This is a GREAT game… to pass the time. The concept is interesting, and it is implemented in a fun and easy to understand way. Gameplay feels very diverse, yet it still maintains balance. All in all it feels very well thought out.

That being said there are still a few areas I think this game lacks in. The main thing being replayability. There is only one game mode. In this game mode, you start off with a map/grid of sorts, and you complete waves. After completing a wave you unlock “tiles” from the map. There are different types of tiles, each of which do different things and interact with other tiles in different ways. When unlocked you have somewhat of a choice of which tiles go where.

Real player with 117.7 hrs in game

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Combine the planning of Checkers/Chinese Checkers/Chess with the skill and timesink of Super Hexagon and an upgrading system, you have Morphblade, a neat little indie title. Although the price may throw you off, don’t throw it out.


This game is fantastic. Surface level it comes off as very simplistic yet the depth goes pretty deep with everything based off of a hexagonal format. The furthest I’ve gotten is Wave 32 after a bit of playing and shortly around Wave 25 is when things get pretty real and you are tested fairly nicely and how fruitful or shallow your planning was get shown. The planning involved goes from superficial to integral within minutes and one false item unplanned will be your death knell and back to Wave 1 you go.

Real player with 61.1 hrs in game

Morphblade on Steam

Full Metal Sergeant

Full Metal Sergeant

You have 12 weeks to turn the recuits into soldiers!

Set up your training plan. Each exercise will affect a characteristic of the recruits. Watch their stamina, if it drops too much the exercise will not be effective. Unlock new and more advanced trainings with Prestige Points.

Raise the level of your soldiers. The stronger they are, the more Prestige Points your boot camp will gain. Try to get them qualified as a diver or paratrooper.

Another way to accumulate Prestige is to beat other schools in competitions. Do you have the right recruit to challenge the Navy in a swimming competition? Or a sniper rifle challenge maybe?

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Full Metal Sergeant on Steam

Plaguepunk Justice

Plaguepunk Justice

Great mix of roguelike and squad based strategy. Unique setting and mechanics for a zombie game. Love the art style and the music is very enjoyable and gives a nice tone. Very polished with no crashes or issues so far. Has that addictive “one more turn/mission”. Glad I found this hidden gem.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

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recently got this game on sale, got completely hooked within the first three missions

the style, dialogue, combat, and crafting system are all top notch, 10/10

some of the things that hold the game back in my eyes is the movement, often times passing through another person (or vice versa) can mess up my placement, but to be fair thats just a learning curve

the combat enforces high mobility because of the healing combat, and i think thats really interesting. It makes positioning, resource management, exploration, and map awareness very important. Also requires a little bit of tracking which “patients” you have already treated, etc

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

Plaguepunk Justice on Steam