Secret Government

Secret Government

I really want to like this game, and in a lot of respects I do. I actually wish Steam had a middle option between the binary of recommend: yes/no, and the last thing I want to see is the devs give up on this due to negative feedback. However, I’m sure most people would be disappointed by the game in its current state, so “no” it is.

It’s a great concept and it has a lot of promise, but the game is incredibly game breakingly buggy and there are some very obvious gaps where development just never caught up to what was planned. The developers have stated their intentions to keep working on the game, and I really hope I can rewrite this review into a recommendation at some point. Outside of the issues, what the devs were going for is very apparent, and I would love to see it more fleshed out. There is one circumstance in which I would recommend this game that I will include at the bottom of the review.

Real player with 90.4 hrs in game

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Let me level with you: this is a thinking person’s game. Though its aesthetics reminds one of the Europa Universalis games, if you lack the patience to tackle your goals in a subtle, clandestine way, you will suffer. Unlike the EU games, you cannot simply go up to a ruler and order them to go to war with another country, nor can you simply go to the citizens and order them to support your newly created political party. In fact, it is best if neither are aware of your existence at all as they will crush you if their Awareness of your Brotherhood is high enough and it doesn’t necessarily have to reach 100 first for them to start weakening your Brotherhood.

Real player with 54.4 hrs in game

Secret Government on Steam

Codename: Mystery Babylon

Codename: Mystery Babylon

The rich and powerful across nations have found one common ground: control. Unbeknownst to most, hidden powers collude in the shadows; waging war to gain profits, passing laws to fit their agenda, and pacifying the masses.

Your guild is unwittingly thrust into this tale of intrigue. Explore the depths of this corruption and attain forbidden knowledge in the hopes you can survive. Will you lead your fledgling guild to success and learn the ultimate truth?

What is the true source of magick?

Upcoming Features

Guild Home Base Management

Become a high-ranking guild, a force to be reckoned with. Upgrade and renovate your guild hall through a series of immersive and intricate management mechanics.

Dueling System

Fight in tournaments across the known world for reward and glory! A duel is not always fought in contest. There may be times with no other options left to settle disputes - or perhaps times you simply wish to impress.

Influence-based Relationships

Watch your relationships flourish or falter. Face the consequences of your actions, as those around you are shaped by the choices you make.

Reputation & Renown

A guild is nothing without its reputation. Earn influence with certain factions or towns through a multitude of ways. Have the freedom to complete guild quests, fight in local tournaments, and more.

Guild Quests

Witness your guild rise to greater heights, increase your rank and meet more dangerous foes who wish to topple your success.

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Codename: Mystery Babylon on Steam

Evil Cult

Evil Cult

Evil Cult gives the player control over a Cult which tries to take over key figures in society to spread its influence and complete the Final Ritual, before any of the competing cults.

Generators generate resources, making them an obvious prime target for expansion, yet the easier (cheaper) to influence Adepts increase the probability of gathering Virgins, which serve as resource wildcards and are of course necessary for rituals as a sacrifice.

Sects within the cult allow for some optional micro-management. However, the player’s attention is mainly directed at the expansion on the map, resource balance, and awareness of the Investigator.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

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This game represents a very niche and rare computer game genre: the cult simulator. There are only two games I know of in this genre: 1. Evil Cult, and 2. Cults and Daggers, which is also available on Steam. This game has great potential, and is being improved with expansion sets. I highly recommend this game, which also has an excellent soundtrack.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

Evil Cult on Steam

MesetaMiner (CodeName)

MesetaMiner (CodeName)

If you had a million dollars would the world be yours? Or what if you have a hundred million? Or what about a Billion? This is old fools power. This will not give you complete power over the world. The goal is not to make a lot of money - the goal is to get control of the money. CREATE THE MONEY and give it value. Play the game like the Federal Reserve and Artist.

Have you always dreamed of achieving international influence and making infinite money? Now you can achieve the dream of billions and earn influence, wealth and respect. Earn your billions during the crypto era.

MesetaMiner(codename) is an crypto simulator in which you can become the most successful “Business Man/Woman” in the world.

Create and buy new technologies, expand production, fund wars for profit, buy and build real estate.

MesetaMiner(codename) Features:

  • thought provoking questions

  • detailed constant changing economy

  • the elaborated logic of changing relations between business and security

  • the possibility of organizing the production of millions, billions, trillions of crypto currency

  • investments, giving out loans and development of real-estate

  • a dynamically changing exchange for trading/business

MesetaMiner (CodeName) on Steam

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

I knew going into YIIK that it was a bad game. I’d heard all about how the developers were serial plagiarists who stooped to the level of stealing a song from Shadow of the Colossus for their previous game, Two Brothers. I’d heard about how they plagiarized Haruki Murakami and a random educational website in this game, and then put up an incredibly bitter bibliography that they hid in the corner of the “Press Start” screen. I’d heard that it was badly written and that the gameplay sucked. Then, I decided to do a screenshot Let’s Play of it.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game



“Sarcasm and jokes were often the bottle in which clinical depressives sent out their most plangent screams for someone to care and help them.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Where do I start?

I played this game, on stream ( ) on the recommendation of someone who I thought was my friend, until I actually decided to play the game. I don’t know why he would want to hurt me like that, it just doesn’t make sense. Why, Dan? Why would you make me suffer through this, DAN? There is a man in a room with a gun, but that’s a story for another day. ANYWAY. Yes, I played this game, in its entirety, on stream, which is frankly the only reason why I am able to say that I finished this game. Let’s get down to it, shall we? Anyone who has played this game is probably already having flashbacks to all of the unnecessary monologues they had to endure, without reading this stupid fucking preamble to a review that will say nothing you haven’t read or heard before, couched in more articulate terms. But let this be a warning to anyone who might still interested in buying, or playing the game. The whole game reads like this preamble. You have been warned. Now, let’s actually get into it.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG on Steam

Clickdraw Clicker

Clickdraw Clicker

I guess i’ll review this since the achievements i haven’t get are those which are almost impossible to get.

My playtime: 113.8h (based on steam, 100% achievements. you should get it faster if you follow the script in my guide though.)

Grindy Achievement: Yes (8 achievements).

Optional Achievement: Yes (169 achievements).

Difficult Achievement: Yes (3 achievements).

Developer Response: No (last response is in 24 Mar, 2017).


Clickdraw Clicker is a RNG game where you have to kill your enemy by guessing which slot the enemy hides in while avoiding the slot that the enemy is likely to shoot. If, by any chance, you think that this is a clicker game like me, then you’re mistaken. It’s not that clicker game where you upgrade stuffs and reset them at some point.

Real player with 113.8 hrs in game

Little clicker game, where the player takes on several western shootout duels against different opponents.

It comes down to a lot of clicking and mouse travelling. Very tedious and time consuming to get all 216 achievements for a perfect game. Luckily there is a script made by Deathifier!, that plays for you.

“Great work @Deathifier!

Your guide & script allowed me to achieve a perfect game, with easy and simplicity. A game i would not have attempt to perfect otherwise.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Clickdraw Clicker on Steam



FINALLY a stock trading game that actually works. I have tried a dozen of these types of games and this is the only one that works correctly. That is why I had post here. I have been playing it for over a month now and I have had no problems with it. Most like real world game so far. A great learning tool. I did have an issue when I tried to start the game for the first time, but support got it working for me pretty quick and easy. The instructions to resolve the issue were integrated into the game! Top notch game and customer support.

Real player with 64.0 hrs in game

Thumbs up for fast and extremely helpful support. If the game starts with an error they will give you a quick fix.

The game is relatively simple. You choose your start amount, look through some stocks conveniently named in similar fashion to real companies and read the scrolling news as you “end your turn” and continue to buy and sell accordingly. No tutorial so navigating the beginning portions may take a 5-10 minutes to look through all the options. With only 20 mins played I haven’t gotten into the subtleties just yet. However I was very impressed by the customer service!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game


Evil Bank Manager

Evil Bank Manager

An interesting and novel idea ruined by a lack of execution. There is the base of a great game here, but as is I cannot recommend it and, given the chance again, would not buy it.

The issue with EBM is that, beyond the early game, the gameplay loop becomes insanely tedious.

In the early game, you are given a small amount of money and given the oppertunity to buy a “banking license” in a country from anywhere in 14th century Europe, North Africa, or Asia. You can invest in logging camps, real estate, farms, and luxuries like furs and gemstones and will receive their produce on the next turn. You can then sell the items, craft weapons to sell out of wood or iron, or hold onto them until the price is better. You can lend money, send out guards to retrieve loans that were not paid back, and use all the profits to buy more investments.

Real player with 40.1 hrs in game

Evil Bank Manager is clearly an attempt to remove the sometimes mundane task of moving military units around the map from a grand strategy role-playing game. In that one aspect, they succeeded; in most other aspects, they fail.


I’m retracting my con about the locks on the “exchange” page. They work with the “sell all” buttons but not the manual “sell” button.


A few.

  • The ocean water effect was an interesting optical illusion – a crazed glass image with a translucent background that slides with the continental map above a second image of blue clouds. This is a nifty trick that cuts down on draw calls. I didn’t even notice it until around hour twenty.

Real player with 36.5 hrs in game

Evil Bank Manager on Steam