ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue

It’s a genuine work of passion presenting the cybersecurity world and profession in a gamified way. It can be used as a training tool for sure, but it’s even more than that. Personally, I think it’s a great strategy game. It’s an experience allowing you to hone the intelligent strategy of the always target prioritizing mind. The graphics and music is gorgeous. The mechanics and features sometimes contain a few bugs, but the developers of the game are generally responsive to bug reports over Discord. Your opinions and ideas can shape the game as well, as you can request a feature too.

Real player with 236.1 hrs in game

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I have over 20+ years in the IT field and 15+ years in Information Security or Cyber Security. Experience from desktop support, server support, setting up networks, configuring firewalls and hours upon hours of standing on server room floors when a configuration change went sideways. Now I work in Risk Management and Governance Risk Compliance implementing the NIST RMF and now CSF. I have also worked as an IT Auditor and Security Controls Assessor.

I haven’t read too many of the comments but I would understand if reviewers first impressions of the game as “overly simplistic” or “not reality”. And I cannot argue the first point but I would not discount the game as learning tool. What this game provides, at it’s essence, and captures is the constant challenge or struggle the IT industry faces on a day to day basis. IE patch management; social engineering; SDLC; etc.

Real player with 111.2 hrs in game

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue on Steam

Midnight Protocol

Midnight Protocol

I don’t have many games in my library - I’m quite picky in my tastes. I’m not usually one for hacking games but the Demo left me wanting more. After 22 enjoyable hours, I’m evidently happy to have added this game in my library. I waited to give this revieuw untill I finished the story for the first time - It will certainly not be the last. I’ll take some time to revieuw a few aspects of the game that might interest you most:

Gameplay/Mechanics: 8/10

A game is nothing without gameplay, and a hacking game sets a promise: it will not be just ‘a game’ - but one with depth, complexity, and decision making. To achieve this, Midnight protocol structures its gameplay around levels that feel like a labyrinth or puzzle. A Digital dungeon, if you will. To get around the various obstacles such as firewalls, encrypted nodes and ‘antagonistic’ system operators that chase you down you get access to hardware you can tailor to your playstyle, as well as a host of programs each with their own up- and downsides. You quickly learn how to balance them carefully, using fairly easy commands to allocate memory to the programs you need in order to finish the level. Suffice to say, Midnight protocol nails the hacker-feel you’ll expect. It is not all roses and sunshine of course - there is quite a reliance on RNG to many of the mechanics of the game that can make you second guess your decisions while they are actually fine, or save you when you know you had no right to make it. Aside from that, i found myself at times trying a level, finding where the hidden obstacles were, and avoiding them alltogether once I got to reload the level. This was- at times-unavoidable, and felt wrong. I’ve since noticed that these hidden obstacles are slightly randomized, at least in some levels, which alleviated this somewhat. Perhaps the developers could not just list potential ICE, but also include a map at the beginning of the mission (once you enter a mission you see the layout anyway, except in rare instances), that does not show the obstacles, but layout of the nodes beforehand. With this information I feel I personally would not have had to reload to adapt my strategy as much as I did.

Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

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🔵Ultimately MP is a puzzle game running under the guise of a hacker game.

🔵Each Network is a puzzle, and you must defeat the puzzle using commands & tools.

🔵MP could be considered a Lightweight Hacker game which introduces turn-based gameplay

🔵Has some additional unique and impressive gameplay mechanics.

🔵I was instantly Immersed by the story and the characters.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

Midnight Protocol on Steam

Nightfall Hacker

Nightfall Hacker

I have played Nightfall Hacker to full completion, down to all of its achievements and all of its endgame content.

I find it to be a very good game with a decent amount of content.

While it is certainly not hard, the game’s AI is quite effective and a lot smarter than the AI of the game it is inspired by. It might not be as coordinated or as strategic as a human player and it doesn’t always know the most effective moves, but it’s not that easy to fool under most circumstances either. For instance; you have to learn how the AI thinks in order to get certain strategies or tactics to work the way that you want them to.

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

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Very fun! A faithful recreation of The Nightfall Incident, but I’m glad the game goes the extra mile and includes new maps and units as well. I particularly liked the new Architect, Zombie, and Trojan Horse units

Real player with 22.8 hrs in game

Nightfall Hacker on Steam

Leak Elite

Leak Elite

I will play more soon but I said I would check out the game after I finished my exams and I stuck to it. I really enjoy it. Thank you very much for making this game it is really good. It is definitely worth the money. Also thanks the the untrusted avatar :).

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Leak Elite on Steam

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Explore the dystopian cyberpunk future of 2231 as you command a company of shadow mercenaries working for the highest bidder. Cyber Knights wraps a world full of consequential story choices and significant character development around a rich core of classic and new mechanics. The game combines tactical elements like stealth, hacking and tense combat with strategic features like base building, contact management and in-depth squad customization. Cyber Knights invites you to jack in and explore a unique cyberpunk world and the immersive, human stories of your merc team in the dark future of 2231.

  • Turn-based Tactics: Deep and tactical gameplay using a turn-based, gridless third-person combat simulator. Cover! Overwatch! Recoil!

  • Dynamic Cyberpunk Story: Unique interwoven narrative with depth, meaningful player choices and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Create your own story reminiscent of pen and paper cyberpunk RPGs

  • Sophisticated Missions: Combine stealth, hacking and combat across multi-stage missions. Gain pre-mission advantages from Contacts

  • Endless Builds: Experiment with endless combos of Jobs, cyberware, weapons and gadgets to build the perfect team

  • Evolving Characters: Your team evolves as the story, your choices and battle leave lasting wounds, add Traits and threaten to strip their humanity

  • Safehouse Base Building: Construct a custom safehouse and upgrade rooms such as weapon shop, hund kennel and medical bay.

Cyber Knights strikes a unique tone with a futuristic setting that has passed through the messy near-future to arrive at dystopian 2231. Man-made environmental disasters have ravaged our biosphere. Artificial consciousness has been created, subsequently murdered, and then strictly outlawed at a global level. Megacorporate colonies and research stations dot the solar system from Venus to Jupiter. Quantum computing has radically altered the digital landscape and the very meaning of privacy and digital security.

The game’s threaded stories originate from both inside and outside your team – weaving together threads from your hired mercenaries, criminal connections and history that just won’t die. These stories operate on three interconnected and at times overlapping levels – personal stories (your team), contact stories (your employers) and event stories (city-wide).

And every choice you make and mission you run will impact your character’s permanent Traits, changing them in both subtle and big ways. Their stories and your choices combine to create a unique narrative for every game, every Knight and every team.

The second game our studio created, Cyber Knights RPG, took hundreds of thousands of gamers on an gritty cyberpunk roller-coaster, trying to get rich or go down shooting. The classic Cyber Knights has always had a huge following within our community and we are xcited to come back to the world and stories we started creating there so many years ago with an all new game, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

We’re weaving together the genre’s classic themes with the unique setting and history of Cyber Knights to create some of the most cutting, gripping and human stories we’ve ever told. Betrayal, sacrifice, trading away humanity for an advantage, living fast and dying young, revenge and testing the bonds of friendship and trust – it’s all here under the New Boston dome.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint on Steam

Maya’s Dice

Maya’s Dice

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game! The puzzles are interesting, the dialogue is fun, and the liar’s dice is addicting. I’ll probably end up adopting this dice game when I go gambling with my friends!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

This game is awesome! The story is super interesting and liars dice as a core mechanic was surprisingly fun! I felt myself getting better at predicting and understanding my opponents as the game progressed. I’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys outsmarting you opponents in games of luck and skill

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Maya's Dice on Steam



This game is something truly special. It’s smart and sophisticated, with fabulous yet understated art and music. The gameplay is very satisfying, and it makes me feel like an evil mastermind even when I lose! Play this game, you won’t regret it.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Oversight on Steam

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars is a programming game.

And also turn-based strategy game.

Write your codes, click build button.

And then every turn your codes will become your (team’s) units.

Units will fight automatically with AI.

and your goal is to destroy enemy’s base with sending units.

For Beginners, (both Of this Game Or Programming)

Please progress tutorial in game.

Yes, Year 2020! Happy New Year!!

4SIRW is real programming game for year 2020.

You may need to prepare 4th industrial revolution.

*You Are Not Prepared.

So playing this game, you will learn programming.

And you can enjoy programming.

… May the 4th be with you.

Codeyounglings apologize for delaying launch.

Actually Codeyounglings is 1 indie game developer.

I am trying to do all but there are too many of them.

I hope that you understand me and don’t confuse me as the masters or something.

I planned new scheduled release date as TBD

But I’ll do everything not to launch too late.

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars on Steam



So I found this game in my qeue (a bit by surprise). And since I really like political-sim and strategy games, I decided to give it a try. Yes, it is really early access but under it’s surface is a good strategy game. You have to constantly run polls and ads, so you win over a state on several topics. But at the same time keep an eye on your money. First few turns took a bit of figuring out what to do, but after that I found the perfect strategy. Won my first game fairly easy with 430 - 108 electoral votes. I do hope they add more elements so there’s more gameplay.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Good game in development. A bit pricy for the state it is currently in now, but I trust that as updates come out and it leaves Early Access, the game will be higher quality. Definitley a good game if you’re into political stragety.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Electioneering on Steam

Quantum Protocol

Quantum Protocol


  • Game is incredibly cheap for the sheer amount of entertainment it offers.

  • The gameplay is completely unique and will feel both fresh and familiar if you’ve played YGO or other TCGs.

  • Everything from visuals to music to UI hit a very good standard that lets it blend in the background as you play.

  • The game still receives frequent update with a developer very receptive to feedback.


  • Learning an entirely new set of skills can feel a little arduous at the start.

  • The ‘fail until you succeed’ logic surrounding the game can make things feel a tad hopeless.

Real player with 76.0 hrs in game

Full Disclosure: I received a copy of the game to playtest during development. You can even fine me in the credits as “SaruRoku”!

Quantum Protocol is first and foremost, a Cardgame, with a story that’s presented in a visual novel style.

The visual novel elements do string along a fun, but mostly lighthearted story, without any of the “choices” that would make a visual novel game, but they do provide levity and a change of pace after most stages, as well as giving you some insight to the various characters who’s decks each follow their own themes.

Real player with 71.2 hrs in game

Quantum Protocol on Steam