Dead Hungry Diner

Dead Hungry Diner

Not a bad game if you’re into time management games. Sit down a bunch of monsters into your restaurant. Keep them happy and win points. Certain monsters make other monster happy, others make monsters mad. You have to figure out how to best configure these monsters within the seats available.

You also gain magic spells where you can make them more patient, turn them into calm zombies compared to angry monsters, and a host of other spells to help you get the max points on each level.

The game is simple, yet entertaining and doesn’t over extend itself with too many levels or too many variety’s of spells and monsters. Fun while it lasts.

Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

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MM BRAINS! While no innovator of the genre or GOTY candidate, Dead Hungry Diner is a relatively fun indie arcadey game which manages to be a competent casual Diner Dash clone. While not much at the core of this game is different from its predecesors except for a ghoulish Plants vs. Zombies-esque theme, it does everything it promises to deliver extremely well. Due to how well the game is executed, I see no reason to not recommend this game to fans of the time-management games or as an introduction to those who haven’t.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Dead Hungry Diner on Steam

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

If I were to describe this game in one sentence it would be as follows: A game with strong foundation, but a lot of underutilized or wasted potential. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at its strengths and weaknesses.


  • ART. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars features very high quality art that is best represented on Cards. I can’t praise art of this game enough. Everything is very detailed, atmospheric, diverse and just a pleasure to look at.

  • ATMOSPHERE. This one is a bit subtle but at its core this game makes you feel like a vampire ruler who is playing a deadly game of influence and warfare. The fact that game represents quite a few things with cards certainly adds to this feeling.

Real player with 149.0 hrs in game

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After playing for 100 hours, completing the campaign, and finishing +16 sandbox with all factions, i can say that this game is, for the better parts :

  • Stable/Playable (I encountered no game crash, nor errors, with the “worst” bug being solved by simply surrendering the fighting in which i was stuck.) (Played on an Acer Nitro N50-600, I5-8400 CPU 2.8GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, 8G RAM)

  • Enjoyable (Some part of the campaign may be more difficult than others but taken on the right angle, they become easier.)

Real player with 137.6 hrs in game

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars on Steam

Vampire Clans

Vampire Clans

Become the most powerful vampire lord and lead your clan to take over Paris underground. Expand your base, collect blood and kill anybody you want.

As a vampire, you have to enslave people and drain their blood to keep alive your clan. Build prison and go hunting, fresh blood is the most important thing for vampires.

Vampires are super fast. Use this advantage in smooth, slow motion fights. Use magic, alchemy, weapons and special abilities to beat your enemies. Conquer other clans and enlist their members … or kill them, the choice is yours.

Train your vampires to create the best formation to fight against your enemies. Evolve from cave vampires to the most powerful vampire lords.

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Vampire Clans on Steam

Spooky Speakeasy

Spooky Speakeasy

I just played this game once for my Twitch live stream ( and I am honestly surprised at the wonderful work the game devs have done with this game. I even started to get kinda emotional at 1 part of the game near the end. But I won’t spoil it for those who might still be interested in trying the game for themselves. I do hope there will be a sequel to this game (maybe like a continuation or maybe another type of drink combos/items or maybe a new set of stories/storylines). Only thing I’d suggest if there’s another game like this is… maybe add a drink menu to help those who have a harder time remembering drink mix combos. As for the characters, I think you might need more creatures to use seeing as most of them are just slime cubes just of different colors. But all and all… WONDERFUL game. If there were a rating system on Steam, I’d totally give this game and the game devs a perfect 10/10

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I enjoyed the game and I feel like if there were more character diversity and gameplay diversity it would be even better. Some features to include would be special effects, like a setting drinks on fire, pumpkin straws, or Yokai umbrellas these could be unmixable toppers. The gameplay needs more direction when allowing the character to make a drink. Maybe implement an alcohol book(witch spell book) that would serve as a guide the player should look through constantly and would fill it’s self out as the player progresses (like blank pages filling out). A notebook that the character keeps to the side would be helpful if the character would write down the ingredients already added so when mixing occurs, it would be easy to keep ahold of what’s been added. I’d say focus on the gameplay, most of all, due to it becoming repetitive really fast(good gameplay formula but needs for detail and things to do), and one way to make it a little more complex is to add specific measurements required for the drinks. Once the specifics were discovered, the spellbook should include itself, so the player doesn’t have to remember. For the colors used, I would like to see them more vibrant as possible along with making them even more appealing to look at(like maybe if you added eyes to a drink, you could see them floating throughout the drink after shaken). I also think a follow up game should include store customization. This customization should include chairs, tables, signs, door bells, jukebox that would rotate music, and many other things of the sort. I felt a little detached from the story which was okay for me because I found it more fun to just mix drinks. I liked the dialogs of hanging out with people after you close, but I felt it was a little pointless due to no rewards or interesting interactions coming of it. Also it didn’t make too much sense considering that it would be the first time I met someone and they were just fine with staying until close time just so I could talk with them. I feel that the conversations would work better as little conversations while you are making the drinks, after you served them the drink, or maybe quick time event interactions which would build up to staying till closing time. I would like to suggest a repeat customer progress bar that would fill up the more conversations you would have with a customer, and when filled to the max you could venture out of the shop to see more of the world you are living in. (cut scenes, or different locations for a dialog to be had) A cool detail if possible would be slightly changing the perspective in order to see our character actually reaching for the items we are using or at least adding animations for doing each action like hands and arms wrapping around reach object. After clicking an item it wouldn’t just be free moving but stay stationary while the cursor has a ghost version in it until clicked on pitcher(please add more interesting cups to the game).I feel the game could also use events that change up the gameplay like having to serve drinks during a storm, earthquake, flood, blackhole, raid, or anything to those extremes. Overall, this was a great game and I can see the potential.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Spooky Speakeasy on Steam

Creature Lab

Creature Lab

Become a mad scientist in search of the ultimate mutagen!

Creature lab sets you on a difficult path of a genius scientist with a very liberal approach to test subjects and official procedures. Establish your hideout and let the experiments commence!

Take stock of your inventory. There’s no use hoping for government funds so you’ll make do with anything you can find or even steal. Prepare your laboratory, obtain basic reagents, and see what happens when you mix them together. Analyze your results and see if your mutagens have any practical use or if they’re only useful as ingredients for more powerful concoctions.

Apply your mutagens to test subjects and observe how they react. Grow entirely new bodyparts and attach them to the creatures you create. Discover tens of different interactions between mutagens and body parts as you slowly assemble an army of mutants.

Running low on resources? Need more test subjects? Send your creatures into the city! Find whatever resources you need. Spread panic in the city to scare off anyone trying to find your hideout. And if the military starts looking for you, you can infect the citizens to delay the army as you prepare a more permanent solution. Let no one stop you in your search for the ultimate mutagen!


  • First-person mad scientists simulator

  • Complex resource and inventory management

  • A strategy element - plan raids on the city and prepare for encounters with the military

  • Dozens of different mutagens to discover

  • Unique body parts to grow and attach to your test subjects

  • A fear mechanic that lowers the chance of your hideout being discovered

  • Infection strains that delay military response to your experiments

  • Singleplayer campaign mode

Creature Lab on Steam

Aberration Analyst

Aberration Analyst

You are an analyst in a very secretive, underground organization. Scour tabloid headlines, police reports and other sources in order to locate supernatural threats to the safety and sanity of your fellow citizens.

Players have various tools at their disposal in order to achieve their goal.

Tabloids are a great place to start looking for information about monster sightings and attacks. Unfortunately, the tabloids also have two major weaknesses. First, they are almost totally unreliable, and should not be trusted by themselves. Second, their availability is limited, only ten headlines are released per day. Still, they make a good place to start identifying possible monster activity.

More reliable than tabloids, reports come in two varieties, Police and Coroner. Reports are available for each city, but will cost money to access. They provide factual information, but will not mention monsters or anything that might threaten the reporter’s credibility.

Selecting your team is an important step in the process of monster research. Make sure you try to identify the type of monster you are going after, otherwise your team may not be properly prepared.

Lore is collected as a player progresses through the game. Each attempt to take down a monster will result in small, but helpful hints that will make it easier to identify possible monster activity.

Aberration Analyst on Steam

The Vampire Regent

The Vampire Regent

You know when you’re looking for that perfect Choice of Games story that really sucks you in with the story, the romance, suspense, and action but you just can’t seem to find it while sifting through the low tier stories?

Well this is one of the masterpieces! You are the regent of the vampires in a city and you feel it! Your choices matter immensely and the romance is top tier! There is also a ton of replayability. I HIGHLY recommend this to any Choice fan! I hope to see more stories in this universe!

Real player with 41.3 hrs in game

I wasn’t expecting much from this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked this book more than the official CoG WoD games: Night Road and Out for Blood. Granted, this is a stand alone IP and not constrained by the official licence and everything that comes with it, but not every author can utilize the creative freedom to its full potential. Morton Newberry & Lucas Zaper did a good job in this aspect.

Vampire Regent will feel familiar to fans of WoD as it’s very WoD-like world at it’s core, yet it’s not constrained by WoD lore, so the authors were able to take a few “creative freedoms” here and there. On one hand it made the novel accessible to new fans who are unfamiliar with WoD lore, on the other - some moments and confrontations were made more “spectacular” than it was possible in constraints of WoD system.

Real player with 19.1 hrs in game

The Vampire Regent on Steam

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries

Well, Dracula seems to have grown quite a few inches since the previous games

But besides from that: Another great game In the series.

I still love it

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

Great game; love the whole series

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries on Steam

Monsters Mall

Monsters Mall

(Early Access Review; as an early access release, you may experience bugs, content, interface, and optimization changes. If you are not excited to play the title in its current state & help to support the title to full release by reporting bugs and requesting additional content, you may want to wait for further development)

Welcome to Monsters Mall, a delightful new monster-themed management game. Even in the world of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night, there are needs to fulfill, just as with humans. To satisfy all their monster desires you will be opening and operating a Mall just for otherworldly creatures. Start by attracting ghostly visitors to your shops. Collecting plasma spheres each day, you will upgrade the graveyard to unlock new creatures of the night, as well as stores. Spend your plasma wisely. As your stores turn a profit; you will be unlocking new areas to place your businesses. There are also areas to place various items, such as ice cream parlors, signs to hurry customers along and even crystals that generate plasma, with more to come. Watch for brilliantly-lit customers of various hues, who will drop additional plasma to use for unlocks. A fun casual fantasy clicker with many hours of gameplay already in place and updates coming.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Great and simple management/idle game with cute graphics, nice music and catchy mechanic.

I wasnt very fond at first, but after round 6 I really got the hang of it and when I saw it I was already in round 21.

Definetly gonna play until unlock all the monsters and stores.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Monsters Mall on Steam