Ambition of the Slimes

Ambition of the Slimes

The first thing you should know about Ambition of the Slimes if you are considering picking it up is that although it is a strategy RPG, the emphasis is much more on the “strategy” than the “RPG”. Grinding will only help you so much; far more important is choosing the right slimes and making the right moves. If this sounds too stressful, then you may want to seek out another game (however, please note that there is an Easy difficulty which I didn’t touch– I stuck with Normal, plus replayed some levels on Hard and did a few Challenges– so YMMV).

Real player with 42.2 hrs in game

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very disappointed, the game is not balanced to give a fair difficulty to the player. Even easy mode will kick your ass. Enemies are too much powerful and, for reasons, some of them will be difficult to “claim”. Also you have very weak slimes, leveling them up is not very helpful, and you get new species randomly. Also in some levels you have a limited number of slimes vs hordes of enemies.

And…. seriously, why, for all the reasons in the world, the tutorial explains you how to use a very important slime with the stickyness ability, but when the tutorial ends you don’t have that slime anymore and you can’t find that anywhere? Why?

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

Ambition of the Slimes on Steam

Build & Battle

Build & Battle

I love this game so much!! 8,7/10

This game is a underrated masterpiece which more people need to try out and support!!

Let me go though the pro’s and con’s:


-Amazing Art style that kinda reminds me of Age of Empire’s when it first came out (1999)

-It’s a traditional Tower Defence type game

-The game mechanics are really smooth and easy if you can adapt to it..(more on that later) which prefer of the game, that the game will let you learn on your own

-No in game purchases

-Super Fun and rewarding, you feel real progress when you succeed in a level

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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Works in Proton.

This is actually pretty fun - I’m sad this was never fully completed/left prototyping.

There’s a lot not explained: Towers that are level 2 and higher have abilities you can cast for AP.

Catapults have to be rotated (Also, their graphic made me think they were just some rocks on the ground)

But even so, I’m really enjoying this little game. I’ve never seen a turn based tower defense, and while it certainly has a few bugs (Occasionally a unit will get stuck in an invulnerable, untargettable, non-moving state causing you to restart the game.) I still think it’s worth giving a try.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Build & Battle on Steam

M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration

M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration

I’e always liked this game. I’ve played it +1000 hours on a different account.

It’s very simple, easy to learn, a lifetime to master.

5 different types of humans, plus a pod species much like Alien(s). You can choose or do it random. Six different maps. 1-on-1 up to 5-on-1. You can call it a city builder, but then again, you could call Napoleon an adventurer.

Never plays the same way twice.

Real player with 322.3 hrs in game

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DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Having played the original M.A.X., which was brilliant, I thought that I would try M.A.X. 2. Game loaded OK and it took a little time to work out what the differences from the original game were. This resulted in me taking about 1 1/2 hours to get to turn number 36 when the game crashed. It had done an automatic save at turn 35 so started the game again and again it crashed. I then checked that my system was compatible with the program, loaded it up again and tried a different scenario. It crashed again around turn 30. After two more scenarios and crashes I had spent 4hours trying to get it to work and thought that a refund was in order. Of course steams rules say so refund after 2 hours. How on earth do they expect people to test a game, that always crashes, in two hours. The game should be taken off their site until the software anomalies have been rectified.

Real player with 143.6 hrs in game

M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration on Steam

Bring Death

Bring Death

Revenge your loved ones - No matter what it takes, and no matter how much suffering you have to inflict!

  • Travel the lands, to gather units and resources

  • Build an army strong enough to defeat your enemies

  • Tactical turn-based strategy

Bring Death on Steam

Archons of Doom

Archons of Doom

This can be a fast paced game, but if you are very crafty you can slow it down and make it yours, but you will have to have worked on your skill with your spells and any objects you may find.

You can think you are winning and then BAM you are lost! Very good challenging game play by the enemy Archons, they’ll trick you and surprise you with their antics!

A very very addictive game. You lose so you want to try again, you win so you want to better your score. Very repeat playable. I Beta tested this but there were times I loaded this up just to play it anyway as it is that good!

Real player with 306.7 hrs in game

This is in the top 10 games of any turn-based game on the market. I is in my top 20 of all turn-based game I’ve played, ever. It takes a while to hone one’s skills, but that is the fun of the game. I was fortunate to beta-test the game and subsequently I learned a bunch about the mechanics. However, the finished and polished game is even more challenging, despite me knowing several of the maps.

We can also create our own Archons! Having played around 175 hours when this specific feature was added, I thought, “oh, I’ll mop up with my hand-designed Archon along with a hand-picked team. Nah. Wrong. This game is challenging. There is always another Archon with minions that counter your advantages.

Real player with 187.1 hrs in game

Archons of Doom on Steam



Endhall’s description - a ‘byte-sized roguelike’ - encompasses exactly what this game is.

It easily serves as a stepping stone for those unfamiliar with the genre, whilst still being enjoyable for those who are well-versed in it. The learning curve is not steep, but the game does a fine job of making you reflect on what you could have done better. It took me about 40 or so minutes to beat the game, which is completely fair given the price. A run consists of beating 9 stages, and a successful run could end up being about 15 or so minutes.

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Endhall is a turn based rogue like puzzle, with retro graphics and atmospheric chiptune inspired music.

The game in itself is quite simple (but there is no help, so I will describe it here): you play a robot fighting against other robots, you have 8 “health points” (labelled “energy meter”) and 4 “action points” (labelled “CPUs”). The action points are used to perform actions (like attacking, moving, etc.), and refill every turn; while health points decrease by various amounts when hit, or by one after the end of every turn (to prevent the player from camping) and are replenished by one for every ennemy death.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Endhall on Steam



Conquer the World! Let your strategy skills talks, weaken your opponents, and break a leg to get the best luck!

Occupy resources to build the strongest country much faster. Build Castles, Armies, Factories, and Embassies to greater your power and defense your country.

Arosia blends strategy with luck but does this with a well-balanced system. Take risks, use your tactics, and try to win.

Arosia inspired from a non-named basic paper game that creators played in High Scool. You’ll have square lands, you’ll

Arosia on Steam

Gunslingers & Zombies

Gunslingers & Zombies

plays well once you figure out the goals - no idea how to save progress though

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Całkiem miła i relaksująca gra. Grafika prosta, kreskówkowa - pasuje do lekkiego klimatu gry. Interfejs intuicyjny, przyjazny. Jak na razie nie napotkałem na żadne bugi. Po przejściu pierwszych kilku plansz, jak na razie trochę brakuje głębi strategicznej. Miałem czasem wrażenie, że wystarczy po prostu iść przed siebie i strzelać. Ale może powinienem poczekać i pograć kilka kolejnych plansz, zobaczymy wtedy.

Jak na razie daje łapkę w górę - gra bez jakiegoś wielkiego szału, ale można dla relaksu popykać,

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Gunslingers & Zombies on Steam

Stones Keeper

Stones Keeper

In this classic turn-based strategy game, you will control a flying castle and control elite warriors in the campaign for the Order of the Screaming Griffin!

The game already includes:

— Campaign for the Order of the Screaming Griffin, including 45 missions (15+ hours)

— several story endings

— castle battles mode, where you can choose one of 4 available sides

— the ability to play with your friends using Remote Play Together in castle battles mode or local battles (up to 3 players)

  • Control your own flying castle.

  • Take part in the campaign for the Order of the Screaming Griffin against the forces of the undead that have invaded your provinces.

  • Hire units, gain experience during battles, use it to distribute talent points and increase the level of your fighters.

  • Make alliances with other factions inhabiting your world.

  • Upgrade your castle and develop its systems.

  • Try to penetrate the secrets of the world around you.

Lead your castle deep into the cursed lands. Explore every corner of your kingdom. Pay special attention to the ancient ruins that you will come across from time to time, perhaps they will help restore some of the lost technologies.

Save up resources to develop your castle and hire new warriors.

Development phase of the player’s castle:

As you develop your castle, you will open up new opportunities for hiring mercenaries, equipping your warriors with weapons, armor and elixirs. You will also get the opportunity to improve and develop all the main systems of your castle, such as support systems for your units on the battlefield, defense systems and attack systems.

In this phase, you will directly control your warriors to suppress any type of resistance. Defend the churches of your order, accompany carriages with civilians, lay siege to castles, explore ancient ruins in search of the remains of information about the world.

Games and universes that inspired us:

Age of Wonders series (TBS), World of Warcraft (MMO), Heroes of Might and Magic series (TBS), Warhammer Fantasy universe and many, many others.

Stones Keeper on Steam

Tactical Combat Department

Tactical Combat Department

Definitely recommend this game. As many have said, it takes inspiration from games like SWAT, Doorkickers and Xcom. What I find most unique is the shooting system that doesn’t work on a % chance based on stats (like most turn based games). Instead it randomises where the bullets go based on the weapon and experience of the shooter. Think doorkickers in this aspect, meaning you may hit something between you and the target, or even hit something behind them. The unique part comes in this being a turn based game using that system. I personally haven’t seen something like that before.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Good game! It’s an innovative tactical game with Swat theme in turn based design. You can work with 5 members in your team. In this game is interesting weapon fire system. It’s based on skills of your member and accuracy of weapons. But projectiles fly from weapons, you can hit other civilians or your team member. This is good!

Price is very friendly and fair! Recommended!

If you like Doorkickers and you want to play another Doorkicker’s game, play Doorkickers. If you want to play xcom or big turn based strategy with base building play Xcom, Xenonauts etc. But if you want to play something new and interesting, play this small but interesting game.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Tactical Combat Department on Steam