Crimson Spires

Crimson Spires

Crimson Spires is one of those games for which I’m afraid I won’t be able to find the appropriate words to express my love, admiration and obsession. It hurts it has ‘Profile Limited Features’, as I was going to put it somewhere at top 2 among my favorite!

I started playing the game expecting some fun with vampire love option, nothing more, but… Surprisingly for me I didn’t even choose Julian first, though his sprite is literally breathtaking! What was especially enjoyable for me is August’s character! Oh my, I fell for him so deeply, it’s been a while! I wish the game had cards, I want his background for my steam profile! His route was so unique. I don’t remember any other game where I could romance a serial killer and professor of Philosophy in one.

Real player with 56.0 hrs in game

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Content Warning:

! blood, dismemberment, non-consensual hypnosis, cultist behaviors, gruesome murders, dark/creepy atmospheres, stalking, physical abuse, consensual and non-consensual biting/pleasure from biting, references to drug addiction, non-consensual use of drugs, non-consensual bondage, mild torture, racism, queerphobia, religious toxicity

Most of the world has no idea what it’s like to live in a backwater, American town with just the population of around 700. It can be dangerous living in a remote place all on its own, but add supernatural phenomenons to the mix, and one can find themselves feeling as though they might be going crazy. The event of the rising of the crimson spires – also referred to as “the towers” – is known as The Contingency. Anyone who dares approach the great structures, regardless of intention, loses their head … literally.

Real player with 44.0 hrs in game

Crimson Spires on Steam

Cross the Moon

Cross the Moon

This was an amazing experience from start to finish. Not only were the individual elements of music, art, writing, editing and directing, all individually great; the way they all came together really raised it to a new level. Definitely up there out of all VNs I’ve played. It’s so cheap too, there’s no way anyone should miss out on this deal.

Real player with 25.3 hrs in game

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Cross the Moon is different from most VNs I’ve played. There’s no choices, just some collectibles for additional lore, but I don’t think that takes away from the experience. The art is on point? There’s fantastic use of color in the backgrounds, and I’m glad I picked up the OST too.

The story is well-paced, and I found it compelling, though it might not be to everyone’s taste. I was also happy to see multiple queer characters in the cast. And the 3 main characters are all POC which is kinda unique for a VN. The protagonists are a teenage boy, his older sister who’s just starting her career, (the siblings are vampires), and a police officer (who is human). They all intersect with the story and each other in interesting ways and, I don’t really want to say too much more and spoil things.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Cross the Moon on Steam

BloodLust 2: Nemesis

BloodLust 2: Nemesis

I bought this game after finishing the first Bloodlust a few months ago and tried it right away then and honestly wasn’t impressed with it then. But it was (and is) early access and then I didn’t have time to play it again until day before yesterday. And while there are still a few things here and there that could use some polish, it was a night and day difference. The game is well worth the money I paid for it and the developer is actively involved in trying to make it a better game. He is active in the forums and pushing out updates and fixes often. He responds when people have issues. Which is really nice to see, in my opinion.

Real player with 154.4 hrs in game

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Only an hour in so take what I say with a grain of salt.

If you liked Bloodlust 1 you will like Bloodlust 2. Feels like the developer took what he had with BL1 and ran with it. A lot of the original complaints have been addressed, mainly the lack of character customization and graphics. They key to enjoying this game is to get it not expecting a AAA polished game. At its core this game is a dungeon crawler where you fight through dungeons to get loot so you can get deeper into the dungeons. At the moment the game is EA, and there are a few things that could use some polishing.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game

BloodLust 2: Nemesis on Steam

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut

So Bloodrayne 2 has the distinction of being one of my most beloved, yet absolutely hated games, out of all the games I have ever played before. Never has a single game left me completely divided on how I felt after playing it. Even as I was playing this Terminal Cut, in full, for the first time, I kept thinking “I can’t review this.”

So the good first. BR2 in a nutshell, is a modified BR1, but with everything cranked up to 11. So many new features and ideas are brought to this very creative sequel. Feeding fatalities, gymnastic platforming, environmental death traps, new characters, tons of voice work, tons of powers, tons of costumes, tons of BLOOD. It’s wild just how much of an upgrade BR2 is compared to its original.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

If the first BloodRayne is like an easier Max Payne that’s not well-made but still delivers fun and some cheap thrills, then BloodRayne 2 is like a Devil May Cry that does not understand what makes Devil May Cry great. Also BloodRayne 2 itself is not fun, and it doesn’t even deliver cheap thrills.


The first BloodRayne was not a well-made game. Animations were janky, damage feedback was poor, environments were boring, and the final boss was frankly terrible and became downright impossible to defeat if you took too long. However, if you could forgive those faults, what you would find in this game was the experience of becoming a frantic, unstoppable, killing machine. You could be like Max Payne on steroids. It’s no exaggeration that you could essentially dance around your enemies whilst attacking, whether you’re firing your guns or attacking with Rayne’s sick arm blades. You became a frenzied speed demon of death. Also, to add more to the Max Payne comparisons, you have a Dilated Mode which is essentially infinite Bullet Time, so yeah.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut on Steam

Libra of the Vampire Princess

Libra of the Vampire Princess

Just finished the game and for a visual novel, I have to say it was pretty well made. This is not an interactive visual novel, the only interaction you do in the game is choosing which route or story you decide to go. In total there are 4 routes, each being unique with a different storyline. I’d recommend playing all of them, not only to get your money’s worth, but each route has different backstory which you won’t find out in the other routes. BE AWARE there are BUGS which sometimes crash the game when I was playing, but I was easily able to get past it by messing around with the game settings such as turning off the screen effects and reverting it back after i got through it. Speaking of effects, I have to hand it to the graphics team. They did a really good job especially during the fighting scenes which made the game way more immersive. I’ve played quite a few visual novels, but this one was really unique. For example, they change viewpoints to different characters and you get a better perspective of each indivdual character. Overall it was a great game! 8/10

Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

I did read alot of VN and liked this one as well. It’s more action based then most making it slightly diffrent and that is a good thing.

It’s true that some translations might sound a bit odd, but as I am not a native English speaker I didn’t had any issues understanding what was going on.

As there are not that many choices it reads more like a book, for some this might be a bad thing for me I don’t mind at least now I didn’t had to worry I missed some cg that is only available when selecting the right choices or be faced with countless of bad ends because I took a wrong turn.

Real player with 40.4 hrs in game

Libra of the Vampire Princess on Steam

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut

The “Don’t Escape Trilogy” is a collection of three short first-person point-and-click adventures with static screens (no camera movement, no scrolling). The games share a creepy atmosphere and a few gameplay mechanics, but are otherwise unrelated. In the first game, you play a werewolf trying to lock himself away before a full-moon night, so that he won’t kill anyone when he turns. In the second game, you’re trying to barricade a house and protect yourself from a zombie horde. In the third game, you’re the only surviving crew member on a spaceship and need to stop “something” from getting out.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Even though the entire trilogy is available for free on Armor Games, I chose to purchase this game series on Steam because that’s how amazing ScriptWelder really is. The Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape series were some of the first PC games I ever played, and I have ScriptWelder to thank for making my early experiences so magical. I have followed each and every game you have published on AG, hunted down every achievement, set of choices, and walkthrough I could find… simply, because every single second I spent in any of your games was one of either awe, wonder, fear, or curiosity.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut on Steam




  • A visual novel with sensual love lines and aesthetic erotic scenes.

  • An alternative modern world, where vampires are an independent branch of evolution.

  • A detective story, presented on behalf of a young vampire Beatrice, transports readers to the modern Czech Republic, immersing them in an atmosphere of mysteries and secrets.

  • Dynamic storytelling with tons of Easter eggs, irony and sarcasm.

  • Four independent branches and events leading to different routes.

  • Eight unique love routes with heroes representing the seven deadly sins and purgatory. Everyone offers specific trials and demands sacrifices.

  • More than twenty endings at different stages of the game.

  • Approximately thirty hours of pure gameplay.

  • The classic mechanic of choosing the heroine’s actions is combined with communication via a mobile phone.

  • Bright, detailed characters and lively dialogues.

  • High-quality visual style.

  • Original soundtrack.

Which path will you take, Beatrice?

William’s route. Theme: “Wrath”

The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach” absolutely justifies itself when it comes to this guy. Is a well-fed man a kind man? Maybe…

But given how primitive it is, you will quickly figure out which buttons you need to press for this killing machine to work in your interests. You will live as safely as behind a stone wall.

Sylvan’s route. Theme: “Envy”

Look at this sly face, biker outfit and… Still in doubt?

Silvan always comes up with flashy sarcastic jokes, he is a hopeless romantic with a craving for travel, a professional liar, a scoundrel and a very smart young man. Well, someone has to be smart, right?

Charlie’s route. Theme: “Gluttony”

The flirty administrator of “Tenebrae” nightclub herself will kindly offer to become your guiding light in the dark world of revelry and pleasure. As long as it’s to her advantage, of course.

This beauty will reveal you much more secrets than you expect if you decide to get close to her.

Ryu’s route. Theme: “Greed”

Ever dreamed of an affair with a real J-rock star? Are you sure? This guy is a real handful, but what really motivates him?

  • Oh, you… What is your name again? Will you kiss me for good luck?

Do you enjoy emotional swings? Then let’s fly!

Friedrich’s route. Theme: “Pride”

Do you like men in uniform and high ranks? Great, but they don’t care about you. Threatening with a boycott and hunger strikes? Why? Oh, right… He did ground you, after all.

Fraulein, have at least some kind of conscience, you are causing nothing but headache.

Morris’s Route. Theme: “Lust”

Already dizzy?

It’s all because of hunger. How can you resist and not bite when he asks for it? But it’s better to control yourself because your only chance of getting out of here is by winning the bet.

What? Such tortures are against the rules? Come on, a little masochism and delayed pleasure hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Dante’s route. Theme: “Sloth”

What does a woman most often do when she sees a lost man deeply in depression in front of her? Of course, she saves him.

How does she save him? Oh, Beatrice has some specific ways. A bit of role-playing games, a little provoking, some improvisation, and now the guy is already…

Well, that was not a bad plan…

Martin’s route. Theme: “Purgatory”

With the detective, things are very difficult. Save him for last.

To get to his route, you’ll have to put some effort into it: find the right combination of messages and telephone conversations, without turning off that road.

After walking you through all seven circles of sweet Hell, Virgil will lead you to Purgatory. You will simply have to pass just a few deadly tests, and then you will be able to go through the gates of the real Paradise.

This, of course, is a metaphor, but we are not exaggerating.

Tenebrae on Steam

Dream Girls Collection

Dream Girls Collection

so it is broken except for when you change frame rates, go into your refresh rate in nvidia and change it to 59 hz

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

It’s a decent puzzle game. I found the non-nude version to be more of a challenge. As the borders of each scene are less defined.

But it’s a pity that the achievements don’t count towards your total and perfect games.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Dream Girls Collection on Steam



If someone says “Do you want to play a game as a vampire?” the answer should always be yes, but it should be especially true for Vampyr.

This is by far the best vampire game in existence. Maybe it doesn’t have the weird early 2000s sexiness of Blade or Underworld, but let’s be real, those are both pretty stupid. Instead of new-age vampires, this is old school. It takes place after WWI when the spanish flu is ravaging and killing people. DONTNOD cleverly uses the epidemic to mask but also discuss vampirism as a similar affliction. That means you can see a world ravaged by two epidemics, though most unknowing about the vampire problem.

Real player with 58.7 hrs in game

Words cannot accurately describe my love for this game. The environments, the voice acting, THE BLOODY MUSIC, its all sublime!!! Feeling the weight of your every choice makes this game a must play and is one of my top 10 games of all time.

The only “negative” I could say is the combat is ehh, if you are only interested in the story, I would just stick to easy mode

Real player with 57.0 hrs in game

Vampyr on Steam

Cursed Lands

Cursed Lands

An outstanding VN-RPG-quest crossover

I was expecting another bland, unnecessarily dragged out visual novel with uninspired, repetitive missions, but I was taken for a real treat here—kept replaying with different initial conditions (race, job, supporting character branching choice) over and over, enjoying every single play.

Visual Novel (VN) perspective: Story branching is rich and, as general VN WinterWolves titles go, you have an almost immediate option to go back—typically less than half a minute in gameplay, couple minutes or hours in the game world—to the last choice and change it to study other outcomes. I like this unique branching feature—it is like a quick time machine, or a very smooth and synoptic reload action that permits me to change my choice without having to repeat a known portion of play and grind once again.

Real player with 132.6 hrs in game

I bought this game on sale, and I’m glad I did, it wasn’t worth the full price. I bought it because it was created by the same team who did Loren Amazon Princess, a game I loved. It’s unfortunate then, that this game is average at best. There are a few problems I have with this game that I feel affected my enjoyment of the game:

1. Characters/Romance

This is the big one, so i’m putting it first. The characters all had great introductions, and are really interesting. Unfortunately, the game screws this up deeply as it progresses. You don’t get to chose when to talk to the characters, their icon’s pop up when the game decides it’s time for their event to start, so you never truly get to know these characters beyond their surface introduction. The game prides itself on giving you romance options, and even advertises that you can trigger more then one romance scene. It isn’t hard, it’s like the game WANTS you to be a serial skirt chaser, and even when you do trigger these scenes, there’s no build up. Characters will spontaneously confess their feeling for you, claiming they always felt something for you. Your character will reply in kind, but you know this is false. Your POV character never felt anything of the sort, their lying.

Real player with 41.7 hrs in game

Cursed Lands on Steam