Nature Park

Nature Park

Normally I would even play more before reviewing, but this isn’t even playable due to the many bugs. I ran into invisible walls, immortal monsters, bodies going through the floor, sound disappears on the loading screen, crashes on launch,.. but the graphics do seem beautiful! But then Game Guru provides good assets.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Imagine a default demo map included with the GameGuru engine used, but plagued with invisible walls and a handful of terrible looking creature assets. The creatures die and then pop back up with infinite health.

As bad as GameGuru games are, this has to be one of the absolute worst GameGuru games ever exported.

The price of $24.99 USD is absolute insanity, but this trash wasn’t uploaded onto Steam to sell copies here, it most definitely was uploaded just to sell keys on key selling websites to make a quick and easy profit.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Nature Park on Steam

Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Don’t get me wrong, this game is brilliant, having a blast with my brother playing back on old nostalgic levels and enjoying ourselves like the good old days. Sadly, this version is not as good as it was on Xbox 360, half the stuff from the original is not present in this. It really grinds my gears when the toy box mode, which was multiplayer on Xbox 360, is no longer multiplayer anymore, I’ve even spent hours on trying to figure out if I’m missing something, trying to verify the game multiple times.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

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I didn’t want it to be true but it is.. and I’m saying this as a BIG Toy Story fan (also a lot of childhood memories). =(

This is a very disappointing port of a “console to computer” game!

IF the game should work (which it only did once at the first time I started) you’ll see that the graphic quality from the console-version is not being carried over into the PC-version (bad to no shading and missing face animations) and I’m not sure if it’s the port/pc-version or the fact that I have the german language setting but none of the charakters make the slightest noise or say a sentence during the levels/gameplay.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3: The Video Game on Steam