Humans Took My Neighbors!

Humans Took My Neighbors!

In the small town of Monsternett, monsters get ready to celebrate their biggest Holiday, halloween, as Anthony and friends prepare for the special night, strange portals start to appear all around town curious monsters went in only to never come back out as the portals disappeared…

Then the portals reapered bringing strange crazy creatures looking to destroy and capture the monsterkin, and only Anthony and friends can stand up to them on Halloween’s eve.

Humans took my neighbors is a 2D top down action game inspired by classics like Zombies ate my neighbors and other top downgames, you’ll go through the neighborhoods saving as many monsters as you can, fighting humans ready to take every monster they see, and as you progress through the levels maybe find the cause for this invasion.

Anthony Albescu

He is a friendly and protective vampire especially when talking about his sister. He is competitive and loyal, he started the monster squad with his best friend and neighbor Fenrietta and when they started school they met Elsheip and Frankie who became the new members. He dreams of becoming a Sentinel like his father and be part of the Monster Council.

Fenrietta Brunt

She is a young wolf who loves nighttime and the outdoors. Her family moved to Monsternett when she was a young cub, as her mother was transferred to the Elite Castle guard of Dracula, they moved next to Anthony’s house and they became friends. Her father works as a professor in MonsterCademy . She wants to be a great warrior like her mother to be ready for any menace.

The game is currently in development stay tuned for devlog updates and more!

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Humans Took My Neighbors! on Steam

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm

Vampires Dawn 3 is a more than worthy successor to the previous games of the series.

The story and characters are great, and some twists are simply spectacular. I enjoyed a lot the magic system with runes that can be combined to unlock different spells and to explore combat tacticts. The game world is believable and although there are many funny moments, too, the dark setting is one of a kind and the plot got me hooked from the first moment till the end. Especially the quite long prologue is simply phantastic.

Real player with 89.5 hrs in game

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-Interessante Nebenquests / Nebengeschichten in den Dörfern.



-Alle NPC´s sind ansprechbar

-Interessantes, abwechslungsreiches Map-Design

-Charakterbilder sehen klasse aus


-Regelmäßige Updates/Patches


-Teilweise ultra schmalzige Dialoge

-Zu viele Gegnertypen sind automatisch immun gegen “Blutsaugen” & “Tod”

.dies mag sehr subjektiv sein, aber ich hatte das Gefühl,

andauernd in die Städte porten zu müssen wegen Blutmangel während des Dungeoncrawls.

Real player with 78.5 hrs in game

Vampires Dawn 3 - The Crimson Realm on Steam

Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality

Ashes of Immortality is a RPG maker game with an easy entry point

of satisfaction with some dispensarie flaws!

The graphics are pure kindling hot stepping gold!

The music is primed into a solitude effort!

You get a few side quests and some other milligrams transportation to use!

Now lets talk about the bad the bosses and enemies are copied rehash

novelty garbage disposals and its not recommended for that teensy bit!

But if you like a game and a challenging secret optional boss that gains you

the best reward ever then check this one out in customer-wise decisions

Real player with 27.5 hrs in game

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With just RPG Maker stock material this game manages to create more atmosphere and excellent storytelling as many triple A games do proving that you don’t need a big budget or high end technology to produce a good game. This is truly 16 bit classic JRPG magic.


  • captivating story that ‘sucks’ you in, you want to continue playing to discover the story

  • well written dialogues

  • well chosen soundtrack

  • no grinding necessary (enemies are visible) but people who want to grind can choose to do so

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Ashes of Immortality on Steam

Dead of Night

Dead of Night

Dead of Night reminds me those weird adventure games that you would find on old computers (not something you see a lot these days). Gameplay can be vaguely described as exploration game with elements of surviving and stealth. You have to look for items hidden around the map and match them to correct puzzles. Although I think it relies a lot on nostalgia so it is a little clunky because of it. The game had some issues but most of them have been fixed. I finally decided to rewrite this review because the developer has been doing constant updates and supported the game despite poor sales.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

My Video Review for Dead Of Night:

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Dead of Night on Steam

Nosferatu Lilinor

Nosferatu Lilinor

At first glance, you might think Nosferatu Lilinor is a cute pixel platformer, like a kiddie Castlevania. Quite to the contrary, it’s a nail-bitingly difficult, heavily retro-inspired puzzle/action game, far closer to Solomon’s Key. It makes no apologies for its skill ceiling, which requires you to outwit a variety of stronger, faster, and deadlier enemies, despite having various vampire powers at your disposal. Undoubtedly fans of 80’s arcade games will find a nostalgic satisfaction here, but modern gamers may have a harder time to appreciate its value.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Akatsuki Uni 3

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Nosferatu Lilinor on Steam



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Real player with 275.9 hrs in game

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is an excellent first fighting game for anyone looking to learn the basics without being overwhelmed, but it’s also an enjoyable game for fighting game veterans. Though the base roster is a bit limited given the price tag, the mechanics, art, animations, and general gameplay are all top-notch. Beginners can get their feet wet with auto-combos, and then gradually increase the sophistication of their gameplay by using more difficult combos and taking advantage of the many enjoyable game mechanics like Heat and Moon Drive. Most importantly, the rollback netcode makes it easy to find matches against people with good connections even if nobody nearby plays the game.

Real player with 253.2 hrs in game


Aberration Analyst

Aberration Analyst

You are an analyst in a very secretive, underground organization. Scour tabloid headlines, police reports and other sources in order to locate supernatural threats to the safety and sanity of your fellow citizens.

Players have various tools at their disposal in order to achieve their goal.

Tabloids are a great place to start looking for information about monster sightings and attacks. Unfortunately, the tabloids also have two major weaknesses. First, they are almost totally unreliable, and should not be trusted by themselves. Second, their availability is limited, only ten headlines are released per day. Still, they make a good place to start identifying possible monster activity.

More reliable than tabloids, reports come in two varieties, Police and Coroner. Reports are available for each city, but will cost money to access. They provide factual information, but will not mention monsters or anything that might threaten the reporter’s credibility.

Selecting your team is an important step in the process of monster research. Make sure you try to identify the type of monster you are going after, otherwise your team may not be properly prepared.

Lore is collected as a player progresses through the game. Each attempt to take down a monster will result in small, but helpful hints that will make it easier to identify possible monster activity.

Aberration Analyst on Steam

Carpathian Night

Carpathian Night

The plague of Dracula’s army continues to spread across the Carpathians, growing stronger with each victim it claims. Those who attempt to resist are met with a fate worse than death. If Dracula is not stopped, he will bring everlasting night to the world.

Only two champions have answered the call to bring divine justice to Dracula and his minions. Abbot Dorin, warrior monk and leader of the Kelemen Church, and Irina Dracul, vampire, pyromancer, and ancestor of Prince Dracula, have joined together to drive back the army of the dead and hunt down the legendary vampire himself. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demonic beings of every kind await all who dare trespass into their master’s domain! Those who survive the horrors of the Borgo Pass will reach the gates of the ancient Castle Dracula, where the real nightmare begins!

Carpathian Night is a tribute to retro horror side-scrollers and the classic monster films that inspired them. Battle your way through legions of iconic monsters, avoid deadly traps, uncover the secret history of your monstrous foes, and face the legendary Lord of the Vampires within his own ancestral home! Answer the call, mighty hunter, and drive the wickedness back from whence it came!

Carpathian Night on Steam

Dead Dust

Dead Dust

Dead Dust is one of a number of games from developer HugePixel, and the first of his offerings I have played. And hoo boy have I played it. Can’t remember what I paid for it, but I can be rest assured that getting 17 hours of gameplay is a steal.

Let me start by addressing the complaints from other reviewers:

REVIEWER COMPLAINT 1 - “It’s too hard”:

When I first started playing I agreed with this sentiment. I thought as it was a twin stick shooter, that naturally an X-Box controller would be the best option. Like another reviewer, I think I made it to the second level, MAYBE the third but after that it was game over man. The enemy difficulty sure does ramp up tenfold once they get guns, but isn’t that just how it works in real life? Massacring unarmed enemies is bad for the soul anyway.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

The game looks deceiving from the store page. It’s actually pretty simple - nothing in the game works. Achievements are not unlocking, the extra characters are not unlocking, every level looks and feels the same, the enemies are the same, it’s boring in general. Also just take a look at the name of the game itself, so cringy.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Dead Dust on Steam

Dracula: A Gothic RPG

Dracula: A Gothic RPG

Dracula is back in this dark but cute RPG.

Collect souls for more powers, learn alchemy, and cast your dark magic in battle.

Black cats, werewolves, zombies; he’s buddies with all types of Halloween friendlies – and he’s going to go questing with them!


After thousands of years, Dracula has been summoned for a grand purpose by ghosts and dark magicians. They require his resurrection to fulfill the prophecy.

After he has awakened, he meets a quirky cast of characters that will get him in a lot of trouble and comical shenanigans.


👻 Party members include ghosts, zombies, and many types of Halloween friendlies.

🦠 Collect Souls to increase your power, or talk to the dead to learn their skills.

🎁 Collect items to decorate Dracula’s Mansion.

⚔️ Explore and adventure the world with some … rather unusual quests… as a dark hero.

📺 Classic role-playing style

Explore areas in classic JRPG style

~Victorian Forest~

Future Updates:

⚗️ Craft items in the Underground Alchemy Lab.

📜 Randomized side-quests

🍪 Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

Dracula: A Gothic RPG on Steam