Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality is a RPG maker game with an easy entry point

of satisfaction with some dispensarie flaws!

The graphics are pure kindling hot stepping gold!

The music is primed into a solitude effort!

You get a few side quests and some other milligrams transportation to use!

Now lets talk about the bad the bosses and enemies are copied rehash

novelty garbage disposals and its not recommended for that teensy bit!

But if you like a game and a challenging secret optional boss that gains you

the best reward ever then check this one out in customer-wise decisions

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

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With just RPG Maker stock material this game manages to create more atmosphere and excellent storytelling as many triple A games do proving that you don’t need a big budget or high end technology to produce a good game. This is truly 16 bit classic JRPG magic.


  • captivating story that ‘sucks’ you in, you want to continue playing to discover the story

  • well written dialogues

  • well chosen soundtrack

  • no grinding necessary (enemies are visible) but people who want to grind can choose to do so

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Ashes of Immortality on Steam

Dead Hungry Diner

Dead Hungry Diner

Not a bad game if you’re into time management games. Sit down a bunch of monsters into your restaurant. Keep them happy and win points. Certain monsters make other monster happy, others make monsters mad. You have to figure out how to best configure these monsters within the seats available.

You also gain magic spells where you can make them more patient, turn them into calm zombies compared to angry monsters, and a host of other spells to help you get the max points on each level.

The game is simple, yet entertaining and doesn’t over extend itself with too many levels or too many variety’s of spells and monsters. Fun while it lasts.

Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

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MM BRAINS! While no innovator of the genre or GOTY candidate, Dead Hungry Diner is a relatively fun indie arcadey game which manages to be a competent casual Diner Dash clone. While not much at the core of this game is different from its predecesors except for a ghoulish Plants vs. Zombies-esque theme, it does everything it promises to deliver extremely well. Due to how well the game is executed, I see no reason to not recommend this game to fans of the time-management games or as an introduction to those who haven’t.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Dead Hungry Diner on Steam

Blood of the Werewolf

Blood of the Werewolf

This is one of the most underrated games that I have seen. I have no idea why it only has mixed reviews. It is a really solid platformer that I enjoyed just as much as highly acclaimed games like Trine, Guacamelee or Shovel Knight. Maybe it is slightly worse than those 3 but definitely not as much to justify such a huge difference in rating.

The game has 10 regular levels and 5 boss fights. The boss fights don’t really have any replay value but the regular levels have a ton of it, which is one of the biggest strengths of the game. I replayed all the levels many times because I was motivated to get all the collectibles and complete each level in a fast time and without dying.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

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Overall 7/10 - Hunting the achievements down is addicting as there seems to be a challenge for everything.


  • I got the game for $0.99

  • Devs just put out a big update for free

  • 125 Achievements

  • 4 Steam Trading Card drops

  • Good gamepad support

  • Rebindable buttons/keys for both gamepad and keyboard

  • Multiple resolution options + Antialiasing + Windowed/Fullscreen + Framerate cap options all working as they should

  • Voice acting in all level transitions

  • 3 Game Modes (Normal, Score Rush, Endless)

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Blood of the Werewolf on Steam

Dracula: A Gothic RPG

Dracula: A Gothic RPG

Dracula is back in this dark but cute RPG.

Collect souls for more powers, learn alchemy, and cast your dark magic in battle.

Black cats, werewolves, zombies; he’s buddies with all types of Halloween friendlies – and he’s going to go questing with them!


After thousands of years, Dracula has been summoned for a grand purpose by ghosts and dark magicians. They require his resurrection to fulfill the prophecy.

After he has awakened, he meets a quirky cast of characters that will get him in a lot of trouble and comical shenanigans.


👻 Party members include ghosts, zombies, and many types of Halloween friendlies.

🦠 Collect Souls to increase your power, or talk to the dead to learn their skills.

🎁 Collect items to decorate Dracula’s Mansion.

⚔️ Explore and adventure the world with some … rather unusual quests… as a dark hero.

📺 Classic role-playing style

Explore areas in classic JRPG style

~Victorian Forest~

Future Updates:

⚗️ Craft items in the Underground Alchemy Lab.

📜 Randomized side-quests

🍪 Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

Dracula: A Gothic RPG on Steam

The Shadows Lengthen

The Shadows Lengthen

‘The Shadows Lengthen is a procedural, open-world, horror game running on the Blender Game engine.

What would it really be like to encounter a monster in the woods?

The only objective is to survive the night, by any means necessary.

Confront monsters & Cryptids from Myth and Legend, one on one in the woods!

Intelligent enemy AI

Monsters are rendered & programmed faithfully to their lore.

This is a game made entirely in the UP Blender Game Engine. That means I am not a big studio, I am just an individual who has, with the help of many other artists, been able to create an open world game.

All the assets in this game are unique. From 3D models and animations, to vehicles and audio, there is no stock art included in this project.

Please join me in celebrating what Blender and the UP Blender Game Engine can do!

The Shadows Lengthen on Steam



Midwintär catches you at Khazar’s Pass.

You shelter in a cave as the days and nights grow long and cold,

as the snow seals you in and as the world darkens.

Midwintär is a narrative-driven stealth action game inspired by medieval horror folklore that combines careful tactical planning with fast-paced arcade execution and innovative gossip mechanics. Play and switch between three protagonists - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - to exact your revenge on a vicious religious cult.

Off-Kilter Sunny Horror On the outside, Midwintär takes place among sunny, medieval villages populated by friendly, hard-working, and devoted inhabitants. Stay overnight, though, and you might be horrified to reveal the true nature of their sacred rituals. The world of Midwintär is gruesome and dark but also funny.

Sun / Moon Gameplay Cycle Midwintär features a 3-minute day-night cycle that changes your abilities. You must use your daytime skills such as lock-picking or spreading rumours among villagers to best prepare the terrain for the night-time havoc when you transform into a bloodthirsty, overpowered monster.

Gossip Mechanics Each villager in Midwintär has their own suspicion-meter you can influence by gossiping and spreading rumors about other villagers, and there is also a panic-meter that changes the AI behaviour of all villagers on the map. You can use this against villagers - hide the firewood to lure the lumberjack into the night, kill him near the chapel to incriminate the priest, and later spread rumours on seeing him covered in blood. He’ll be hanged in no time!

Three Playable Characters You will be able to choose, play and switch between three playable characters - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - each of whom possesses a distinctive skillset and boasts a different playstyle.

Non-linear Skilltree You will be able to customize the skillset and playstyle of each character by opting to complete alternate missions in levels, which will reward you with a special bonus skill of your choice. Will your werewolf hone his terrifying howl, or will he become one with the wolf-packs of the forest?

Co-Op Multiplayer Midwintär will feature a split-screen and a local multiplayer for up to three players, enabling all three characters to fight together.

The corrupt and self-righteous religious institution Oblique Order is attempting to destroy the peaceful cohabitation of people and magical creatures in the pagan world of Midwintär, and enforce their order by uniting people against the powers of the wild. You must stop them before they exterminate your kind…

Midwintär starts off as a revenge story that slowly shifts into an exploration about our relationship to the unknown, and about the limits of what we can hope to control or understand.


The main protagonist is the werewolf, a former disciple of the Oblique Order, disillusioned and out for vengeance. During the game, he is guided by the voice of Midwintär, an ancient force of nature. His skills revolve around spreading panic and using brute force.


The vampire, once a powerful force of the night, his might now reduced by the spells of men. He cannot cross running water nor enter houses uninvited, but his power is in his allure - he can enthrall people to do his bidding, or forge blood links to ensure undying loyalty.


Then, there is the moon witch. Saved just before she was burned at the stake, she had felt on her skin the terror of order, and wishes to rid the world of their influence. Her skills revolve around misdirecting suspicion at others and using concoctions to alter their behaviour.

“Attending the Masked Meeting, you overhear their plans - they have already set all things in motion.”

Midwintar on Steam

Monstrous Lovers

Monstrous Lovers

Monstrous Lovers is a light-hearted BL visual novel. It features four different monsters to pursue a romantic relationship with, all while trying to juggle your job in a new town. Just when you think things are finally settling into a comfortable routine, big news hits the town, shaking things up once again.

Characters: Christopher Wells is our MC who is bored with his current job position. He feels like he’s not doing enough to actually help those who need it. He requests to be transferred to Saint George, the city with the highest population of monsters in the country. Despite his desire to do good, he’s not exactly welcomed with open arms. Underfunded, understaffed and not exactly welcoming of humans, Christopher really struggles to even officially claim his job.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game


Monstrous Lovers is a supernatural geared visual novel with four love interests. The game comprises of a variety of choices and a clear benchmark where the player will know which route they have entered. Each character has a good and bad ending, which you get is pretty clear despite not being explicitly stated as such. The characters are enjoyable to interact with each having their own distinct traits and personality. Explicit content is limited to about two to three sentences without a CG so if that’s what you’re looking for this won’t provide that.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Monstrous Lovers on Steam

Carpathian Night

Carpathian Night

The plague of Dracula’s army continues to spread across the Carpathians, growing stronger with each victim it claims. Those who attempt to resist are met with a fate worse than death. If Dracula is not stopped, he will bring everlasting night to the world.

Only two champions have answered the call to bring divine justice to Dracula and his minions. Abbot Dorin, warrior monk and leader of the Kelemen Church, and Irina Dracul, vampire, pyromancer, and ancestor of Prince Dracula, have joined together to drive back the army of the dead and hunt down the legendary vampire himself. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demonic beings of every kind await all who dare trespass into their master’s domain! Those who survive the horrors of the Borgo Pass will reach the gates of the ancient Castle Dracula, where the real nightmare begins!

Carpathian Night is a tribute to retro horror side-scrollers and the classic monster films that inspired them. Battle your way through legions of iconic monsters, avoid deadly traps, uncover the secret history of your monstrous foes, and face the legendary Lord of the Vampires within his own ancestral home! Answer the call, mighty hunter, and drive the wickedness back from whence it came!

Carpathian Night on Steam



Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspired JRPG.

Everyone is happy and there’s never any trouble in this peaceful little village of Westminster. Everyone loves you and its a golden-era.

Alex was just an average boy until that one fateful night, then his whole life changed forever.

15 years ago a mysterious old man left a strange amulet to protect against great evil, but once Alex finds the amulet he becomes something everyone feared, something that everyone hated, and it wasn’t his fault…

Alex has been transformed into a Vampire by The Dark Gods. They want Alex to fulfill the prophecy and become The Chosen One…

…To become Dracula, the Eater of Souls.


📺 Classic Role-Playing Style

🧱 2.5D graphics

📖 Rich Storyline

🎆 Unique magic, skills, and items only found in the Dracula series

👻 Surprises and treasure hidden in every corner

‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

**inspired by Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Breath of Fire.

Dracula is made for the true fans of classic RPGs! Rediscover all the nostalgic charm today’s RPGs are missing.**

+Linear Storyline

+Explore towns freely to unlock new side quests

+Dialogue can’t be skipped, you can’t read behind signs, and all the typical cliché 90s RPG mechanics

+In classic RPG tradition, the last boss will surprise you, and has multiple forms

*The sequel to this game is Dracula all grown up:

Dracula on Steam

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity

i really like the game just wish i had a better intel core and ram so it wouldnt be really laggy every so often but its still fun n i defiantly recomend the game great job dev keep up the good work

Real player with 40.3 hrs in game

Game looks promising but has a long way to go. Current version is good for a few hours of game play. Not worth buying at the moment, perhaps after a few more updates. Will keep game and see how it develops

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity on Steam