Intrepid Izzy

Intrepid Izzy

Intrepid Izzy is a great game that has the old school charm with new age design, graphics, and personality. This game reminds me of the “New Super Mario” games on Wii or Switch. There is that nostalgic feeling while playing these games but also a fresh and relevant game play for 2020.

Playing Intrepid Izzy, you have the freedom to move around and re-enter stages. This is part of the games charm, as you acquire new suites while going to different levels. These suites give Izzy powers, such as fly/glide or climbing walls. As Izzy progresses through the game, she can go back to previous stages to find additional key items.

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

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This is a case study on how important sounddesign is in a game. Visually the game is top notch but then you have 15 sec looping music and bad stock sound effects that really distract from the experience.

I do recommend the game but only with the music turned off.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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