• A visual novel with sensual love lines and aesthetic erotic scenes.

  • An alternative modern world, where vampires are an independent branch of evolution.

  • A detective story, presented on behalf of a young vampire Beatrice, transports readers to the modern Czech Republic, immersing them in an atmosphere of mysteries and secrets.

  • Dynamic storytelling with tons of Easter eggs, irony and sarcasm.

  • Four independent branches and events leading to different routes.

  • Eight unique love routes with heroes representing the seven deadly sins and purgatory. Everyone offers specific trials and demands sacrifices.

  • More than twenty endings at different stages of the game.

  • Approximately thirty hours of pure gameplay.

  • The classic mechanic of choosing the heroine’s actions is combined with communication via a mobile phone.

  • Bright, detailed characters and lively dialogues.

  • High-quality visual style.

  • Original soundtrack.

Which path will you take, Beatrice?

William’s route. Theme: “Wrath”

The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach” absolutely justifies itself when it comes to this guy. Is a well-fed man a kind man? Maybe…

But given how primitive it is, you will quickly figure out which buttons you need to press for this killing machine to work in your interests. You will live as safely as behind a stone wall.

Sylvan’s route. Theme: “Envy”

Look at this sly face, biker outfit and… Still in doubt?

Silvan always comes up with flashy sarcastic jokes, he is a hopeless romantic with a craving for travel, a professional liar, a scoundrel and a very smart young man. Well, someone has to be smart, right?

Charlie’s route. Theme: “Gluttony”

The flirty administrator of “Tenebrae” nightclub herself will kindly offer to become your guiding light in the dark world of revelry and pleasure. As long as it’s to her advantage, of course.

This beauty will reveal you much more secrets than you expect if you decide to get close to her.

Ryu’s route. Theme: “Greed”

Ever dreamed of an affair with a real J-rock star? Are you sure? This guy is a real handful, but what really motivates him?

  • Oh, you… What is your name again? Will you kiss me for good luck?

Do you enjoy emotional swings? Then let’s fly!

Friedrich’s route. Theme: “Pride”

Do you like men in uniform and high ranks? Great, but they don’t care about you. Threatening with a boycott and hunger strikes? Why? Oh, right… He did ground you, after all.

Fraulein, have at least some kind of conscience, you are causing nothing but headache.

Morris’s Route. Theme: “Lust”

Already dizzy?

It’s all because of hunger. How can you resist and not bite when he asks for it? But it’s better to control yourself because your only chance of getting out of here is by winning the bet.

What? Such tortures are against the rules? Come on, a little masochism and delayed pleasure hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Dante’s route. Theme: “Sloth”

What does a woman most often do when she sees a lost man deeply in depression in front of her? Of course, she saves him.

How does she save him? Oh, Beatrice has some specific ways. A bit of role-playing games, a little provoking, some improvisation, and now the guy is already…

Well, that was not a bad plan…

Martin’s route. Theme: “Purgatory”

With the detective, things are very difficult. Save him for last.

To get to his route, you’ll have to put some effort into it: find the right combination of messages and telephone conversations, without turning off that road.

After walking you through all seven circles of sweet Hell, Virgil will lead you to Purgatory. You will simply have to pass just a few deadly tests, and then you will be able to go through the gates of the real Paradise.

This, of course, is a metaphor, but we are not exaggerating.

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Tenebrae on Steam



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Real player with 275.9 hrs in game

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Melty Blood: Type Lumina is an excellent first fighting game for anyone looking to learn the basics without being overwhelmed, but it’s also an enjoyable game for fighting game veterans. Though the base roster is a bit limited given the price tag, the mechanics, art, animations, and general gameplay are all top-notch. Beginners can get their feet wet with auto-combos, and then gradually increase the sophistication of their gameplay by using more difficult combos and taking advantage of the many enjoyable game mechanics like Heat and Moon Drive. Most importantly, the rollback netcode makes it easy to find matches against people with good connections even if nobody nearby plays the game.

Real player with 253.2 hrs in game


Terrordrome - Reign of the Legends

Terrordrome - Reign of the Legends

Absolute waste of money, would not recommend, I think I might’ve actually found the most bottom of the barrel game on here. I remember playing the demo version of this game way back in 2018 during their Kickstarter. The demo was slow and clunky and heavily filled with glitches, but since it was a demo I thought they might improve as development went on, it’s 2021 now and this game still doesn’t feel like it’s worth wasting $15, not even if it was on sale for $5. I mean what could you expect from a game that only has like 2 people working on it, 1 person working on the animations and the other working on the coding. Playing the game feels like if it’s devoid of any testers, I’m guessing that’s where the player comes in. You can tell this is one of the those half-baked, mobile games where they expect the player/buyer to report things wrong with their game so the devs could fix it while at the same time make vlogs and livestreams about their joke of a project. I’d recommend anything else, anything!

Real player with 61.7 hrs in game

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If you’re a fan of the first Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen, and more importantly familiar with how to play the previous entry, you’ll find that it’s sequel Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends is worth your while. Even if you’re new to the series, this is a simple fighting game with a multitude of complex mechanics that are fun to explore.

As of writing this review, the is in an Early Access version, so understand that the game is incomplete. The developers, who consist of a small indie team, are actively working on the game and speak directly to their fans and community. So feedback is frequently received and considered.

Real player with 52.0 hrs in game

Terrordrome - Reign of the Legends on Steam