Super Club Soccer

Super Club Soccer

Game is still in the thick of development, but a new patch was just released that allows players to form teams and compete in friendly matches which adds a huge amount of depth that was missing. Soon seasons will be added too.

When you read the negative reviews, keep in mind that this game is not meant to be played with bots. It really shines when you can get a team together and start building chemistry, and play against actual people.

If you haven’t played yet or had a bad experience, be sure to find yourself a team and hop on the discord.

Real player with 581.3 hrs in game

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For people that like the tactical side of Football this is a great game to get into. The aim of the game is to play as a Defender, Midfielder or Forward and you control a player in a 11 a side game with the rest of your team being controlled by other players.

A 90 minute game lasts about 60 minutes and consists of turns where you control your player by moving, passing, defending and attacking.

When you receive the ball you have a option menu come up that allows you to run with ball or try a low pass or a high pass to a team mate.

Real player with 149.5 hrs in game

Super Club Soccer on Steam

Pro Strategy Football 2021

Pro Strategy Football 2021

Another excellent release for this series, and this latest one is a HUGE upgrade over last year’s version. The ability to customize - already a major feature and differentiator between this game and others like it - has been greatly expanded so that pretty much leagues of any size (up to 130 teams) can be used in Single Season play, and leagues up to 32 teams (and as few as 8) can be used in Career mode. A quasi-Free Agency feature has been added as well, that is optional to use. In addition, career stats are tracked, and stat files in text format can be exported from any season or career in progress. A player encyclopedia is included that tracks all players in a career over an almost infinite number of seasons. I have simmed through as many as 25 and the results remain believable and consistent.

Real player with 500.9 hrs in game

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TLDR: At bottom.

I love this game. Right off the bat I want to make it clear that this is more of a coach / match simulator than a management sim, as I think that is important to note before entering the game, incase you are expecting something different than what it is.

I would love to see more management mechanics introduced, such as mid season trading, roster changes etc, and I believe there are discussion threads saying new things will be looked at for the next version of the game. For what the game is though, its a very enjoyable sim, with realistic match outcomes. I currently play a sim only league with the NFL and Draft mods. So I haven’t even touched the real meat and potatoes of the game with the ingame play calling

Real player with 479.2 hrs in game

Pro Strategy Football 2021 on Steam

Pro Strategy Football 2022

Pro Strategy Football 2022

I came into this series last year with Pro Strategy Football 2021. A game which, for an old time gamer sparked a lot of nostalgia in the way it was presented. There were things missing like game keeping records for head to head etc I fixed that little itch with a spreadsheet and small things like not being able to navigate to a players career stats from any screen. Still the game was a little gem.

Those things have been addressed with this addition along with numerous other improvements and continued optimizations as the game feels tighter and slicker when loading if that makes sense.

Real player with 798.4 hrs in game

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A tremendous effort by a lone indie developer with a day job. This game was created with love and passion for the game. Know what you are buying first, because it won’t be for everybody. Please read the description and feel free to ask things in the game forum first if you wish. The developer (Kerry) is very honest, open, and transparent - and very consumer friendly and a great guy! (plus it is a really terrific community too).

The game’s strength is the on-field gameplay - and in that department, it is unheralded, producing an accurate, realistic simulation of the game. You will not be controlling the players with a gamepad - it is focused on coaching, or if chosen, spectating games. In the coaching department there are thousands of plays that can be designed on the fly. This year many new formations (both classic and modern) were added and entire leagues (or individual teams) can be tailored to utilise them in ways that create their own characteristics or flavor (and there are mods done by really talented mod authors covering almost the entire NFL, USFL, and various other leagues too –- including fantasy leagues and teams).

Real player with 355.6 hrs in game

Pro Strategy Football 2022 on Steam

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2

I see a lot of negative reviews from people who have played the original blood bowl games which I can’t comment on due to BB2 being my first experience of the game, all I can say is that I love it, if I’ve got free time it’s my first, second and third choice, and if I’m not playing I’m watching a stream :)


1. Incredibly deep gameplay/strategy, after 600 hours I still feel like a noob, every team can be developed differently according to how you like to play, and more than half the teams haven’t been released yet so still plenty of variety to come.

Real player with 2055.4 hrs in game

Yes I do recommend this game. Yes I probably should take a rage management treatment due to the random nature of the game… STILL, like Poker… this dice game REALLY reward skill, but sometimes the game “deals” you a crappy hand… and then close to anybody can beat you.

Some really love Blood bowl and give it 10/10… some don’t… It’s abit sad that many of the reviews here are made of unexperienced gamers. And if you find the game too expensive - just buy it on sale!?

Unpatient or timid gamers should not play this game. You will experience that the PvP is very hard for new coaches. The skill level of the more experienced coaches are really high and they will punish every mistake. You move 11 players on the pitch in a conversion of a table top game. Turn based, 16 turns each. All the time you need to make risk calculations and use your logic and tactical skills. Read the player/race guides out there, it will help you alot developing your skills! The game should be of course played vs real human opponents… not the AI.

Real player with 1776.7 hrs in game

Blood Bowl 2 on Steam

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition

This game falls in one of two categories: You will love it immensely, or you will hate it and wish you never played it.

For starters, it has a tremendously high learning curve. I’ve put my share of time in with both this and the legendary edition and I’m still learning new tactics. Couple that with every single team having their own specific playing style that you need to learn to a certain degree, and you have a death sentence for a new player that isn’t patient enough to actually learn the ins and outs of the game.

Real player with 224.7 hrs in game

You will discover new swear words you never knew you needed.

This game is frustrating. Let me say this right off the bat. It. Is. Frustrating. Between the rather convoluted rules and the insane randomness. This game is a pain to get into., especially if you’re unfamiliar with the table-top or previous incarnations. The tutorial helps a little buut the ingame documentation is done in absurdly fine print and is a pairn to read. this is one of those games where you will do most of your learning via play and by play I mean getting your ass handed to you a few times. Once you do learn…the game becomes deliciously satisfying. Still frustrating as hell but the furstration makes the successes all the more satisfying.. Oh there is nothing so great as tackling a guy on the opposing team and sending him to morgue.

Real player with 161.5 hrs in game

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition on Steam

TableTop Soccer

TableTop Soccer

Cool, fast-action game for single or multi-player. I eventually got around to naming my team and choosing gender/uniforms, but what I like most is that I have to anticipate what my opponent might do and act accordingly. I can move all 5 players in one turn, and when the timer is up, I just hope I went the right way. The AI is easier to play against, but the real fun is playing others online as they are way more unpredictable.

Boosts allow you to run faster, pass the ball, attach your player’s movements to another player on the opposing team, and make combo shots (pass to another and then shoot to score).

Real player with 70.9 hrs in game

This is an updated review. My initial review is below.


This is a great fun game. If you like turn based games, or you like Football, you really need to buy TableTop Soccer. Score goals, win games, earn points, upgrade your player stats, then go out and battle. This game is good when playing the computer, but it gets taken to another level when you challenge another human. Trying to predict what another player is going to do is such a challenge. It’s the sort of game that you want to play with friends, so you can gloat over your great plays.

Real player with 52.4 hrs in game

TableTop Soccer on Steam

Dungeon Deathball

Dungeon Deathball

Fun tactics game. It plays like into-the-breach-lite.

What this game does better than into the breach:

  • Every turn is more connected. Enemies can only move a small amount and won’t jump across the map and target something else unlike ITB.

  • Enemies can be manipulated easily; A big part of mastering the game involves manipulating enemies which is really fun

  • The orange monsters and goalies chases the ball

  • Cyan monsters that chases players.

  • You can stand in an enemies attack range to make them attack you the next turn

Real player with 102.7 hrs in game

Quick note: My actual playtime at the time of writing this is closer to 8-10 hours, as I’ve been playing it since the first public demo on itch, months before Early Access release.

Dungeon Deathball is a compact, turn-based strategy game, in part inspired by Into the Breach - it shows you exactly what enemies are going to do next turn and also allows you to turn them against each other by pushing them around. Unlike ItB, it’s a very easy game to pick up and play a quick round or two while on a short break.

Real player with 45.2 hrs in game

Dungeon Deathball on Steam

Ganbare! Super Strikers

Ganbare! Super Strikers

Basic rundown

Ganbare! Super Strikers is a fun little game that focuses on the strategic layers of football, rather than fast action and quick decisions. It features XCOM-like turnbased gameplay, where you have a limited amount of actions per character, that you can use to move, tackle, pass, shoot and do other things that are common in football.

Clearly inspired by the old Captain Tsubasa nintendo games and sports animes/mangas, you have individual characters and teams with certain signature moves and/or behaviors/themes, that the player has to overcome. Those themes are mostly based around certain status effects like freeze, sleep, poison or simply increased stats and therefore higher chances for shooting, dribbling and so on.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Simple yet quite fun to play. However, there’s a an annoying bug, which freezes the game whenever you apply multiple debuffs to your opponent. Only get this game when it is on sales.

❤ Audience ❤

☑ Beginner

☑ Casual Gamer

☑ Normal Gamer

☐ Expert

☼ Graphics ☼

☐ Bad

☑ Alright

☐ Good

☐ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

♬ Music ♬

☑ Bad

☐ Alright

☐ Good

☐ Beautiful

☐ Fantastic

☠ Difficulty ☠

☐ Easy

☑ Average

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard

☐ Unfair

§ Bugs §

☐ Bugs destroy the game

☐ Lots of bugs

☑ Few Bugs

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

Ganbare! Super Strikers on Steam

Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory

If you’re a fan of football, you’ve probably played your fair share of the Football Manager series and FIFA. This game, FTG, is far superior to both of them. FTG is not a really a Management-simulator, but you do take on a managerial-like role in some aspects; signing/selling players, deciding whose contracts to renew, spending your money earned on upgrading the clubs stadium and facilities etc. But these things are quite straight forward. You’re free to focus on playing the matches themselves. You can quickly move on from on match to the next, which is what you will want to do.

Real player with 1586.3 hrs in game

I’ve been in love with football management sims since the days of One-Nil . That’s 1992, my friends.

I’ve never enjoyed one as much as this one.

This game is simple enough to play that you can jump right in and start playing. And if you want a casual experience, you can play this game like that. Don’t think too much about your decisions, just pick what feels right. You can do that and have fun.

Or, if you want a more analytical experience, you can take your time over each decision.

Real player with 1520.0 hrs in game

Football, Tactics & Glory on Steam