Don’t buy the full game, get all you can from the demo because the full game doesn’t have anything new.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

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Lemwars is a strategic game who want simulate the lemmings of the 90'

At the start the tutorial you see it’s really short and don’t explain much about the mechanics of the game, also could be better explain it while you playing it not at the start all in.

The game tried simulate the lemmings but with the normal lemmings you can’t exactly control them you have to control the enviroment, with Lem Wars you can control your units and send them to attack the enemy like a kind of moba game.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

LemWars on Steam

Rouge Patrol

Rouge Patrol

The war between Rouge and Bleue has gone beyond either nation’s capacity to wage it. First they drafted the men and then boys… women were conscripted in turn. Now, with all spent - and surrender unthinkable - the grinding machine of war has turned to girls.

Fourteen years old, Sergeant P.G. Tails has lost everything to Bleue and will stop at nothing to achieve their destruction. But, as she leads her unit into the unending conflict, she begins to realise that the price of revenge may be paid, not by her, but the girls she has come to love. Worse, she carries a secret that puts her in more danger from her friends than her enemies…


Rouge Patrol tells an epic and heartfelt story about friendship, loss, and a young girl’s conflicting drive to avenge what’s been taken while preserving what remains. You will take on the role of Sergeant P.G. Tails and, through a fusion of visual novel and stat-raiser mechanics, explore a branching and perilous narrative.

Each member of Rouge patrol has her own history and interrelationships. But, as their commanding officer, your choices will determine their future. Form friendships with any or all of them, but balance socialisation against the pressures of maintaining your found family’s ability to survive the missions you lead them into.


  • Ten main characters and multiple sides, all with over thirty unique poses

  • Full HD CGs, backgrounds and sprites

  • Separate health, morale and relationship systems that impact characters' appearance and behaviour

  • Multiple story branches

  • Individual stat management for the whole patrol

  • Levels, exp, ability tests, perks and all that good stuff

  • Four branching romances

  • Tragic friendships!

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Rouge Patrol on Steam