Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

If I were to describe this game in one sentence it would be as follows: A game with strong foundation, but a lot of underutilized or wasted potential. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at its strengths and weaknesses.


  • ART. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars features very high quality art that is best represented on Cards. I can’t praise art of this game enough. Everything is very detailed, atmospheric, diverse and just a pleasure to look at.

  • ATMOSPHERE. This one is a bit subtle but at its core this game makes you feel like a vampire ruler who is playing a deadly game of influence and warfare. The fact that game represents quite a few things with cards certainly adds to this feeling.

Real player with 149.0 hrs in game

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After playing for 100 hours, completing the campaign, and finishing +16 sandbox with all factions, i can say that this game is, for the better parts :

  • Stable/Playable (I encountered no game crash, nor errors, with the “worst” bug being solved by simply surrendering the fighting in which i was stuck.) (Played on an Acer Nitro N50-600, I5-8400 CPU 2.8GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, 8G RAM)

  • Enjoyable (Some part of the campaign may be more difficult than others but taken on the right angle, they become easier.)

Real player with 137.6 hrs in game

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars on Steam

Aberration Analyst

Aberration Analyst

You are an analyst in a very secretive, underground organization. Scour tabloid headlines, police reports and other sources in order to locate supernatural threats to the safety and sanity of your fellow citizens.

Players have various tools at their disposal in order to achieve their goal.

Tabloids are a great place to start looking for information about monster sightings and attacks. Unfortunately, the tabloids also have two major weaknesses. First, they are almost totally unreliable, and should not be trusted by themselves. Second, their availability is limited, only ten headlines are released per day. Still, they make a good place to start identifying possible monster activity.

More reliable than tabloids, reports come in two varieties, Police and Coroner. Reports are available for each city, but will cost money to access. They provide factual information, but will not mention monsters or anything that might threaten the reporter’s credibility.

Selecting your team is an important step in the process of monster research. Make sure you try to identify the type of monster you are going after, otherwise your team may not be properly prepared.

Lore is collected as a player progresses through the game. Each attempt to take down a monster will result in small, but helpful hints that will make it easier to identify possible monster activity.

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Aberration Analyst on Steam

Vampire Clans

Vampire Clans

Become the most powerful vampire lord and lead your clan to take over Paris underground. Expand your base, collect blood and kill anybody you want.

As a vampire, you have to enslave people and drain their blood to keep alive your clan. Build prison and go hunting, fresh blood is the most important thing for vampires.

Vampires are super fast. Use this advantage in smooth, slow motion fights. Use magic, alchemy, weapons and special abilities to beat your enemies. Conquer other clans and enlist their members … or kill them, the choice is yours.

Train your vampires to create the best formation to fight against your enemies. Evolve from cave vampires to the most powerful vampire lords.

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Vampire Clans on Steam

Andor - Wrecking Dawn

Andor - Wrecking Dawn

Although Andor is not so competitive comparing to other hot card collection games, it is still a choice to take an easy free game in Andor. The true game can be start in hours after you know its rule by some detail introductions, and a good news is that basic cards (white and blue) is easy to get, as you can get tons of packs in many ways. I see this game still has problems, but they are willing to fix it if you report.

Real player with 133.7 hrs in game

For playing several card games like Hearthstone, Faeria, ESL, etc. I must say that I enjoy my experience in Andor so far.

The game is very promising …

The graphics and the music are good. The gameplay works well and the system is original on some points like having to discard cards to get mana unlike the majority of games of the genre where it increases automatically every turn. The system of rows and lines of attack as well as that of spells and counterattacks are also aspects of the game that are new and enjoyable. Deck and strategy possibilities are many and varied. The single player campaign is quite long and already offers many challenges.

Real player with 56.8 hrs in game

Andor - Wrecking Dawn on Steam

Rogue Lords

Rogue Lords

I really enjoyed Rogue Lords, and I decided to write this review as I have a slightly different take from the others I read.

It took me ~40 hours to finish all chapters, and I always played with the same team (the starters: Dracula “the Support”, the Headless Horseman “the Tank”, Bloody Mary “the DPS”). I think I had a total of two game overs, one at the second or third chapter, and one at the second-to-last (but see below).

I read several reviews mentioning that the game is hard and RNG can hit hard. I think they are not wrong, but I did not find it THAT hard: I think it’s more a matter of COMPLEXITY. Damage already starts in the double digits, and it is not unusual towards the end of the game to hit for 30-50 (multiple times). With 3 characters on your side and 1-3 characters on the other side, you can also have several status effects in play at the same time (probably the maximum I’ve seen is ~20). You accumulate this with relic effects and maybe even battle effects, and suddenly it becomes really easy to make a fatal mistake. I remember in one boss battle I accidentally made the Headless Horseman use an attack that steals HP and SP, while he was under the effect of a Zombie debuff (healing received becomes damage), so instead of healing him I made him Vulnerable with 0 HP and 0 SP. Fun times.

Real player with 132.9 hrs in game

Note that while I am giving this a thumbs up, there are definite issues that sour the experience (that I will go into more detail over below). Honestly, this rating should be 3/5, 6/10, or a neutral but we don’t have those options.

Long story short:

Rogue Lords is a fun roguelike very much like Slay the Spire, but not being a rip off in the slightest. It has a unique cheating mechanic and is pretty difficult while also having balance issues and run destroying bug. The concept is unique, fresh, and fun, but the gameplay could use some retuning and class balancing.

Real player with 116.7 hrs in game

Rogue Lords on Steam

Heroes of Yore

Heroes of Yore

Looking for a casual way to prove dominance amongst fabled legends? I was. Ever want to make a team of mythical villains destroy the prudish icons of old? I did. Have you ever wanted Paul Bunyan to feed Grendel flapjacks?… well, me either on this one, but it is as awesome as it sounds. This game was just what I wanted! It is a casual, easy to learn, but challenging to master. I have not fully beat this game yet, but am working on it! I will slay them all!

Since this is Early Access, I am really excited to see what (or who) else the developers come up with!

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Heroes of Yore is a turn-based strategy/RPG in which you put together a squad of public domain characters and fight to win in single or multiplayer mode.

The basics are straightforward, and it’s evident that the game aims to be user-friendly. You simply select four heroes from an ever-growing pool and engage in combat. On the left, your party, and on the right, the opponent. The battles are turn-based, which means that each side performs actions for all four heroes. Attacking is simple, just select the attack and choose a target. Because each hero only gets to perform one action, the order doesn’t matter. So far, everything appears to be easy.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Heroes of Yore on Steam

Gunspell - Steam Edition

Gunspell - Steam Edition


  1. Played like puzzle quest series, so if you like puzzle quest you’ll love this game

  2. while there are some f2p element leftover from it’s mobile counterpart, it has been tone down substantially and you can easily acquire gold, the premium currency with a little bit of grinding ..

  3. graphic is ok for a mobile port, personally i don’t care about graphic for this type of game

  4. I personally love the music .. it’s kind of diablo’ish gothic kind of theme which suit the story ..

  5. Easy to play and once you got hang of it, you’ll be addicted for sure .. while the gameplay seem too easy in the beginning, you’ll see at later stage you’ll need to strategize when fighting certain enemy .. being good at match 3 puzzle game doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s about your equipment, magic and a bit of luck .. also grinding ..

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

I paid $2 for Gunspell as part of a bundle, and it took me around 28 hours to finish the game once. This is gonna be a long one, so strap in. CTRL+F “don’t recommend” if you want to fast-forward.

Have you played Puzzle Quest? This game should come off as familiar, and I’ll be mentioning it often enough. Match-3 gameplay, taking turns with the enemy in order to be the last one standing, matching skulls to deal damage, matching gems to power up special attacks, getting EXP and money through matches…it’s familiar, but Gunspell does things kinda differently.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Gunspell - Steam Edition on Steam