Vampire Slave 1: A Yaoi Visual Novel

Vampire Slave 1: A Yaoi Visual Novel

Vampire Slave 1 and 2 are a beautiful interpretation of the original yaoi novel Vampire Slave by Yamila Abraham. The writing is reverent, tongue and cheek, self aware! There is a clear emphasis placed on consensual love between two characters that want the best for each other. Thank you to Yamila Abraham for creating the brilliant piece of modern literature that inspired this game, and thank you Y press for making the next chapter sexually explicit.

Real player with 26.3 hrs in game

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It would be a neutral review if I could write one. I was contemplating to review the game after buying all the available chapters or when the story is finished completely but…the store page claims it’s a free game, right?! The next chapters are sold separately, have their own steam store pages, so I guess it’d be appropriate to put into words what I’ve experienced for now.

I’m a huge yaoi fan and adore vampire stories, submissive relationships are quite alluring to me, so when I saw this title Vampire Slave. A yaoi visual novel I knew I was gonna try it for sure. I’m grateful to the developer for creating such games, it’s not their first similar story, I even once was their backer at Kickstarter, participated in their discord until I was…disappointed:( I think it’s not right to mention any personal reasons, it’s a review about the game, not about the developer. I just decided for myself not to support them at Kickstarter anymore but games… I want to believe their work should be judged separately. Tho sometimes it’s hard to be unbiased. When I downloaded this free first chapter I didn’t pay attention by whom it was created. And as yaoi visual novels are still a rare case, I just can’t miss it.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Vampire Slave 1: A Yaoi Visual Novel on Steam

Red Embrace

Red Embrace

Not a lot of time has passed since my last ecstatic review of Argent Games' BL visual novel “Chess of Blades”. Quite soon we have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their next masterpiece “Red Embrace”. It’s the third work of just a 2-person team and I’m totally thrilled with their talent. It was actually the first time I was curious who the developers were, being so impressed with their games.

Foremost “Red Embrace” attracted my attention with astonishing artstyle. Everything is so beautiful in this game. I simply couldn’t take my eyes off the MC. He looks really gorgeous.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

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Sexy vampires, nuff said!

Now to fill in the review. But seriously, Red Embrace is a fine BL/yaoi visual novel even if it doesn’t do anything really special. It’s very short (for 3/4 routes) and as such works with compressed narrative and a pretty straightforward (if accelerated) romance, in that dark urban fantasy vein. But its strengths lie in very compelling atmosphere mostly weaved by stellar soundtrack and attractive visuals; and also in details, character interactions, sensual moments… How should I say; it’s very sexy without having any explicit content what-so-ever.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Red Embrace on Steam

Cursed Lands

Cursed Lands

An outstanding VN-RPG-quest crossover

I was expecting another bland, unnecessarily dragged out visual novel with uninspired, repetitive missions, but I was taken for a real treat here—kept replaying with different initial conditions (race, job, supporting character branching choice) over and over, enjoying every single play.

Visual Novel (VN) perspective: Story branching is rich and, as general VN WinterWolves titles go, you have an almost immediate option to go back—typically less than half a minute in gameplay, couple minutes or hours in the game world—to the last choice and change it to study other outcomes. I like this unique branching feature—it is like a quick time machine, or a very smooth and synoptic reload action that permits me to change my choice without having to repeat a known portion of play and grind once again.

Real player with 132.6 hrs in game

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I bought this game on sale, and I’m glad I did, it wasn’t worth the full price. I bought it because it was created by the same team who did Loren Amazon Princess, a game I loved. It’s unfortunate then, that this game is average at best. There are a few problems I have with this game that I feel affected my enjoyment of the game:

1. Characters/Romance

This is the big one, so i’m putting it first. The characters all had great introductions, and are really interesting. Unfortunately, the game screws this up deeply as it progresses. You don’t get to chose when to talk to the characters, their icon’s pop up when the game decides it’s time for their event to start, so you never truly get to know these characters beyond their surface introduction. The game prides itself on giving you romance options, and even advertises that you can trigger more then one romance scene. It isn’t hard, it’s like the game WANTS you to be a serial skirt chaser, and even when you do trigger these scenes, there’s no build up. Characters will spontaneously confess their feeling for you, claiming they always felt something for you. Your character will reply in kind, but you know this is false. Your POV character never felt anything of the sort, their lying.

Real player with 41.7 hrs in game

Cursed Lands on Steam

Love Notes

Love Notes

Waking up in an abandoned building, you have no memory of what transpired the night before. Adding to this mystery, you find your band is in shambles as most members split or leave.

Set in the same world as Love Bites, Love Notes lets you play as Rachel or Jesse, two musicians of the band Spectral Howl.

As time passes, they’ll start to feel strange, their bodies changing into something different after their night of amnesia. Long teeth, unnatural thirst, and a sluggishness during the day. Someone did this to them. But who, and why?

Try to solve the mystery of what happened that night, and who are they changing into.

During the story, both Jesse and Rachel will be able to romance one of the following characters:

  • Tristan, who runs the bar Nightshade and almost never go out during the day

  • Valerie, Tristan’s sister and sexy bartender who isn’t afraid of anything

  • Nathan, an ex-student of medicine who can commune with the spirit world

  • Zoe, apparently a regular librarian, in reality she has lived multiple lives

  • Kasumi, a media savvy girl who can adapt to any situation

Each love interest can be equally romanced by Rachel or Jesse, but each path is unique.

You’ll also encounter again some familiar faces from Love Bites as secondary characters, with various cameos and references. But it’s not necessary to have played it: they are two separate stories set in the same world.

Love Notes on Steam

Vampires' Melody

Vampires' Melody

Review with accompanying screenshots at Sinical Network

I recently received a beta key of this game for free from MyLifeforAiur as a translator and beta-tester for this game.

AsicxArt has released its 5th title on Steam for 2020 with Vampires' Melody, containing thriller, romance, fantasy and fan service. This visual novel features an apprentice chef Raylan Monroe, and a vampire girl Yella Lester. Raylan is gathering ingredients for his restaurant in the wilderness one day when he stumbles across a girl sleeping inside a tree who had taken shelter from a heavy thunderstorm.

Real player with 57.4 hrs in game

Great indie VN that could give an experienced developer a run for their money.

Vampire Melody….just another day browsing the steam store and saw this one sale, decided to try this one out and what do you know! another great find!. This is the fourth game made by an indie develop called AsicxArt which I never heard of before but now they’re are definitely on my radar.

Now about the game

In a nutshell the reason I enjoyed the visual novel was:

(+) Live 2D sprite

(+) Multiple endings

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

Vampires' Melody on Steam

Blood Code

Blood Code

Blood Code is part dating game and part mystery in a setting that gives nods to Harry Potter and Twilight. The plot is involved and has numerous unpredictable turns of events. Over time I found this to be an extremely good game with an intriguing story. I completed Christ’s (good) route and thought it was wonderful. Incidentally, in the spoken dialogue, he introduces himself and pronounces his name like Chris, while adding a slight “t” sound at the end. You can always call him Chris for short. ;)

Real player with 26.3 hrs in game

I got this Game gifted from a former friend and I am very thankful for it ♥

Blood Code is a Vampire Otome Game which personally I enjoyed very much and would go so far as to say, that its one of my favourite Games here on Steam. It has gorgeous Art, lovely GC’s, great music and a story to fall in Love with. This Game also is fully voice acted, but only in chinese, which you can turn off if you don’t like it.

Let me tell you that at first, it was rather odd listening to chinese but over time I got used to it and it was just another charming thing each character had.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

Blood Code on Steam

When The Night Comes

When The Night Comes

Before anything, I want to say - Gideon Emery (Finn’s voice actor)! He is my all time favourite voice actor - Fenris from Dragon Age, Balthier from FF12, Lor’themar Theron from World of Warcraft and many more. I really did not expect to hear his voice, I almost squealed when I heard it! Also, August’s voice actor (Jonah Scott) is AMAZING! I usually don’t like voice acting in indie VNs, but the voices are so good.

Game has a nice sort of mystery plot. It’s nicely written, doesn’t get boring and keeps you wanting to find out how it ends. Also the “bad ending” paths are well done.

Real player with 120.2 hrs in game

I give this VN 7.5/10

Pros: Beautiful character creations (especially Ezra, he’s unique, breathtaking witch)

Lovely voices (Finn, Erza, Alkar, August), although, Omen' voice seem a little off

Have a lot of romance options. When you officially engage in one romance route, things seem more focus, I like it better than dilly dally between them all in the initiation.

Full well spoiled by the end game and 3 mini stories after.

There are more missing parts make you want to play anew, and those beautiful galleries sure help make it interesting.

Real player with 44.0 hrs in game

When The Night Comes on Steam

Monster Prom

Monster Prom

This is the greatest game ever created. That’s my review

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

It is an amazing game. Great to play alone and with friends. The events and interactions are all very funny and me and my friends have just been having a blast playing this game nonestop. Please give it a try it is truly a little gem of a game

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

Monster Prom on Steam

Bloody Cruise

Bloody Cruise

Bloody Cruise is an adventure game where you play as a vampire travelling on an airship. Your task is to find the traitor and try not to succumb to your dark urges. In this suspense story you will explore the airship, talk to colorful characters on board and decide their future.


An airship departs on the seven-day cruise carrying numerous passengers and crew members. One of these passengers is Jack — a vampire who must find the person who has betrayed a powerful vampire organization. As a vampire, Jack is nearly consumed with the thirst for blood — and only you can decide the fate of the characters he meets.


  • Graphical style inspired by the masterpieces of adventure genre.

  • Riveting narrative.

  • Dozens of interesting characters from all walks of life.

  • Plenty of tough choices that will influence the development of the story.

  • Multitude of unique playthroughs.

Bloody Cruise on Steam

Hotel Tutwin

Hotel Tutwin

This game is truly one of the highest caliber visual-novels that I have read. It has a way of drawing you in with its attractive character designs and dragging you deeper into it’s intense character depth and lore. This game can only be compared to a game that I consider to be one of the greatest of all time, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The deep gameplay and visual elements created an experience that was truly one of a kind. The subtle hints of romance between the character was not only seductive and alluring, but made me extremely horny. My journey through this masterpiece reminded me of why I started playing video games, to get lost in a world full of mystery of wonder, to have my boring life enriched by sexy anime vampire boys wanting to fuck me in my sleep, to have my titties titillated by the pure erotic fantasies that this game teases.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game















Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Hotel Tutwin on Steam