Vlad Voievod Dracula. Episode 1 Manhunt

Vlad Voievod Dracula. Episode 1 Manhunt

The events take place during the first ascension to the throne of Vlad III Tepes, the historical Dracula. He claims his throne from the hands of Basarab, who murdered his father, tortured and killed his brother. In front of Dracula’s army, Basarab abandons his throne and flees to Transylvania to save his life, but Dracula takes his best warriors to hunt him down personally. 

The game is a slow-paced tactical action-puzzle platformer, where you need to discover and correctly execute the most efficient or interesting strategy. You won’t overcome the obstacles too easily if you don’t give it some thought first. Your main sword attack is not very powerful, and you can’t take on all your enemies head-on. Some are faster than you, and more powerful, so you need to learn their timing, their patterns and movements and strategise your actions accordingly. You’ll need to wisely use the few sub-weapons at your disposal, and sometimes engage in duels. Learn to back down when needed, and strike merciless when the opportunity arrives.

So buckle up and take control of one of the coolest villains in history in his manhunt for judgement and revenge. Use skill and cold-blooded planning to crush the enemies beneath your feet just to raise them back up in pales. Pick up the sword, and let the manhunt begin!

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Vlad Voievod Dracula. Episode 1 Manhunt on Steam

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm

Vampires Dawn 3 is a more than worthy successor to the previous games of the series.

The story and characters are great, and some twists are simply spectacular. I enjoyed a lot the magic system with runes that can be combined to unlock different spells and to explore combat tacticts. The game world is believable and although there are many funny moments, too, the dark setting is one of a kind and the plot got me hooked from the first moment till the end. Especially the quite long prologue is simply phantastic.

Real player with 89.5 hrs in game

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-Interessante Nebenquests / Nebengeschichten in den Dörfern.



-Alle NPC´s sind ansprechbar

-Interessantes, abwechslungsreiches Map-Design

-Charakterbilder sehen klasse aus


-Regelmäßige Updates/Patches


-Teilweise ultra schmalzige Dialoge

-Zu viele Gegnertypen sind automatisch immun gegen “Blutsaugen” & “Tod”

.dies mag sehr subjektiv sein, aber ich hatte das Gefühl,

andauernd in die Städte porten zu müssen wegen Blutmangel während des Dungeoncrawls.

Real player with 78.5 hrs in game

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm on Steam

Dead of Night

Dead of Night

Dead of Night reminds me those weird adventure games that you would find on old computers (not something you see a lot these days). Gameplay can be vaguely described as exploration game with elements of surviving and stealth. You have to look for items hidden around the map and match them to correct puzzles. Although I think it relies a lot on nostalgia so it is a little clunky because of it. The game had some issues but most of them have been fixed. I finally decided to rewrite this review because the developer has been doing constant updates and supported the game despite poor sales.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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My Video Review for Dead Of Night:


Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Dead of Night on Steam



Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspired JRPG.

Everyone is happy and there’s never any trouble in this peaceful little village of Westminster. Everyone loves you and its a golden-era.

Alex was just an average boy until that one fateful night, then his whole life changed forever.

15 years ago a mysterious old man left a strange amulet to protect against great evil, but once Alex finds the amulet he becomes something everyone feared, something that everyone hated, and it wasn’t his fault…

Alex has been transformed into a Vampire by The Dark Gods. They want Alex to fulfill the prophecy and become The Chosen One…

…To become Dracula, the Eater of Souls.


📺 Classic Role-Playing Style

🧱 2.5D graphics

📖 Rich Storyline

🎆 Unique magic, skills, and items only found in the Dracula series

👻 Surprises and treasure hidden in every corner

‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ ‎

**inspired by Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Breath of Fire.

Dracula is made for the true fans of classic RPGs! Rediscover all the nostalgic charm today’s RPGs are missing.**

+Linear Storyline

+Explore towns freely to unlock new side quests

+Dialogue can’t be skipped, you can’t read behind signs, and all the typical cliché 90s RPG mechanics

+In classic RPG tradition, the last boss will surprise you, and has multiple forms

*The sequel to this game is Dracula all grown up:


Dracula on Steam

Blood of the Werewolf

Blood of the Werewolf

This is one of the most underrated games that I have seen. I have no idea why it only has mixed reviews. It is a really solid platformer that I enjoyed just as much as highly acclaimed games like Trine, Guacamelee or Shovel Knight. Maybe it is slightly worse than those 3 but definitely not as much to justify such a huge difference in rating.

The game has 10 regular levels and 5 boss fights. The boss fights don’t really have any replay value but the regular levels have a ton of it, which is one of the biggest strengths of the game. I replayed all the levels many times because I was motivated to get all the collectibles and complete each level in a fast time and without dying.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

Overall 7/10 - Hunting the achievements down is addicting as there seems to be a challenge for everything.


  • I got the game for $0.99

  • Devs just put out a big update for free

  • 125 Achievements

  • 4 Steam Trading Card drops

  • Good gamepad support

  • Rebindable buttons/keys for both gamepad and keyboard

  • Multiple resolution options + Antialiasing + Windowed/Fullscreen + Framerate cap options all working as they should

  • Voice acting in all level transitions

  • 3 Game Modes (Normal, Score Rush, Endless)

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Blood of the Werewolf on Steam

Nosferatu Lilinor

Nosferatu Lilinor

At first glance, you might think Nosferatu Lilinor is a cute pixel platformer, like a kiddie Castlevania. Quite to the contrary, it’s a nail-bitingly difficult, heavily retro-inspired puzzle/action game, far closer to Solomon’s Key. It makes no apologies for its skill ceiling, which requires you to outwit a variety of stronger, faster, and deadlier enemies, despite having various vampire powers at your disposal. Undoubtedly fans of 80’s arcade games will find a nostalgic satisfaction here, but modern gamers may have a harder time to appreciate its value.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Akatsuki Uni 3

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Nosferatu Lilinor on Steam

A Vampyre Story

A Vampyre Story

A starting note that the play time does not reflect game length or completion time as I often leave games running whilst off doing other things.

A Vampyre Story is a fun point and click game that whilst not breaking any moulds of the genre it’s characters and dialogue I thought were witty and memorable and had me laughing out loud a fair few times. It also looks good, but the animations can sometimes ‘stick’ shall we say, although this is not a big issue.

Any fans of P&C’s will not be diasapointed in what this has to offer, although not the most challenging game out there, the puzzles aren’t ludicrously obscure as they can be in some other titles and range from simple to medium difficulty.

Real player with 46.4 hrs in game

I picked this game up when it first came out on disc and I regretted never finishing it. I was thrilled that it showed up on Steam and I’m very happy my memories of the game weren’t just nostalgia, it’s very fun and polished. The tone and puzzles are reminiscent of classic LucasArts games and the art is top notch, even by today’s cartoon game standards.

Some have not liked the voice of Mona, the main protagonist. It is high pitched and I can see how it could annoy folks but I thought it fit and didn’t mind.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

A Vampyre Story on Steam

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

I purchased this title when it was on a discount and I believe that’s how everyone should go about getting this collection.

It’s clear that not a lot of time was spent on making this package. It’s very basic, there’s only one available save slot for every game, the default 4:3 resolution is too small and the other options won’t give you anything close to what is possible on a normal emulator. That said, it’s not a terrible collection either. It’s just meh. So why the recommendation? Well, as I said, I got the game during a price drop for €4.99. This makes recommending the game a lot easier, less so for its standard pricing.

Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

I forgot how frustrating some of these Castlevania games can be…. but that’s all part of the fun right? 😁

Konami also included Kid Dracula, a game I’ve never heard of before playing this collection but was actually kinda fun.

The only thing I can nitpick about this collection (as well as the Contra one) is the fact that you have to use ALT+Enter to fullscreen and ALT+F4 to exit.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Steam

Castlevania Advance Collection

Castlevania Advance Collection

pretty good collection all 3 of castlevania gba games and Dracula X super nintendo game rewinding and save stating your game.

Real player with 58.9 hrs in game

Simple collection with all Castlevania GBA games. It’s the same games you know and love from that era, perfectly emulated. If you want to revisit them, this is the best way to do it.

Real player with 37.1 hrs in game

Castlevania Advance Collection on Steam

Dead Dust

Dead Dust

Dead Dust is one of a number of games from developer HugePixel, and the first of his offerings I have played. And hoo boy have I played it. Can’t remember what I paid for it, but I can be rest assured that getting 17 hours of gameplay is a steal.

Let me start by addressing the complaints from other reviewers:

REVIEWER COMPLAINT 1 - “It’s too hard”:

When I first started playing I agreed with this sentiment. I thought as it was a twin stick shooter, that naturally an X-Box controller would be the best option. Like another reviewer, I think I made it to the second level, MAYBE the third but after that it was game over man. The enemy difficulty sure does ramp up tenfold once they get guns, but isn’t that just how it works in real life? Massacring unarmed enemies is bad for the soul anyway.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

The game looks deceiving from the store page. It’s actually pretty simple - nothing in the game works. Achievements are not unlocking, the extra characters are not unlocking, every level looks and feels the same, the enemies are the same, it’s boring in general. Also just take a look at the name of the game itself, so cringy.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Dead Dust on Steam