the other WWE 2K games available on Steam, 2K19 is the “best” out of the bunch, though that isn’t a very high standard. The game has a large roster of current, past, and legend superstars to play as. You can expect bugs and crashes sprinkled here and there that can potentially ruin your experience (e.g. crash during character creation and losing all progress). If you want to play a wrestling game on PC, your best bets are either WWE 2K19 or Fire Pro Wrestling World. Also, we don’t talk about WWE 2K20.

Real player with 846.0 hrs in game

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Do not buy this game. Oh, it’s on sale? It’s still not worth it. Specifically if you enjoy creating content in-game. The video editor crashes frequently, royal rumbles crash more often than not halfway through. Changes you make to characters don’t save. Audio tracks fail to load. Custom Arena settings don’t work. Music will play over itself during cut-scenes. Created content fails to save correctly and will corrupt your entire save file. The game will crash at a load screens and corrupt your save file. Deleting content will corrupt your save file. I spent over 200 hours creating content for this game. Lost it all because I attempted to copy a created MITB briefcase, which crashed the game and corrupted my save. Had to start over from scratch. Maybe a month later attempted to save a created video. It went through the saving process but stayed in the video editor. I exit out to desktop and the preview is listed as empty. Close the game, reload, everything is gone again. This happened on two different gaming PCs, both which have a GTX 1080. Oh but there’s a BIG HEAD mode now…………….. cool.

Real player with 573.6 hrs in game

WWE 2K19 on Steam

Wrestling Revolution 2D

Wrestling Revolution 2D

Wrestling Revolution 2D is a classic OUYA Game and easily one of the finest mobile games of it’s time when the market was dominated with Angry/flappy birds or cuting the rope-likes. A spiritual successor to one of MDickie’s earlier titles Wrestling Mpire(2008/11). While a true Successor has recently been released & even a 3D Sequel to this game are both on steam, I prefer this one. However with Wrestling Empire (2021) continuing to get updates & once the Workshop gets up and running that may change. But WR2D is a 1/4th the price of the new one and well worth the 5 bucks too.

Real player with 51.6 hrs in game

Deffinetly one of the best wrestling games to get….so much more fun than those trash 2k games…overall Mdickie is an awesome game creator i recommend all his games

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Wrestling Revolution 2D on Steam

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18

WWE2k18 does a good job of hammering out some wrestling mechanics that are solid. However, it needs some help in other areas for sure.

The major issues with the game are the MyCareer and to a lesser extent Universe mode. MyCareer is terrible this year. First, there is no way to import or export MyPlayer created wrestlers. MyCareer requires a created wrestler, so you can’t play it as a default WWE star at all. Second, if you make a wrestler in free play you cannot import that wrestler for use, and must make a new MyPlayer CAS. Third, if you make a wrestler in MyPlayer it only works in MyCareer, it cannot be exported to Universe mode or Free Play. This is obnoxious. Sadly creating your wrestler in MyPlayer is entirely subject to loot box RNG as the overwhelming majority of moves, costume pieces, etc are locked behind the loot box system. Lastly there is way too much pointless walking around in the backstage area of MyCareer and a ton of deadspace that doesn’t meaningfully improve on your game play experience. For example, you must walk to and from a security guard to get into/out of your car every night that you perform. This is just a frustrating waste of player time. It might be different if you could get into confrontations and brawls in the backstage, but its mostly just a bunch of random wwe stars milling about aimlessly, and annoying WWE employees who stalk the main hallways getting in your way. The interactions you can have are pretty lame, just little custscenes with overlay text, really boring and pointless. It had me wishing for the single locker-room screen to manage this stuff from, just getting phone calls and texts to advance storylines like I recall from a previous WWE game. MyCareer mode can be considered a total failure in this year’s version of the game.

Real player with 376.8 hrs in game

Ok, another year has come and gone. Last year I wrote a review of WWE:2K17 and it was my first year buying a WWE game from the 2K franchise. I was pretty happy with it. If you havent read it somewhere I gave it a 7/10, which is pretty modest in my opinion. This year 2k18 was hyped up beyond belief and I am afraid I cannot give as kind of a review to this game that I so desperately wanted. So I am going to go through a fairly lengthy review and give my Pros and Cons and what I thought about my experience after having over 50+ hours in this game. So sit back and enjoy if you are feeling down to read a bit. And before I continue, thank you for reading this review and I hope it helps you make the decision on whether you will wait for it to go on sale, whether not to get it at all or whether to take the risk. Here goes.

Real player with 119.6 hrs in game

WWE 2K18 on Steam

Action Arcade Wrestling

Action Arcade Wrestling

This game has a place in the set of currently available wrestling video games out there, in part because it has a different combination of pros and cons.


1. The creation suite is good, although you must post your wrestler online if you wish to use it.

2. The action is acceptable, and it comes nearer to an American style of fantasy wrestling than to a Japanese style.

3. You can play multiplayer, against the computer, or cpu versus cpu. The cpu is not perfect, but it is watchable and does not fall into the same routines that other games do. For instance, in WWE2k, you can tell what a cpu wrestler will do distinctly before it does it, and it looks the same every time. In Fire Pro, the cpu is more variable but most of the moves do not look awesome or powerful. This game falls somewhere between those two points: the moves look acceptable and are not as telegraphed.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

So remember Wrestlefest? Think that game now with the ability to create wrestlers, arenas, federations, belts, etc. Also there’s the ability to download other people’s CAWs and Arenas which there’s already some awesome stuff available.

I’m honestly having a blast with this. Will leave a more in-depth review later, but just wanted to leave a positive review shortly after release in case people were on the fence about this one.

To quickly address some of the negative reviews bashing it for not being the same depth as Fire Pro……..This isn’t Fire Pro, nor was it meant to be as in-depth as it. The whole appeal of this game is that it’s a very simple, pick up and play, arcade style wrestling game. Anyone could pick it up and understand it very quickly. Great for playing with friends who don’t want to learn the way more in-depth controls that Fire Pro and WWE 2K have.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Action Arcade Wrestling on Steam

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17


Wait for a patch before buying this game!

Since it’s PC release, I’ve had my save data corrupted for the 5th time! Meaning I had to

  • set up a universe,

  • recreate my CAWs (you CAN upload them so when things go sideways, they’re just a download away… But still!!),

  • adjust the settings and game/superstar balance

  • deal with the random crashing

…more times than I’d like.

PS4 users have supposedly dealt with the save data bug when it was released, it had something to do with putting the console on sleep mode while the game is on, OR downloading things from the community.

Real player with 358.4 hrs in game

A downgrade to WWE 2k16 in every way.

First of all, there are hardly any innovations in this game.

There is no Showcase mode, only a DLC(!) Hall of Fame Showcase.

And the legends are just imported from 2K16, but not all.

So missing are Haku, Col. Mustafa (The Iron Sheik), Fit Finlay, Sgt. Slaughter, William Regal/Lord Steven Regal, Savio Vega, Stevie Ray and many more i will not list now.

But also many important managers from 2K16 missing. Such as Paul Bearer or Jimmy Hart. Especially strange with Randy Savage is that he has to get along without Miss Elizabeth. (Cause she is not in the game, unlike in 2K16)

Real player with 347.8 hrs in game

WWE 2K17 on Steam

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20

plz update to many bug

Real player with 175.1 hrs in game

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

~William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

Good God, y’all… Good… God… I mean, this game? It sure brings back memories. And not in a good way. Remember the old ports from gaming consoles? Since fifth generation and until seventh one, those used to be a complete disaster. If the game was made specifically for consoles, back in the days, playing it on consoles was the only way most of the time. And unfortunately… that’s the story of WWE 2K20. Believe it or not. And it’s kinda sad, you know? Because as an old wrestling fan, I must say, I enjoyed this game very much. Even more than it actually deserved, really.

Real player with 129.6 hrs in game

WWE 2K20 on Steam

Raging Fists: Retribution

Raging Fists: Retribution

please checkout this game

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

Tekken 8

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Raging Fists: Retribution on Steam

Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim


My first review was after 40+ hours. I recommended the game to anyone who finds TEW too complicated, but also stating that this game was in desperate need of a pre-booker, RNG, the ability to have more freedom to create match-types, gimmicks, etc. Also asking for match history, etc.


Now after 60 more hours of playing and very regular updates by the developer (respect for that!), I can still say that I recommend this game to anyone who likes booking wrestling shows, without the complexity of TEW holding them back.

Real player with 131.9 hrs in game

Bro this is the first kind of “manager” game I’ve ever played and hooooooly its great. Super easy to learn, super easy to read the UI. And super easy to book a whole show. I bought this trying to scratch that itch of having a GM mode in WWE 2k.

This game is just a little more in depth. Gives show ratings, gives crowd reaction to matches, gives 0-5 star match rating, and gives amount of money made from each show. Whats great about it is getting so much feedback that I think a lot of people have been wanting from WWE 2k games and their Universe mode. Game also has Injuries, Superstars asking for pushes or to work with someone, hundreds of people to contract for different jobs like referee, announcer, staff, wrestler, and ever some that can do all of these things.

Real player with 128.9 hrs in game

Pro Wrestling Sim on Steam