Pro Wrestling X

Pro Wrestling X

(Edit - Review has been edited on the 23rd of April 2016 to re-look at the current version (0.94) on that day and a new updated video for that version has been added at the end of my review).

If you believe in wrestling games out side of WWE or even more wrestling games in general then this project is worth buying and sitting on until it growths into it’s very small boots, that might take a while since currently we can do a match but not the most fun one ever but it is heading in the right direction.

Real player with 481.3 hrs in game

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as of 12/112016 there has been a lot of updates and is great game and i do think the palyers look like the best wrestling players i seen in years the twitch brocast are great to watch and are on youtube all so the news letter is great to read and tells you a lot of what going on with the game so i think it a most have if you want to know bit more from them game play is great and with every update it just gets better and better so a big thanks to the people behind this for doing a great job

as of 13/5/2016 the game now has 8 players to pick from and 1 on 1, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and a lot more moves now this is comming to be a great game and a must have for any wrestling fan can not wait to see what is comming there even players that come to the ring to stop you winning the match witch is fun over all the game is getting to be a great game and a lot of fun

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Pro Wrestling X on Steam

Action Arcade Wrestling

Action Arcade Wrestling

This game has a place in the set of currently available wrestling video games out there, in part because it has a different combination of pros and cons.


1. The creation suite is good, although you must post your wrestler online if you wish to use it.

2. The action is acceptable, and it comes nearer to an American style of fantasy wrestling than to a Japanese style.

3. You can play multiplayer, against the computer, or cpu versus cpu. The cpu is not perfect, but it is watchable and does not fall into the same routines that other games do. For instance, in WWE2k, you can tell what a cpu wrestler will do distinctly before it does it, and it looks the same every time. In Fire Pro, the cpu is more variable but most of the moves do not look awesome or powerful. This game falls somewhere between those two points: the moves look acceptable and are not as telegraphed.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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So remember Wrestlefest? Think that game now with the ability to create wrestlers, arenas, federations, belts, etc. Also there’s the ability to download other people’s CAWs and Arenas which there’s already some awesome stuff available.

I’m honestly having a blast with this. Will leave a more in-depth review later, but just wanted to leave a positive review shortly after release in case people were on the fence about this one.

To quickly address some of the negative reviews bashing it for not being the same depth as Fire Pro……..This isn’t Fire Pro, nor was it meant to be as in-depth as it. The whole appeal of this game is that it’s a very simple, pick up and play, arcade style wrestling game. Anyone could pick it up and understand it very quickly. Great for playing with friends who don’t want to learn the way more in-depth controls that Fire Pro and WWE 2K have.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Action Arcade Wrestling on Steam

Bop’N Wrestle

Bop’N Wrestle

A beloved retro wrestler from Beam Software returns in all its 80s glory!

You’ve seen ‘em on TV. You’ve seen ‘em in person. You’ve seen ‘em flying into the aisles. Now you get to climb into the ring with ‘em. For the first time in any arena, you get to join the mayhem of professional wrestling at its best. BOP’N WRESTLE puts you in the ring with 10 of the meanest, baddest, biggest, toughest, ugliest pro wrestlers you’ve ever seen fly off a turnbuckle!

Wrestle your way to the top as Gorgeous Greg, tenth-ranked contender for the World Championship Belt, as he battles a series of contenders.

  • Dozens of spectacular moves

  • Ten wild opponents

  • One or two-player modes

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Bop'N Wrestle on Steam

RetroMania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling

I’ve played 10 hours of RetroMania to really try out everything, and I’ll put it in a pros and cons list.


  • Design. The design is great, the characters and stages all feel very different to each other. The game convention stage for example has so much happening in the background, a lot of details.

  • Simple instructions. For people new to this style of game, it might be hard at first but you should be able to pick it up with a little practice. The story mode also has an intro that helps you understand the game before getting into it.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Retrofest will surely pluck a string on early 90’s kids’ hearts.

In one of this game forum’s discussions (which I usually avoid participating in due to their toxic and explosive nature) I read a developer comment stating that he made this game because this is the game he always wanted to play, and no one else ever made it.

I think this is an inspiring statement, not only because sometimes it feels games aren’t always born out of love anymore, but also because who among us gamers never dreamt about developing the game HE always wanted to play.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

RetroMania Wrestling on Steam



One of the reason i bought this game because i wanted to play small size arcade wrestling game, and not 50GB size, with current roster. WWE All-Stars definitely a superior arcade wrestling game compared to this but the only good parts of WWE 2k Battlegrounds is interactive stage and large amount of WWE Superstars from past and present including Divas which absent in WWE All-stars. Watching the ring destroyed and throw enemy to crocodile is so satisfying and i’m impressed with the ring creation. To be honest i don’t mind with the grind to get a Characters and stuff and it wasn’t hard to get credit as long you do daily missions everyday, it made me appreciate the game more because i had to play it everyday to do daily, it’s just suck that there’s microtransaction on it and you have to be online to get reward credit. The power up is kinda feel like hit and miss addition in this game and should be unique to each wrestler and not changeable.

Real player with 85.0 hrs in game

Okay, I got this game for free from a great friend. Love you bro xD

and I’m gonna give an honest review. Look, I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since 2001 and played every WWE games except for 2k17 to 20. Luckily this game can run on a crappy PC on High Settings. WWE Battlegrounds has a lower system requirements than WWE 2K15 and it looks amazingly good. I’m gonna break down all the good and bad on this game.


1. This is an amazing and improved version of the completely forgotten WWE All Stars, I can’t believe I’m still playing this game, I mean seriously look at my Game time. I’m pretty addicted, and yet you noticed this review is a thumbs down, read below to learn why.

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game


AAW Wrestle Lab

AAW Wrestle Lab

Love this. Easily one of the best wrestling creation softwares i have ever played. I only with there were more 3D options and moves. maybe even particle color choices for moves.

oh well. Maybe in future patches.

Real player with 536.3 hrs in game

My review of the game also works here.

This game is awesome!! I love creating things.. I love creating things and watching them fight. This game allows me to do just that. The creation kit/wrestle factory is leaps and bounds above the rest. 2k what? Anyways, I’m addicted. Chikara Action Arcade Wrestling is Goodstuff!

search @TheLargestDog ingame to download my creations/wrestlers.

Real player with 251.2 hrs in game

AAW Wrestle Lab on Steam

Tinieblas Jr’s Adventures

Tinieblas Jr’s Adventures

This game’s first crime is that it is a phone game ported to the pc

Its second crime is that even for a phone game, its shity and poorly made

3rd- I don’t think they hold ownership to any of the songs on the soundtrack, and the rest of the audio makes me feel like in the looney toons

For something released in 2020 it’s laughable at best, don’t waste your money

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

The game is so dark, you can’t see a thing. It’s ridiculous to make the thing so dark you can’t do simple things like jump on a platform. Not even worth the $1.07 I paid.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Tinieblas Jr's Adventures on Steam

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D

So, the first match, the first fuccking match I have right? I have no idea what I’m doing, and think “this match is an iron man match or something,” well it’s with the Undertaker (I modded the game so it would be more like an actual WWE/whatever the fuck company) and it’s me vs. the Miz. So this match goes on for a good solid hour and Kane, Mankind, and who knows who the fuck else gets involved in the match. I can’t stand, I’m getting my ass beaten into the concrete floor, took control of Kane, made him jump off the furniture and what happens? I break his fucking legs. You heard me right, his legs. I beat the Miz’s ass into the pavment as well as Kane did (and Paul Bearer the WWE’s version of the TFS version of Mr. Popo) I get… one. final. pin. On the Miz, and what happens after that? “Nobody wins this contest” my face is expressionless, and all the words from my vocal chords cower back into my skull saying “fuck that you ain’t got no words” leaving me speechless. Never has a game left me so fucking speechless to where I thought I had gotten a lobotomy. For a good five minutes, I was walking around my house wondering what the fuck just happened. And that is why I recommend this game, but not without a controller. Also, this is fucking randomized which makes it better, all the modes are great and I hope to sweet MDickie himself that he updates this game soon because it’s a G L O R I O U S masterpiece. Glitchy? Yes, but that adds character. Needless to say, this game is up there (for me, personally) with the likes of WWF No Mercy, and Wrestlemania 2000. That says a lot.

Real player with 122.3 hrs in game

You ever wanted to hit someone with a steel chair and NOT be disqualified? Want to manage a card for a show only to be beaten in the ratings by Family Guy? WANT TO MAKE AN 8 FOOT TALL 16 YEAR OLD AND GET PAID THOUSANDS TO BEAT PEOPLE UP WITH CHAIRS? Then Welcome to Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Career mode has you choose and create a wrestler for whom you can have killed. Make backstage choices like getting drunk with your coworkers… even at the age of 16. Form a tag team and tell your partner that you don’t want to dress as them and so they dress as you. Create a tower of doom to injure, mame, and possibly murder your compitition. Don’t worry, the worse that can happen is that you injure yourself.

Real player with 83.5 hrs in game

Wrestling Revolution 3D on Steam

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17


Wait for a patch before buying this game!

Since it’s PC release, I’ve had my save data corrupted for the 5th time! Meaning I had to

  • set up a universe,

  • recreate my CAWs (you CAN upload them so when things go sideways, they’re just a download away… But still!!),

  • adjust the settings and game/superstar balance

  • deal with the random crashing

…more times than I’d like.

PS4 users have supposedly dealt with the save data bug when it was released, it had something to do with putting the console on sleep mode while the game is on, OR downloading things from the community.

Real player with 358.4 hrs in game

A downgrade to WWE 2k16 in every way.

First of all, there are hardly any innovations in this game.

There is no Showcase mode, only a DLC(!) Hall of Fame Showcase.

And the legends are just imported from 2K16, but not all.

So missing are Haku, Col. Mustafa (The Iron Sheik), Fit Finlay, Sgt. Slaughter, William Regal/Lord Steven Regal, Savio Vega, Stevie Ray and many more i will not list now.

But also many important managers from 2K16 missing. Such as Paul Bearer or Jimmy Hart. Especially strange with Randy Savage is that he has to get along without Miss Elizabeth. (Cause she is not in the game, unlike in 2K16)

Real player with 347.8 hrs in game

WWE 2K17 on Steam

Little Fighters on Stream

Little Fighters on Stream

Hectic and chaotic; wishing there were a few more game modes though for increased viewer participation! BUT it’s on the right path for sure :)

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Little Fighters on Stream on Steam