“Dark” is a third person stealth game, conceived and rendered in the tradition of games like

the Thief series and the Splinter Cell series. The gameplay, basics of operation, and plot points most closely resemble the Splinter Cell series. The storyline contains the ghost of the Vampire the Masquerade Series. In an effort to fairly review, I’ll compare the elements of other games like it and what made them successful with the elements of “Dark.”


You are Eric Bane. (Incidentally, the name Eric means “ruler” and Bane, of course means

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

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I felt compelled to write a review for Dark mostly because I saw so many bad reviews. From what I can tell, there are primarily two types of people that hate this game: People who paid $50 for it and stealth game enthusiasts who were looking for another stealth game to play. While stealth is the primary combat tactic in Dark, Dark should be described as a vampire game that happens to use some stealth… rather than a stealth game where you happen to be a vampire. So if you are reading this review and you don’t play a lot of stealth games, but you like Vampire games, then you will probably like Dark. Overall, this is a solid game if you can get it for $10. I would say $20, but with a 7 to 9 hour campaign, it is really hard to justify $20. Especially when you can buy Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines for $20 and it will give you 140+ hours easy. Details:

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

DARK on Steam

Slayer Shock

Slayer Shock

First, I owe the developer an apology.

I’ve wanted Slayer Shock for a long time, but the $20 pricetag and the very mixed reviews kept me away. Then it went on sale for $9 and I bought it. I didn’t like it very much, mostly for the reasons listed in other reviews (Does the stealth even work? The spawning). After an hour of playing, I decided it wasn’t worth a $9 bitching from the wife and I refunded it. I’ve never refunded a Steam game before, and I think I’ve been on Steam for around 15 years.

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

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So this review is likely to be long. But before I begin I want you to do something. Type the word “vampire” into the search engine for Steam and see how many games come up. Now, assuming you’re a hardcore turbonerd like me, count how many -good- games there are that don’t start with the words “Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines”. Unless something changes in the near future the number of games is likely to be close to maybe either one or zero.

Now that you’ve done that, try counting how many games are basically a procedurally generated Buffy the Vampire simulator. Betcha you’re only going to see one! Seriously, that alone makes the game worth it’s weight in gold. The concept is unique enough that the nostalgia factor might be worth it to some people.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Slayer Shock on Steam

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

!!important note!!

This game has crashed a hell of a lot on my windows 7 PC; it’s just something to keep in mind.

What I liked about the game

  • Likable characters, like Uma, who are well voice acted.

  • I like how Kain draws blood from his victims.

  • Awesome boss fights.

  • I liked the Victorian/industrial setting of the game, especially at the start. I liked seeing the chimneys and the steam powered or magic powered machines.

  • The puzzles aren’t too head exploding.

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

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I used to have this game for the PS2, very fun, shorter than the other Legacy of Kain games, but fun. Most people seem to ignore it though, and/or dislike it, but that’s mainly because they probably don’t understand it. It is said this game is not necessary to play to understand the Legacy of Kain story. But it actually is significant, if you pay close attention. There are 2 ways to look at it; Kain’s purpose in this game after the first blood omen game, but before Soul Reaver 1. Then what it means after the events of Defiance. So in a manner of speaking, yes, Blood Omen 2 occurs twice, but seen differently after certain events.

Real player with 21.7 hrs in game

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain on Steam



I’m unsure where to begin, honestly. Let’s start with the premise. You, the Reaper, are tasked by your mysterious employer with investigating the significance of a strange new drug, called Ash, which unravels into a conspiracy between three undead gangs: the Zombie Kingz, the 1000 Year Royals, and the Dredged.

This game is often described as a cross between Hotline Miami and Gunpoint, which does paint a decent picture of what to expect. The game has a side on perspective like Gunpoint, though the gameplay is a little more slow-paced than Hotline Miami. Not all enemies drop their weapons, meaning ammo conservation and aiming for headshots is key to completing a level, and while running in and playing on reaction time alone is possible, you die in one hit, so it’s often better to plan out your assault.

Real player with 798.4 hrs in game

DEADBOLT is a 2D sidescroller game which I would consider a hidden gem. The game is polished, has a lot of different weapons and unique levels that can be replayed in a lot of ways, with custom level support to add up to the replayability.

You take up the role of a reaper, working in a limbo-esque version of our world. There are still bars, strip clubs and rundown apartments, but the world is populated by all kinds of undead - zombies, vampires, skeletons, you name it! And your goal is to get rid of them.

Real player with 647.0 hrs in game




Midwintär catches you at Khazar’s Pass.

You shelter in a cave as the days and nights grow long and cold,

as the snow seals you in and as the world darkens.

Midwintär is a narrative-driven stealth action game inspired by medieval horror folklore that combines careful tactical planning with fast-paced arcade execution and innovative gossip mechanics. Play and switch between three protagonists - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - to exact your revenge on a vicious religious cult.

Off-Kilter Sunny Horror On the outside, Midwintär takes place among sunny, medieval villages populated by friendly, hard-working, and devoted inhabitants. Stay overnight, though, and you might be horrified to reveal the true nature of their sacred rituals. The world of Midwintär is gruesome and dark but also funny.

Sun / Moon Gameplay Cycle Midwintär features a 3-minute day-night cycle that changes your abilities. You must use your daytime skills such as lock-picking or spreading rumours among villagers to best prepare the terrain for the night-time havoc when you transform into a bloodthirsty, overpowered monster.

Gossip Mechanics Each villager in Midwintär has their own suspicion-meter you can influence by gossiping and spreading rumors about other villagers, and there is also a panic-meter that changes the AI behaviour of all villagers on the map. You can use this against villagers - hide the firewood to lure the lumberjack into the night, kill him near the chapel to incriminate the priest, and later spread rumours on seeing him covered in blood. He’ll be hanged in no time!

Three Playable Characters You will be able to choose, play and switch between three playable characters - a werewolf, a vampire, and a moon witch - each of whom possesses a distinctive skillset and boasts a different playstyle.

Non-linear Skilltree You will be able to customize the skillset and playstyle of each character by opting to complete alternate missions in levels, which will reward you with a special bonus skill of your choice. Will your werewolf hone his terrifying howl, or will he become one with the wolf-packs of the forest?

Co-Op Multiplayer Midwintär will feature a split-screen and a local multiplayer for up to three players, enabling all three characters to fight together.

The corrupt and self-righteous religious institution Oblique Order is attempting to destroy the peaceful cohabitation of people and magical creatures in the pagan world of Midwintär, and enforce their order by uniting people against the powers of the wild. You must stop them before they exterminate your kind…

Midwintär starts off as a revenge story that slowly shifts into an exploration about our relationship to the unknown, and about the limits of what we can hope to control or understand.


The main protagonist is the werewolf, a former disciple of the Oblique Order, disillusioned and out for vengeance. During the game, he is guided by the voice of Midwintär, an ancient force of nature. His skills revolve around spreading panic and using brute force.


The vampire, once a powerful force of the night, his might now reduced by the spells of men. He cannot cross running water nor enter houses uninvited, but his power is in his allure - he can enthrall people to do his bidding, or forge blood links to ensure undying loyalty.


Then, there is the moon witch. Saved just before she was burned at the stake, she had felt on her skin the terror of order, and wishes to rid the world of their influence. Her skills revolve around misdirecting suspicion at others and using concoctions to alter their behaviour.

“Attending the Masked Meeting, you overhear their plans - they have already set all things in motion.”

Midwintar on Steam



If someone says “Do you want to play a game as a vampire?” the answer should always be yes, but it should be especially true for Vampyr.

This is by far the best vampire game in existence. Maybe it doesn’t have the weird early 2000s sexiness of Blade or Underworld, but let’s be real, those are both pretty stupid. Instead of new-age vampires, this is old school. It takes place after WWI when the spanish flu is ravaging and killing people. DONTNOD cleverly uses the epidemic to mask but also discuss vampirism as a similar affliction. That means you can see a world ravaged by two epidemics, though most unknowing about the vampire problem.

Real player with 58.7 hrs in game

Words cannot accurately describe my love for this game. The environments, the voice acting, THE BLOODY MUSIC, its all sublime!!! Feeling the weight of your every choice makes this game a must play and is one of my top 10 games of all time.

The only “negative” I could say is the combat is ehh, if you are only interested in the story, I would just stick to easy mode

Real player with 57.0 hrs in game

Vampyr on Steam

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

When someone mention this game, SOMEONE will install it. That lucky person is none other than me. How about the game you ask; and the answer is simple. It’s really, really bad. This game is made on source engine, which is undoubtedly one of the best and maybe the best engine at 2000’s. Half-Life 2 made on this engine. And Portal. And Team Fortress 2. You get the idea, if you are going to make a game with a gun - this engine is the golden choice.

But somehow and somewhat, Troika games blew it. The one and only purpose of this engine, which is developing first-person shooter game, and they really blew it all over. Just pick a gun and shoot something. It’s notoriously bad. When you minimize the game, the alpha layers of textures will be gone and all you left with black squares. It doesn’t have widescreen support. It doesn’t support higher resolutions. This game aged so bad that it stinks like a rotten cheese.

Real player with 107.3 hrs in game

Следующая игра в нашей сегодняшней передаче заставит вас испытать такой ужас, который никто из ваших одноклассников никогда еще не испытывал! Вампиры, оборотни, вурдалаки, бандиты и просто полицейские - вот небольшой список нечисти, с которой вам предстоит столкнуться клык к клыку, нос к носу, кровь за кровь!

По несчастному стечению абстоятельств, вы становитесь представителем одного из вампирских кланов. Какого? Решать только вам. Ваш выбор будет напрямую влиять на дальнейшую судьбу персонажа, его повадки и положение в обществе, как вампирском, так и человеческом. Не забывайте, где находитесь, и следите за манерами, дабы не нарушить священный маскарад! Кормитесь только тайком или в специально отведенных местах, иначе не сдобровать! Пытаясь выжить в этом жестоком обществе старайтесь не забывать, кто вы есть, осторожно выбирая себе союзников.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on Steam

Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines™ 2

Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines™ 2

What Monster Will You Be?

Enter the World of Darkness and rise through vampire society. Experience Seattle - a city full of alluring, dangerous characters and factions. In this sequel to the cult classic, your choices, plots and schemes will change the balance of power.

What Monster Will You Be?

Choose to be brutal and unflinching or cultured and seductive. Use charm, cunning, terror and sheer will to rise through vampire society. 

Descend into Seattle’s Dark Heart 

Seattle has always been run by vampires; hunt your prey across locations faithfully reimagined in the World of Darkness.

Enter into Uneasy Alliances

Choose a side among the competing vampire factions in the war for Seattle’s blood trade. Everyone has hidden agendas, so choose your allies wisely

Experience the Story

Written by the creative mind behind the original Bloodlines, live out your vampire fantasy in a city filled with intriguing characters that react to your choices.

Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines™ 2 on Steam

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

I’m thoroughly enjoying this game. It’s a great alternative to Cluedo, but slightly more challenging and in-depth, in my opinion. It may take a few games to get to grips with the mechanics, cards and options available, but it won’t be long before you find yourself either being targeted/preyed upon or interrogating/attacking other players. It’s a dog-eat-dog type of survival game, where everyone’s out for themselves including the monster. The theme and daunting background music enhance the game, making you feel slightly uneasy (like prey), not knowing for sure who, what or where the monster is, unless they reveal themselves. Also, playing as the monster is an additional challenge, which requires an alternative strategic approach. You’ll soon find you can’t just go around munching on fellow opponents in broad daylight, but have to maintain a far more stealthy disposition. I felt the game was fairly balanced well, particularly if playing the monster against AI opponents (for mediocre players). However, I haven’t had the chance to properly play any friends online yet, so can’t say if this will be the case against live players, who I think will be a little more savvy. In any case, I believe this could only enhance the game further, making self-preservation more challenging. I’ve seen other comments related to lack of online activity (no one to play with) and about playing for free. For me personally, it’s no big deal, never felt the real need to be able to play strangers online. I took a gamble, bought the game and tested inviting a friend to play (for free), which worked fine, no issues. I was sceptical at first after reading some comments, but am extremely pleased to say how glad I am that I made this purchase. I can’t recommend ‘Hunt…’ highly enough, for those who love Cluedo, Mystery of the Abbey (tabletop games), but then maybe I’m just extremely optimistic and easily pleased.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

Okay I love this game. Like a lot it mixes a lot of elements I like. It has a huge learning curve as many said which I think could be cut down like if you had a sheet or a tab to check what monsters did what that would be cool. Other than that the people complaining about assholes in chats and that didn’t group play I bet, its would be much easier playing with just friends than random people

Over all I don’t make a lot of reviews but i love this game so fucking much I’m leaving a review.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry on Steam



Lovengrad is a VR ONLY Title focused on a scary and immersive Hunting experience. You are a Hunter in the deep dark Forest of Lovengrad, your enemies are lurking out of the Dark. The Lycans have as well the same Objective as you to Hunt the Werewolf, find their Camps in the big open Forest, and prevent them to settle.


  • Find Treasures and Secrets and use them as a currency for Ammo and special Items in the Store under your Forest house.

  • Find special Places like the House of the Witch to get unique Information to make your Hunt possible against the Werewolf.

  • Side missions to find other Hunters to receive special Equipment

  • NO LOADINGBREAKS the whole Forest offers an open-world experience


Hunt together the Werewolf, you and you’re Friend can take the Task together. But this won’t make it less Difficult…


A new way of online Multiplayer. Soon the next Trailer will reveal the Gameplay.


The Werewolf is not an easy Prey, be prepared that he can ambush you anytime and anywhere!

Keep an eye on your Health, every Encounter with any Enemies can be your last. You just have this one Life.


This Year Lovengrad will get the following updates with the Unreal Engine 5 :

The Ashforest


Lovengrad on Steam