BloodLust Shadowhunter

BloodLust Shadowhunter

After 115 hours of gameplay I decided that it is time to write a small review about a well made classic WOD game.


In Bloodlust Shadowhunter you are playing a newborn fledgling woken up in the middle of some ruins. Having no idea about what has /is happening he starts seeking the meaning of his existence. Fortunately he got help by a voice that is talking and guiding him in the beginning.


In the very first minutes you can select to be a male or female vampire or a dhampir (ok, dhampir sounds funny). A Dhampirs is half vampire, half human, that means he is a bit weaker as a regular vampire, but he also requires less blood and is more resistant to fire, light and silver.

Real player with 117.9 hrs in game

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BloodLust Shadowhunter is one of those rare games where the gameplay loop is so good it alleviates the flaws of which any other game would painfully suffer from. It has a very rough entrance, but after enduring the first 30 minutes or so, when the main flesh of the game becomes exposed, it turns into a very addictive dungeon crawler that will keep you entertained for a good stretch of your pathetic mortal existence. Never has a vampire game felt so addictive that I literally cursed the sun as it rose to greet a new day, knowing I had to abandon my current crawl and spend the day with that slug of a so-called step mother.

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game

BloodLust Shadowhunter on Steam

Sunrise Tragedy

Sunrise Tragedy


After the onset of the Goliaths, humans and vampires take refuge inside an old, abandoned cathedral, where they attempt to live in harmony. The cathedral, once used as a monastery by a long-dead civilization, is not quite as safe as foolishly dreamt.


Sunrise Tragedy is an Action-RPG featuring fast-paced, stamina-based combat. Explore a vast cathedral with interconnected areas full of terrifying monsters. Unlock new abilities, called Vampiric Powers, which can aid you in combat and in exploration.

Engage in brutal combat with powerful foes. Dodge the enemy’s attacks with invincibility frames and make your own attacks when the timing is right. Use different moves depending on the situation to either stun the enemy by depleting their stamina, or go in for the kill by depleting their health.

Level up your stats in whichever way you desire. Use a wide variety of weapons, costumes, accessories, and spells to customize your own way of playing.

Interact with various NPCs to gain upgrades and buy from their shops. Form bonds with them to gain items and hear their philosophies amid the impending apocalypse.

This game also features an elaborate alchemy system, allowing you to brew potions that fit your build. You get a set amount of potions per spawn, and you decide the effects of the potion by choosing the ingredients. For example, a magic build may want to trade some health regeneration for MP regeneration, or in some areas you may want to include a cure for poison.

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Sunrise Tragedy on Steam

Vamp Night

Vamp Night

It’s an interesting idea. Sort of a stripped down Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. There aren’t many quests and little interaction/dialogue with the NPCs. The developer is adding new content and improving the game, so it’s a work in progress. You basically wander the city sandbox and try to balance feeding and avoiding sunrise as well as hunters while picking up money. You can also acquire a haven and decorate it.

The game is a little dark and it can be a little difficult to see in some areas (even with the games brightness turned all the way up). The hunters literally come out of nowhere, but it keeps you on your toes. You can’t fight them melee, but you can shoot them (and anyone else who attacks you) using a gun you pick up.

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

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The best Steam vampire simulator!

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Vamp Night on Steam

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless

Good story

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

A game to congratulate. The main character pulls you into the game either by the playability or with the story. The scenarios are diverse and wake up your attention - the music also. You can “play” with the time of the game and stay by the small games and quests inside of it. It’s fun. I love it.

I miss the times when games were made to leave something to the player. I miss games like this.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless on Steam

From Shadows

From Shadows












Real player with 23.1 hrs in game

A fun little game

No gamebreaking bugs

Not very challenging

Finishable on both classes within a few hours

  • The missing cloud save doesn’t hurt as much

Would buy again

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

From Shadows on Steam



Character action game with lightning fast action. Play as the badass femme fatale vampire queen, Lyss, and get ready to yell “This is not even my final form!”. Travel through time, destroy dinosaurs, aliens, robots and undeads with bloody stylish combos! Ride your motorcycle, manage your strip club!

Lyss, the Empress

Evil incarnate!

Lyss, the Demon

Master of demonic magic!

Lyss, the Vampire

Gorgeous, deadly!

Lyss, the Beast

Freak of nature!

Lyss, the Deadeye

Respected leader, dangerous gunslinger!

Lyss, the Slave

Burns with rage, insatiable lust for revenge!

Lyss, the Sacrifice

Poor little girl in a very dangerous situation!

Tentoria on Steam

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity

i really like the game just wish i had a better intel core and ram so it wouldnt be really laggy every so often but its still fun n i defiantly recomend the game great job dev keep up the good work

Real player with 40.3 hrs in game

Game looks promising but has a long way to go. Current version is good for a few hours of game play. Not worth buying at the moment, perhaps after a few more updates. Will keep game and see how it develops

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

The Dark World: Edge of Eternity on Steam

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Oh Rats! No I’m serious actually…and bats as well. Just like a bat out of hell Dracula has furry friends in both low and high places. Awaken from an extremely long eternal night and find some nice necks to chomp on. Whip your blood back and forth (Whip it real good). Explore Dracula’s back to the future adventure. Talk about a miserable pile of secrets. You are the prince of darkness! The dragon Dracul! What a terrible night to have a curse.

This is the direct sequel to Lords of Shadow 1, which was one of my favorite Castlevania games. It feels like you are playing a medieval version of God of War. If you liked the GBA/DS SoTN style Metroidvania ones you might not enjoy this one.

Real player with 62.1 hrs in game

I think I need to add this to the “games that most people hated which I actually enjoyed” list. Admittedly, I’m biased because I really dig Castlevania, enjoyed the first Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate, and am a sucker for the idea of playing as Dracula himself. But even at its most frustrating moments, Lords of Shadow 2 isn’t nearly as bad as Edge Magazine (which gave it a 4/10) or any of the other mainstream reviews would have you believe.

Bloodsucking awesome stuff:

  • I feel like combat’s speedier and more responsive than it was in the first Lords of Shadow, and there’s less reliance on quicktime events. This might have to do with the fact that I’m just more experienced with the combat system after playing through the first game and Mirror of Fate, but I had a lot of fun beating up some of the bosses, which leads me to the next point…

Real player with 42.0 hrs in game

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on Steam

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

When someone mention this game, SOMEONE will install it. That lucky person is none other than me. How about the game you ask; and the answer is simple. It’s really, really bad. This game is made on source engine, which is undoubtedly one of the best and maybe the best engine at 2000’s. Half-Life 2 made on this engine. And Portal. And Team Fortress 2. You get the idea, if you are going to make a game with a gun - this engine is the golden choice.

But somehow and somewhat, Troika games blew it. The one and only purpose of this engine, which is developing first-person shooter game, and they really blew it all over. Just pick a gun and shoot something. It’s notoriously bad. When you minimize the game, the alpha layers of textures will be gone and all you left with black squares. It doesn’t have widescreen support. It doesn’t support higher resolutions. This game aged so bad that it stinks like a rotten cheese.

Real player with 107.3 hrs in game

Следующая игра в нашей сегодняшней передаче заставит вас испытать такой ужас, который никто из ваших одноклассников никогда еще не испытывал! Вампиры, оборотни, вурдалаки, бандиты и просто полицейские - вот небольшой список нечисти, с которой вам предстоит столкнуться клык к клыку, нос к носу, кровь за кровь!

По несчастному стечению абстоятельств, вы становитесь представителем одного из вампирских кланов. Какого? Решать только вам. Ваш выбор будет напрямую влиять на дальнейшую судьбу персонажа, его повадки и положение в обществе, как вампирском, так и человеческом. Не забывайте, где находитесь, и следите за манерами, дабы не нарушить священный маскарад! Кормитесь только тайком или в специально отведенных местах, иначе не сдобровать! Пытаясь выжить в этом жестоком обществе старайтесь не забывать, кто вы есть, осторожно выбирая себе союзников.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on Steam



The character customization alone makes this game worth the price of admission. But, if you don’t like souls-likes and the honestly pretty generic story and characters don’t entice you, this game is a hard sell. The game is honestly very pretty and the costumes are sick, though. Plus, if you don’t like souls-like games because of the difficulty, this one’s relatively easy when you have an ai companion with you. But real gamers play without a companion after the first playthrough. Anyway, i recommend this game while its on sale for anything above, say, %25.

Real player with 65.2 hrs in game

Pretty nice anime Soulslike. I just finished the main story, played all the depths maps which are some lite equivalent of the Chalices in Bloodborne (except one i guess) and even beat the first of the 3 DLC’s called Hellfire Knight ( i was/am level 159 and it was still F’ing hard).

Apart from the difficulty of the DLC the rest of the game was not really as hard as i expected it to be based on what i read about this game, but very pleasant and fun to play anyway. Pretty similar to Nioh when it comes to enemy placement/ambushes.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

CODE VEIN on Steam