Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality is a RPG maker game with an easy entry point

of satisfaction with some dispensarie flaws!

The graphics are pure kindling hot stepping gold!

The music is primed into a solitude effort!

You get a few side quests and some other milligrams transportation to use!

Now lets talk about the bad the bosses and enemies are copied rehash

novelty garbage disposals and its not recommended for that teensy bit!

But if you like a game and a challenging secret optional boss that gains you

the best reward ever then check this one out in customer-wise decisions

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

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With just RPG Maker stock material this game manages to create more atmosphere and excellent storytelling as many triple A games do proving that you don’t need a big budget or high end technology to produce a good game. This is truly 16 bit classic JRPG magic.


  • captivating story that ‘sucks’ you in, you want to continue playing to discover the story

  • well written dialogues

  • well chosen soundtrack

  • no grinding necessary (enemies are visible) but people who want to grind can choose to do so

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Ashes of Immortality on Steam

血腥之日228-Vampire Martina-Bloody Day 2.28

血腥之日228-Vampire Martina-Bloody Day 2.28

A very good game in which you learn a lot of Taiwanese history. Most importantly it is not a gloryfication of the Kuomintang but it stands for real Taiwanese selfdetermination and working class politics.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

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血腥之日228-Vampire Martina-Bloody Day 2.28 on Steam



The stage where the story takes place is atmospheric and scary, and the diary in the game is also terrifying. There are also various riddles and gimmicks to solve, making it fun to explore. And Eve is so cute. The way she hides from enemies is Eve-like and very good. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

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This is my first impression of the game since as of right now, only Chapter 1 is available while the rest of the game will come as time passes. Once the game is complete, my opinions may be subjected to change and then and only then will I give a grade.

When I read that this game is inspired by Ib and The Witch’s House, it made me want to play this game for this October as I already planned on reliving all my favorite RPGMaker Horror games on said month; And that’s what I did, saving LIRE for last. As I played LIRE, it was a treat seeing some similarities with the other games I recently replayed.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

LIRE on Steam

The Case Book of Arne

The Case Book of Arne

Speaking as someone who has a really hard time deciding on what RPG games are worth and not worth buying, this game immediately had me intrigued. The story is uniquely crafted and enjoyable, characters are charming with a healthy mix of humorous dialogue with many deep and emotional story beats tied into them as well. The Soundtrack is also one of the best I’ve heard for an RPG game in a long while! Only issue i had with it is the run-time of 6 hours. Can’t wait for the next installment when it comes!

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

Very fun game! Great characters, art, and the comedy and story is also top notch. I’m happy Playism got vgperson on as the translator as she did great justice on the translation! It was a very fun game to playthrough and I never wanted to put it down and stop! There was one bug I noticed with the timer not changing if you reload a save near the end of the game but it was easily remedied with a quit to title reload. Other than that one thing, I noticed no bugs, and I’ve played through the entire game.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

The Case Book of Arne on Steam

Midnight’s Curse

Midnight’s Curse

This wasn’t a bad game, but it wasn’t necessarily good one either. This looks like a high school project that could’ve gone through a bit more polishing before attempting to sell it. Here’s some good and some bad points that I’ve experienced while playing:


  • Art is pleasant on the eyes

  • Gameplay is simple and easy to understand

  • Overall balance is spot on

  • Story is unique and intriguing


  • Not enough character interactions! I’d like to see more between this odd party of people. Perhaps make inns/rest points have little cut scenes periodically when resting at one.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Very lazy & poor effort at an RPG Maker game and it makes me angry that lazy developers such as this one give the engine and the genre a bad rep. Unbelievable that publisher Aldorlea Games are selling this, did they even play the game before deciding to sell it?

A good RPG Maker Game starts with a compelling story, interesting characters and sharp dialogues. An interesting plot makes you want to continue playing. This game has none of that: bland characters, very little dialogue and endless grinding. On top of that grinding there hardly is enemy variation, leveling up takes ages abd characters have hardly any abilities. Just everything about this game is bad. A very lazy effort that is just a shameless attempt at grabbing some money.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Midnight's Curse on Steam