Because We’re Here - Act I

Because We’re Here - Act I

War isn’t about middle grounds, and neither is Because We’re Here. It’s a game that may well prove to be polarizing (and I’m glad the dev took the risk). You could find this otome game a complete waste of time, or unusual but worthwhile. I’ll tell you why I’m in the latter camp as I go through different aspects of the game.

Older fans have probably played the demos (both super old and now defunct) that constitute what is now Act I, and might be wondering if it’s still worth it to buy this part of the game. Plot is the same but there’s been a pretty big glow up in other aspects. The biggest plus for me was how the other guys aside from August now feel much more fleshed out - nothing big, but little changes in the writing strengthen the characterization. There’s also longer ending scenes (with CG!) that make for better closure.

Real player with 62.7 hrs in game

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I first encountered this visual novel a day before it was released, and immediately I was excited – I love historical settings, and WWI doesn’t get nearly enough media attention, and the characters looked very varied and setting-appropriate, so I had high hopes. Having played the first act now, I can say that the VN delivered everything I wanted and more.

Firstly, this is a very well-researched story. Everything from the details of the trenches to the many different wartime roles that were available to the different kinds of reactions people had to the war – and how they changed over time – are replicated here perfectly. But it doesn’t feel either overwhelming or confusing – apart from a brief explanation of the political history of the war early on, there’s no exposition, instead allowing the reader to familiarise themselves with the world by watching it unfold. It’s worth noting now that this story isn’t technically based on the real WWI – the countries and their geography are different, with some interesting results – but if you want something that captures the spirit of WWI in a very personal, in-the-trenches way, I can’t fault it.

Real player with 48.1 hrs in game

Because We're Here - Act I on Steam



Deep lore.

Epic boss battles.

Memorable Soundtrack.

Bullet-hellish platformer experience.

In one word MASTERPIECE!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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