Elven Magic: The Witch, The Elf & The Fairy

Elven Magic: The Witch, The Elf & The Fairy

This story is to be implemented in time and it is based on a book called Elven Magic by Daniel Chay.

“A Game about Elves and Witches. Elven Voices delves deeper into Fae the elven witch’s apprentice and there endless struggle to recover their lost spell book from Earthen Lands without drawing any attention to themselves because this is strictly forbidden by the Elven Elders.

The story continues into another world and there are many twists and turns for Fae the Elven Girl and the Witch named Ellen that would have Fae be her apprentice to uncover. The imperial guard of the nearby capital city may prove difficult to avoid. It details the rise of a Wyvern Wraith and the plight of a Witch Wraith.”

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Elven Magic: The Witch, The Elf & The Fairy on Steam

Urban Fantasy: Vampires vs Werewolves

Urban Fantasy: Vampires vs Werewolves

In UF: Vampires vs Werewolves you first choose one of the Supernatural factions, like Vampires or Werewolves with the goal of conquering different cities of the world (there will be more factions with upcoming updates). You play a 1v1 real-time strategy battle where you control your units to capture regions of the map. The player will have to manage their resources, and balance early-game aggression via spamming units on board with the late-game combo abilities that can annihilate the units very easily. You will be able to buy buildings in each region changing what kind of resources that region provides you with. In addition to the abilities, units, and buildings the game features lore-rich events that will introduce new characters, and will force you to make difficult decisions that will lead to game changing consequences. The variety in the combination above will make each gameplay unique, and will increase the replayability of the game.

There will be several maps to choose from, and the player will have to keep in mind the unique features of each map when they try to conquer it. Each faction also has unique Lords, and similar advisors that grant different upgrades in-game influencing the strategy you’ll choose to play the game.

Current Features:

  • 2 Factions - Vampires & Werewolves

  • 3 Cities - Baku, Moscow and Istanbul

  • 6 Lords in each Faction

  • 5 Units per each Faction

  • 24 Advisors

  • Partially unique Faction Buildings

  • Unique Supernatural Abilities

Coming During Early Access:

  • Co-Op and Multiplayer

  • Custom Scenario Creator

  • Loads of new maps

  • World Map Mode

  • New Lords

  • New Factions

  • New unique Faction Buildings

  • New Supernatural Abilities

  • New Units

  • And much more

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Urban Fantasy: Vampires vs Werewolves on Steam

Heroes of Yore

Heroes of Yore

Looking for a casual way to prove dominance amongst fabled legends? I was. Ever want to make a team of mythical villains destroy the prudish icons of old? I did. Have you ever wanted Paul Bunyan to feed Grendel flapjacks?… well, me either on this one, but it is as awesome as it sounds. This game was just what I wanted! It is a casual, easy to learn, but challenging to master. I have not fully beat this game yet, but am working on it! I will slay them all!

Since this is Early Access, I am really excited to see what (or who) else the developers come up with!

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

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Heroes of Yore is a turn-based strategy/RPG in which you put together a squad of public domain characters and fight to win in single or multiplayer mode.

The basics are straightforward, and it’s evident that the game aims to be user-friendly. You simply select four heroes from an ever-growing pool and engage in combat. On the left, your party, and on the right, the opponent. The battles are turn-based, which means that each side performs actions for all four heroes. Attacking is simple, just select the attack and choose a target. Because each hero only gets to perform one action, the order doesn’t matter. So far, everything appears to be easy.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Heroes of Yore on Steam