Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

If I were to describe this game in one sentence it would be as follows: A game with strong foundation, but a lot of underutilized or wasted potential. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at its strengths and weaknesses.


  • ART. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars features very high quality art that is best represented on Cards. I can’t praise art of this game enough. Everything is very detailed, atmospheric, diverse and just a pleasure to look at.

  • ATMOSPHERE. This one is a bit subtle but at its core this game makes you feel like a vampire ruler who is playing a deadly game of influence and warfare. The fact that game represents quite a few things with cards certainly adds to this feeling.

Real player with 149.0 hrs in game

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After playing for 100 hours, completing the campaign, and finishing +16 sandbox with all factions, i can say that this game is, for the better parts :

  • Stable/Playable (I encountered no game crash, nor errors, with the “worst” bug being solved by simply surrendering the fighting in which i was stuck.) (Played on an Acer Nitro N50-600, I5-8400 CPU 2.8GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, 8G RAM)

  • Enjoyable (Some part of the campaign may be more difficult than others but taken on the right angle, they become easier.)

Real player with 137.6 hrs in game

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars on Steam

异变战区  E.E.R.I.E

异变战区 E.E.R.I.E

it’s made in unity

model look cute

guns and attachments are good

animation is janky

story is gibberish

balance is just bad

the game is okay, servicable, about 40/100?

but really can’t recommend it

unless you really like anime girls with guns(in which I do so Im buying it :V)

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

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Janky, clunky, low on content.

But it’s an anime third person shooter with tons of customizable guns. And it’s awesome.

Also as a Touhou fan I appreciate the story for every character, I really hope we’ll see more of these.

I am looking forward to more content and updates from the team, you can tell they love their work!

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

异变战区 E.E.R.I.E on Steam

Space Runner - Anime

Space Runner - Anime

Information / Review English

Space Runner - Anime is an Action shooter that was developed by Seito Games and is still in the Early Access Phase.

Gameplay / Story

Space runner - Anime - you take control of sexy, scantily clad girls with the task of fending off an invasion. The story takes place in space on different planets. A certain number of opponents have to be eliminated one by one. In the beginning you can choose from 3 different weapons, such as sniper, shotgun or automatic rifle. The opponents are scattered all over the planet, but it is not too big, so you don’t lose track of things. The opponents hardly give you any resistance and everything goes without any problems and the planet is cleaned up quickly. Little by little you unlock new girls, of course also in sexy costumes.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

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3D anime shooter + hard + $1 = This isn’t CSGO but a fun casual shooter. 3 challenging levels to survive in. You can try to run it and get gunned down pretty fast. Yes, I tried a couple of times.

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Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Space Runner - Anime on Steam