Wave War One

Wave War One

Let me say first of all that this game does have promise although it has needs for improvement, first the AI pathing is broken, particularly on the snowy map and it needs more music, not the same one track on a continual loop! The speed of the running animations could be sped up just a bit as it takes units too long to get to there position and start firing. Also the balancing needs to be fixed as when you start a game, you can only get about 2-3 and your enemy can have up too 5-6 doesn’t seem a lot but it does make a difference.

โ€“ Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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fun little game made by a small time creator

โ€“ Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Wave War One on Steam

Rising Front

Rising Front

Rising Front is a massive WW1 shooter centered around trench warfare! It features a perfect blend of FPS, RTS and battle simulator! The goal for this game is to accurately simulate WW1 battles with hundreds or even thousands of units on the battlefield.

Battle Size

This game is capable of running 1000+ units making for incredible battles never seen before in a WW1 game!

Key Features

  • Authentic WW1 tactics

  • Highly Optimized

  • Artillery

  • Procedural cover system

  • Rag-doll physics

  • AI commanding

  • Steam Workshop Support

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Rising Front on Steam