not bad. I wish there was a way to turn the music off or at least lower the music volume without also lowering the sound effects.

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

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Good game. Addictive.

  • unusual gameplay

  • fast paced action

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

SPACE BATTLE: Humanity on Steam

USC: Counterforce

USC: Counterforce

USC: Counterforce is a turn- and squad-based, tactical sci-fi strategy game, the direct sequel both story- and gameplay-wise to Ultimate Space Commando (“USC” for short), taking up on the events where USC ended. As a high-ranking naval officer of United Space Command, you’re tasked to lead a 3-ship strike force back to planetary body M-8322–the scene of the original Wraith Incident–to investigate and neutralize the remainders of a still mostly unidentified alien threat. But what you find there may very well change the course of history forever…

The “original USC gameplay” returns with a brand new engine with realistic, top-down 3D graphics, an improved and modernized user interface, and partially redesigned, even more in-depth combat mechanics.

Main Features

  • FIELD TACTICS REDEFINED: An in-depth, RPG-lite game system with complex character attributes and skills, detailed combat mechanics, and elaborate inventory management fuels the turn-based tactical core of the game, enabling you to truly customize your forces and face the threats as you want. Train and equip your marines according to your tactics with a class-free, yet versatile skill system allowing for many powerful builds and combinations.

  • LIVING ENVIRONMENTS: Fight and explore through fully interactable and destructible, varied, multi-layered environments with useful, realistic mechanics: rearrange the battlefield, build barricades, avoid and exploit environmental hazards, lay traps, trigger chain reactions, seal airlocks, or break through walls–but be aware, your enemies can also do so! The combinations of hazardous elements and effects open up even more tactical possibilities and dangers.

  • DETERMINE THE FATE OF HUMANKIND: Take command and lead your fleet in the story-driven, semi-randomized, multi-ended Campaign mode, where your tactical tasks are accompanied by detailed management of your planetbase installation, the making of life-changing, narrative strategic decisions, and defending the fleet and the relay station to Earth.

  • INFINITE REPLAYABILITY: Discover the other games modes: lead your marines on various, extremely challenging multi-mission Operations with unique goals; build, maintain and defend a functional outpost in Defend the Base!; and play however you want in the fully customizable Single Mission mode featuring a hot-seat co-op multiplayer option. All missions throughout the game are made by our proprietary Random Map Generator, providing limitless possibilities!

  • DISPLAY YOUR SKILLS: an optional online profile system takes your experience even further: compete in seasonal challenge missions, earn ranks, achievements and in-game goodies, dominate the leaderboards. Upgrade and improve your official, ranked squads mission by mission to create the Ultimate Space Commando.

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USC: Counterforce on Steam

VOLOT: Red Odyssey

VOLOT: Red Odyssey

The earth is under a threat of destruction, and the survival of humanity depends on whether one of the Soviet ships, ‘Rodina’, can find a new home among the stars. Piloted vehicles - volots - were once used for the peaceful purposes, but now is the time to forge plowshares into swords. You have to lead a detachment of volots, and with their help make forays into completely new unexplored territories. But can technologies, created to bring peace, be a worthy contender in the war of the cosmic races?

Build a combat vehicle that suits your chosen mission best. Replenish the cache of weapons and technical modules by collecting blueprints. Create new types of different modules using resources found in battles. Combine these modules to adapt to weather and other conditions.

Misfortune never comes alone. The traitor on the ship will prevent you from successfully completing your expedition across the galaxy, wasting your resources and sabotaging your work if you don’t stop him in time.

Procedural generation of planets, missions and pilot personnel will make each playthrough unique. The story is made up of your decisions that you make as you progress through the game. Play the game in different ways and decide the final fate of the Rodina crew.

Come face to face with the enemy of humanity, who came from a distant galaxy. Learn more about the peculiarities of the planet and increase your chances of winning the battle. Find a new home for the Soviet people!

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VOLOT: Red Odyssey on Steam

Balls! Balls!

Balls! Balls!

the game is simple and fine but the music… oh my god it is so bad.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Balls! Balls! on Steam



Mecha Customizations

Over 100+ different mecha parts and 3 different type of mecha base. With different types of function and stats. Build your own combination of mecha to suit your own strategy. Different pilots will also affect how they use the mecha, so plan your mecha strategically. You can acquire more mecha parts during missions or buy them from the black market.

3 factions in Tanasurga:

  • Bandavia

    • A country with overflowing natural resources that’s needed by the other countries. Some part of Bandavia is already ruled by the other countries.
  • Compagnie

    • A country with a declined economy and crisis until a charismatic dictator used people’s anger to start a war, reclaim their glory and expand their territory.
  • Morusha

    • A prosperous country that getting low on resource. They start to get natural resources from other countries while forcing the people to work for Morusha

The fate of each factions lies in your hands.


Tanasurga is a narative driven game with variety of missions. There will also be different decisions you have to make that will affects how the story goes. See how the choices you made affect the ending of Tanasurga.

Interactive Pilots

Recruit and manage your team of pilots. Each Pilots will have their own unique characteristics and set of skills. You can also build relationship with them to know their backstory and make them better on the battlefield.


Set in alternate reality World War 2 era, In Tanasurga you’ll see how the war unfolds from South East Asia point of view. There will be moments inspired from real history in Tanasurga’s alternate reality World War 2. You will also visit unique and exotic locations with its culture.

Tanasurga on Steam

Ignited Steel: Mecha TBT

Ignited Steel: Mecha TBT

Aiming to fulfill its expansion instinct, humanity created an A.I. which controls and manages all necessary resources to expand the human race throughout the galaxy. Soon, a fatal flaw in the A.I. “PharOS” code was discovered: it could not and would not stop expanding.

With the hope to halt PharOS’ expansion, the human race depends on “The Ignited Steel” program, a plan reliant on outdated technology which PharOS cannot control.

Old Mechs from past wars are now humanity’s only hope.

Attacking and moving mechs requires energy and can overheat the mech. If overheated, mechs output more damage while being more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

A key element to gameplay is finding the perfect balance between damage and vulnerability.

Pilots from every corner of the universe volunteer to the Ignited Steel program, each bringing their unique personalities and tactics.

As the Ignited Steel program regains control of the galaxy, new pilots will join the cause against PharaOS.

There’re 3 types of mechs: Juggernaut, Stalker and Javelin, each with their own advantages and counterplay.

Mechs are built using unique modules each with their own purpose. As the Ignited Steel program liberates the galaxy, they will earn and purchase new modules with unique traits.

The galaxy is full of contrasting planets and stories to be told. By jumping from node to node the ignited steel program will discover the galaxy’s stories, and add new modules and pilots to the crew. New planets, pilots, modules, events and missions in every playthrough!

Ignited Steel: Mecha TBT on Steam