Undead Souls

Undead Souls


beauty pixel art and so hard to win really, still="" playing="" here="" bizarre monsters with cool weapons

good for make a little competition with friends

my best score 57 –—and yours? /really,

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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An arcade twin-stick slash and shoot game that’s asset flipped from “Gun Brothers” and “Massive”.

My Gripes


Not broken, but has a long way to go to become something that sustains my attention for more than a few minutes of gameplay. At $10, I just can’t recommend it at this time.


Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Undead Souls on Steam

东方栖霞园 ~ Blue devil in the Belvedere.

东方栖霞园 ~ Blue devil in the Belvedere.

A fun, modern fangame based on the Touhou Project series. Similarly to Elegant Impermanence of Sakura, the previous work of the developers, there is a gimmick in this game too; the power overwhelming mechanic.

Regarding the mechanic, I feel using it during the stage portions makes the game a bit too forgiving. However, during the bosses it’s often the reverse. Activating the mechanic can make some of the nons/spell cards quite ridiculous, which is a fun challenge in of itself. This makes scoring in this game quite fun and challenging. One nitpick about the mechanic is that you can’t really opt out of it; misses are an automatic power overwhelming activation as long as you have bombs and max power. However, the game is designed around using the mechanic, so why one would want to play without it is beyond me. Regarding stage difficulty, it’s very linear, with the hardest parts being at the end of the game.

Real player with 46.3 hrs in game

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The latest fangame from 东方祈华梦制作组, their previous excellent fangame Eternal Impermanence of Sakura (from now on abbreviated as EIoS). Blue Devil in the Belvedere provides a more traditional Touhou experience (with power, point of collection)

The amount of gameplay and visual polish in this title is amazing. There are a lot of quality of life features to make it more enjoyable to play and help with visibility. Also present in this game is a health bar with numeric values, so you know exactly how well you’re doing during an attack. This health bar is visible for both spells and non-spells. The dialog and translation are vastly improved from their first game.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

东方栖霞园 ~ Blue devil in the Belvedere. on Steam



Here i am with another review


Massive is a top down shooter game for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. It is a pretty straight-forward game, you pick a character, pick a weapon, shoot aliens, repeat. You have a nice amount of alien weapons to choose from.


It is a pixel art style game, wich gives it a retro theme. It is beautifly drawn and high quality. Guns have good detail and characters have nice clothing,


You have 2 modes: Adventure and Survival. In adventure you kill aliens in order to get to the boss in each stage. Each stage has approximately 5 levels before the boss appears. Also to make it less repetitive, each level is randomly generated so everyone has a unique expirience. In survival… well the title says it all, kill endless waves of aliens until you die. Multiplayer is slowly being implemented but come soon.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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I’m really glad I ended up getting this game! ‘Massive’ is a blast to play! (No pun intended…lol) Good, quick action that keeps you on your toes…and it’s fun! Good for short-term and long-term play too…whichever sets the mood. Definitely recommend, and there’s frequent updates and GREAT developer who is awesome at communicating, as well as being very attentive to player comments. PLUS, there’s a group for the game, where you really get great insight into what the developer is aiming for (no pun intended…lol) in updates and player needs. Totally can’t miss (Again, no pun intended…lol) with ‘Massive’ on every level!!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Massive on Steam

Gun Brothers

Gun Brothers

Exciting and fun

Beautiful scenery and visual art. I played for a long time right the first time.

You can play for a long time without getting tired because the game changes all the time. the enemies are all over the map and each new corner is a surprise.

The game works well and is wonderful to have games like this online.

Some monsters are silly and others are aggressive leaving everything more fun.

The art is very well made and the colors please me a lot.

I recommend the game to anyone who wants to have fun and enjoy a good pixel art.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Do not buy this game. It has about 6 gun in total and is very buggy, sometimes the levels are broken and don’t end, other times the portal spawns in an non-accessible location. The game has about 3 different level themes and loops them over and over with no increase in difficulty. There is practically no progression system in this game. The multiplayer is also very buggy, but made for a so bad its good type of thing, kind of, but I also feel like that was just me making the best of buying a horrible game.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Gun Brothers on Steam