Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard

I did like this game; however, I feel compelled to not recommend or endorse it for others, unless its on sale for a really good price, you want to entertain younger kids with a family friendly title.

The gameplay takes a little getting used to, I highly recommend keyboard and mouse for this one. The puzzles are also really good and well thought out so props for that. The unique impa minions you control is also a cool feature, switching between them to perform certain tasks to help you progress.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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9/10. there are bugs that can be fixed such as the game freezing with when pressing the steam overlay and others. But besides that wonderful game

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard on Steam

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites


-Fluid and fast-paced hack & slash 2D action

-Game supports up to 120fps

-It works fine on both keyboard and Xbox gamepad controller

-Laura Bailey and Troy Baker are back to play as Rayne and Kagan

-Game can now render sprites at true 4k resolution (3840 x 2160)

-Decent blood & gore physics

-You can now select difficulty between Classic and Standard when starting new game

-Combo attacks and Dash mechanic feels smooth, snappy, and responsive

-2D artstyle was perfect; I love the atmosphere, filled with enriched music

Real player with 714.3 hrs in game

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A lot like the good old Castlevania games with difficult platforming and all. If you get good with the shmoovement you can pretty much fly across levels and the combat is a lot of fun.

My main complaint is how slowly Rayne turns around. I can’t tell you how many times I try to turn around and shoot only for the turning animation to be canceled and shoot off screen. PLEASE devs reduce time to turn around by half and combat would feel great. Also adding the Japanese main menu art as an option would really put a chef’s kiss on the entire package.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites on Steam

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries

Well, Dracula seems to have grown quite a few inches since the previous games

But besides from that: Another great game In the series.

I still love it

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

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Great game; love the whole series

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries on Steam

Twice Reborn: a vampire visual novel

Twice Reborn: a vampire visual novel

If you crossed a vampire, would you protect humanity or embrace the blood?

In Twice Reborn, Mark Delaware a teaching assistant, becomes a newly-turned vampire in a community forced to hide in plain sight. His mentor, Michelson, has trusted Mark to become the Enforcer: a feared arbiter who keeps the quarreling vampiric houses following the Code. When arson kills key vampires in the community, it’s up to Mark to either embrace his blood or to find a way to–somehow–regain his humanity.

There Are Sacrifices to Make

Interacting with humans and vampires is a delicate balance. Not all appreciate Mark’s decision and not all relationships can last. Some want him dead, others want him for their own. Mark’s responses in the perilous community changes their reactions as well as the story’s routes/endings.

Survive the Night

Satiate Mark’s bloodlust, otherwise he may kill innocents. The opportunities for blood will not always be private nor moral.

Not all are who they seem to be.

Twice Reborn Features:

  • Listen to a fully voiced cast of 30+ characters (audio dialogue is in English)

  • Build a reputation among factions, earn friendships, and control Mark’s bloodlust

  • Experience a story with over 95,000 words

  • Arrive to 20+ possible endings

  • Experience a vampire drama with an optional romance and an apprentice to adopt

  • Unlock art through a CG gallery as you achieve milestones in the story

  • To be released for Windows and Mac

_Advisory Warning:

Contains flashing images, violence, moderate language, drugs/alcohol usage. Not suitable for all ages.

Help support in English only._

Twice Reborn: a vampire visual novel on Steam



Covenanted is a hand-drawn rogue-like with RPG elements and an original turn-based combat system

A contract with the devil is always a bad idea [/]

The heroine of Covenanted, bound by a contract with the Devil, is on a journey through the magical world. Pursued by the Inquisition and blackmailed by the Devil, she has to balance between light and darkness in order to gain the support of powerful allies and break the endless cycle of rebirth

Combat Alchemy [/]

The journey is full of dangers! As the game progresses, the witch collects recipes for unique potions and gathers ingredients to make her magic even more powerful. Each recipe has its own unique effect

Procedural generation [/]

The global map of Covenanted is generated for each session. The variety of locations, the number of opponents and the available rewards are selected in such a way that each race is different from the previous one

Visual style [/]

We pride ourselves on the visual style of the game. All the main elements were drawn with ink on paper and digitized. The world of Covenanted is growing, our artists are working on new characters and locations

Random events and story quests [/]

We want players to feel the impact of the decisions made in story quests throughout the game. Despite one true ending, the fate of the Covenanted side heroes remains in the hands of the player

Fairy Middle Ages [/]

When creating the world, we were inspired by the worlds of the fantasy genre, world folklore, myths and legends. In Covenanted, elves and werewolves live in the same world with the characters of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and ancient myths

Covenanted on Steam

Mega Monster Party - Multiplayer AirConsole

Mega Monster Party - Multiplayer AirConsole

LOVE this game! Horror and Mario Party combined, PURE PERFECTION!!

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Mega Monster Party is great to play with friends! I love the fact that you can use your phone as a controller, like this all your friends can join without having to buy expensive controllers. The input delay from phone to screen is non-existent which makes the experience very smooth and enjoyable. There are 40 minigames and 5 different & detailed maps, this makes the game very replayable. The minigames are somewhat easy to play against the AI but the challenge really comes when you play against (or with) your friends and this game is clearly meant to play in a multiplayer setting. If your friends aren’t around, playing with Parsec or Steam’s remote play works pretty well. I like that you can choose how many turns your game will have. Like this you can somewhat control the duration of your game which can be between 45 minutes and 3 hours for 1 map. I would go with something in the middle because you will not be able to see the full maps within 45 minutes. I adore the character design, all characters have their own animations and personality, I personally love Lupin (the werewolf) and Rowena (the witch). The price is great for what you get. Overall, I would recommend the game if you want to have a fun time with your friends or family and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money. The social aspect and accessibility is really what makes this game entertaining and worth giving it a try.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

Mega Monster Party - Multiplayer AirConsole on Steam

The Shadows Lengthen

The Shadows Lengthen

‘The Shadows Lengthen is a procedural, open-world, horror game running on the Blender Game engine.

What would it really be like to encounter a monster in the woods?

The only objective is to survive the night, by any means necessary.

Confront monsters & Cryptids from Myth and Legend, one on one in the woods!

Intelligent enemy AI

Monsters are rendered & programmed faithfully to their lore.

This is a game made entirely in the UP Blender Game Engine. That means I am not a big studio, I am just an individual who has, with the help of many other artists, been able to create an open world game.

All the assets in this game are unique. From 3D models and animations, to vehicles and audio, there is no stock art included in this project.

Please join me in celebrating what Blender and the UP Blender Game Engine can do!

The Shadows Lengthen on Steam

Spooky Bonus

Spooky Bonus

Spooky Bonus is a casual game that is set in a town called Old Town. This town has been haunted by an evil vampiress who is the cause of the strange things happening. It is up to you to take out the vampiress in various parts of Old Town by navigating the 100 levels of board matching 3s of candles, toads, cats, skulls and other enemies. Matching more than 3 of a kind results in bonus powerups that can be used to eliminate enemies on the board. Coins randomly come down to the board that will come in handy as part of the game’s currency.

Real player with 26.0 hrs in game


4/5 Stars - I am partial to spooky Halloween games, so this one grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. For me, this game is awesome! The whole ambience of the game is what made it for me. Grey Alien Games did a great job on this title, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good match 3 game.


Match 3, Casual, Time Management, Puzzle, Spooky, Indie, Single Player, Point & Click


Release Date: Oct. 2015 - Spooky Bonus has 100 levels, two game modes (which are Casual and Timed), and a need to decorate your spooky house with items you collect and buy along the way. Throughout the game the levels get progressively harder, especially when playing in Timed Mode. A match 3 game is exactly what it sounds like, match 3 like objects in a row and those matches disappear. Continue matching till the quota for an object has been met. Bonus items, and power-up items are also available to use.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Spooky Bonus on Steam

Spooky Speakeasy

Spooky Speakeasy

I just played this game once for my Twitch live stream ( and I am honestly surprised at the wonderful work the game devs have done with this game. I even started to get kinda emotional at 1 part of the game near the end. But I won’t spoil it for those who might still be interested in trying the game for themselves. I do hope there will be a sequel to this game (maybe like a continuation or maybe another type of drink combos/items or maybe a new set of stories/storylines). Only thing I’d suggest if there’s another game like this is… maybe add a drink menu to help those who have a harder time remembering drink mix combos. As for the characters, I think you might need more creatures to use seeing as most of them are just slime cubes just of different colors. But all and all… WONDERFUL game. If there were a rating system on Steam, I’d totally give this game and the game devs a perfect 10/10

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I enjoyed the game and I feel like if there were more character diversity and gameplay diversity it would be even better. Some features to include would be special effects, like a setting drinks on fire, pumpkin straws, or Yokai umbrellas these could be unmixable toppers. The gameplay needs more direction when allowing the character to make a drink. Maybe implement an alcohol book(witch spell book) that would serve as a guide the player should look through constantly and would fill it’s self out as the player progresses (like blank pages filling out). A notebook that the character keeps to the side would be helpful if the character would write down the ingredients already added so when mixing occurs, it would be easy to keep ahold of what’s been added. I’d say focus on the gameplay, most of all, due to it becoming repetitive really fast(good gameplay formula but needs for detail and things to do), and one way to make it a little more complex is to add specific measurements required for the drinks. Once the specifics were discovered, the spellbook should include itself, so the player doesn’t have to remember. For the colors used, I would like to see them more vibrant as possible along with making them even more appealing to look at(like maybe if you added eyes to a drink, you could see them floating throughout the drink after shaken). I also think a follow up game should include store customization. This customization should include chairs, tables, signs, door bells, jukebox that would rotate music, and many other things of the sort. I felt a little detached from the story which was okay for me because I found it more fun to just mix drinks. I liked the dialogs of hanging out with people after you close, but I felt it was a little pointless due to no rewards or interesting interactions coming of it. Also it didn’t make too much sense considering that it would be the first time I met someone and they were just fine with staying until close time just so I could talk with them. I feel that the conversations would work better as little conversations while you are making the drinks, after you served them the drink, or maybe quick time event interactions which would build up to staying till closing time. I would like to suggest a repeat customer progress bar that would fill up the more conversations you would have with a customer, and when filled to the max you could venture out of the shop to see more of the world you are living in. (cut scenes, or different locations for a dialog to be had) A cool detail if possible would be slightly changing the perspective in order to see our character actually reaching for the items we are using or at least adding animations for doing each action like hands and arms wrapping around reach object. After clicking an item it wouldn’t just be free moving but stay stationary while the cursor has a ghost version in it until clicked on pitcher(please add more interesting cups to the game).I feel the game could also use events that change up the gameplay like having to serve drinks during a storm, earthquake, flood, blackhole, raid, or anything to those extremes. Overall, this was a great game and I can see the potential.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Spooky Speakeasy on Steam

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

Welcome to the crumbling world of Karpathia where humans are the endangered species. Only the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team can protect humanity against the hordes of chaos.

Fight battles solo or with friends in this frantic gothic butt brawler, platform-brawling, co-op adventure for 1-4 players. Experience fast paced tactical combat as you battle a host of enemies, minibosses and giant bosses

Pick up, aim and kick everything you can lay your hands on - stunned foes, skulls, brains, rocks, cabbages or even friends

12 playable diverse gothic heroes to find, recruit and upgrade. Unlock and collect an array of usable scrolls, potions, weapons, traps, staffs, grenade bags and many other items

17 hand-crafted non-linear levels to explore across 3 vast regions. Lush, hand-painted artwork complemented by glossy VFX depicts an atmospheric world of ghosts, demons and ghouls that chills and charms

Coming soon

Skeleton Crew on Steam