Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition

Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition

I hadn’t played this game since the 1st edition that came out in the 80s. Back then three Hunters chased a nearly-impotent Dracula around the map, eventually slaying him. Nearly every time, anyway. Dracula had hidden movement behind a screen, and left some rumors in his wake, but the damnable hunter cards would give him away at horrible times, and if you encountered him he would get caught during the day more than half the time (you rolled a die, but the hunters had more cards) - a vampire during the day is as feeble in combat as you would think. We called it “The Frustration of Dracula.” He was fun to play, but it was very difficult to win with him. Still, I have fond memories.

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

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While no game is ever going to translate perfectly from the board to digital I have to tip my hat to Nomad games for taking on Fury of Dracula, not just for doing it, but doing a very capable job.

*When you read negative reviews about the lack of 1 vs 4 during initial roll out of the game, I have to point out that this was clearly posted on the store page well in advance and in the discussions. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone and it’s a poor excuse to give a thumbs down. It was perfectly clear and the developers have repeatedly stated why they released it as 1 vs 1 and 1 vs AI initially, along with their plans to work on and release 1 vs 4. Understandably, the developers want to get it right, so we just need to be patient. Their professionalism and consistent feedback to our inquiries leads me to believe they will get it done.

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition on Steam

Bloody Layne

Bloody Layne

Bloody Layne tells a dark vampire story with fully voiced dialogue. You decide, how to play and which path the story will take.

  • Play as you want to play! Not grinding is most rewarding!

  • Drink the blood from your enemies, transform into a bat or become a new Nosferatu with his own servants. Let Layne bath in the blood of his enemies and become insane.

  • Unlock different endings, each with unique storylines and battles.

  • Choose between different skills and create your own playstyle.

  • Straight forward dialogue and meaningful dialogue choices, which have real consequences.

  • Enjoy fast combat with lots of variety. Encounter more than 30 enemy types, which will try to claim the bounty on your head!

Control Layne, who wakes up and finds out that he has been bitten by a vampire. A dark voice whispers to Layne in his head and teaches him how to defend himself with magic and how to get stronger! Now Layne will have to face his creator, who lives in his castle on the mountains. A random set of bosses will challenge Layne on his way to the top, like the Black Mage, who can help you to become human again. Layne might be haunted by the old castle ghost, who eventually transforms into his old rotten body. Sometimes a vampire hunter will show up, to challenge Layne to a duel. An Assassin might stop Layne and lets him dance to avoid a rain of bombs.

Tip: Just play as you want on your first playthrough and have fun.

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Bloody Layne on Steam

Wanted in Hell

Wanted in Hell

Wanted in Hell™

Rumors of a hellish creature terrorizing the frontier have spread to every saloon West of the Mississippi. Grab a gun and saddle to join the hunt or become the beast for a wild west monster hunt game like no other.

Wanted in Hell™ is developed in Unreal Engine 4 and currently in pre-alpha testing.


Multiple Play Styles

Turn in monster heads for bounties as a Hunter.

Haunt the lands and attempt to return to the land of the living as a Ghost.

Terrorize hunters and slay innocents as a Monster.

Randomized Environment

Every match you play of Wanted in Hell™ is different. In addition to randomized loot found in most battle royale games, entire buildings and environment areas are randomized. You will ride into the hunt aboard a steam engine train with randomized train tracks and disembark at the Terminus; a 4x4KM map that has four distinct biomes including desert, snow, canyon, and forest as dusk turn to night. Be prepared for every match to be just different enough to keep you on your toes.

Wild West Gunplay

Wield the legendary weapons of the wild west to face off against player-controlled hunters and monsters. These old gunpowder weapons have limited ammo and there’s no automatic fire. You will need to carefully time your shots to outplay your enemies with simulated physics projectiles that can ricochet off metal and penetrate wood. Ride to victory on over 30 breeds of horses with unique appearances and statistics in skill based mounted combat.

In Match Leveling System

Fortune favors the bold and hiding won’t help you. As a Hunter, you start at level 0 in every match. Reap the rewards of a stone cold killer by improving your stats and unlocking unique abilities to stand toe-to-toe with the monster and live to tell the tale.

Character Customization

The hunt has attracted folk from all walks of life. Stand out from the rest by customizing your Hunter with over one million face, body, and hair combinations. Dress to tell your story with a modular clothing and dye system featuring signature styles of the old west including lawmen, outlaws, cavalry, native American, and more.

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Wanted in Hell on Steam

Interactive Horror Stories

Interactive Horror Stories

Story-wise, it’s pretty decent. The game offers a variety of stories to read, and I am a fan of CYOAs. For the horror genre, it does an okay job. However, there are a couple issues I have with the game, keeping it from being a great game. There needs to be some serious proof-reading in all the stories. They are littered with mistakes. Then the lack of sound is odd, really odd. There are some random sound effects in the game that feels more jarring than fitting (just because it’s silent for the majority of the game). Why the dev chose not to add any boggles my mind.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Stories had quite interesting themes, I really enjoyed reading through all of the endings. They were a bit predictable since I watched too many horror movies but nonetheless I would reccomend it for any horror story lovers! It’s also free so why not give it a try If you are into the genre? I was also glad the experience mostly consisted of just text over an image (except the oujia board story) because It would be a lot more scary If It had jumpscares in the form of popping images according to the way the story had progressed. But It’s safe to say there’s none of that! The text alone is enough to creep anyone out especially If you are reading it at midnight like me haha

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Interactive Horror Stories on Steam

Heroes of Yore

Heroes of Yore

Looking for a casual way to prove dominance amongst fabled legends? I was. Ever want to make a team of mythical villains destroy the prudish icons of old? I did. Have you ever wanted Paul Bunyan to feed Grendel flapjacks?… well, me either on this one, but it is as awesome as it sounds. This game was just what I wanted! It is a casual, easy to learn, but challenging to master. I have not fully beat this game yet, but am working on it! I will slay them all!

Since this is Early Access, I am really excited to see what (or who) else the developers come up with!

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Heroes of Yore is a turn-based strategy/RPG in which you put together a squad of public domain characters and fight to win in single or multiplayer mode.

The basics are straightforward, and it’s evident that the game aims to be user-friendly. You simply select four heroes from an ever-growing pool and engage in combat. On the left, your party, and on the right, the opponent. The battles are turn-based, which means that each side performs actions for all four heroes. Attacking is simple, just select the attack and choose a target. Because each hero only gets to perform one action, the order doesn’t matter. So far, everything appears to be easy.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Heroes of Yore on Steam