Brain Sanguo

Brain Sanguo

The game looks like a combination of Chinese chess pieces and a map made of very simple graphics. This does have an English translation but it is hard to understand and has many grammatical mistakes. Even when you can read Chinese this is hard to get into. The tutorial didnt help much. It simply gave me an idea of what the main menu points are but it wasnt enough to figure out what to do. There are many options of things to do in the game, mostly text based menus, but it was really hard to tell what your goal was. Should you attack the other cities? Or defend against the bandits? There was no clear indication to what you should do and there was no story either. I tried to attack some bandits but the fighting system was really hard to understand too. I could select some units and attack but I didnt really see who was who or what I was attacking. After clicking attack it just said Defeated. No graphics show anyone fighting. The chance is really high that you will be disappointed when you buy this.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Doesn’t work. Game runs, but tutorial stops after one screen, no way to continue. Every command on the command screen leads to the same exact set of options. NOT JUST A NON-FINISHED PRODUCT, IT’S A NON-STARTED PRODUCT.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Brain Sanguo on Steam

Tower of Origin2-Worm’s Nest

Tower of Origin2-Worm’s Nest


Bad English translation.

Art quality diminishes as game progresses

Lack of world building


Decent tentacle/bugs fetish ideas

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

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Tower of Origin2-Worm's Nest on Steam

蜀山幻剑录 Sword of Shushan

蜀山幻剑录 Sword of Shushan



WHAT TO EXPECT: Hardcore SRPG. Intimidating challenge except on easy. Chess-like strategy. Squad-based tactics. Fast gameplay. Complex tactical combat with strong AI. Chinese theme, ambience and setting. Pretty graphics. Complimentary soundtrack. Lacks dynamicity. Limited replayability. Terrible English translation. Singleplayer only.




Real player with 32.4 hrs in game

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剧情 0 分

关卡设计 0分

剧情乱七八糟,尾关的二选一结局其中之一还卡bug 看不到



通关了没感觉到有任何的成就感。。 只有慢慢的恶心。。。

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

蜀山幻剑录 Sword of Shushan on Steam







被封印的历史 on Steam

Battle Star

Battle Star

I played almost 40h and want to keep going. As a f2p I like that you can get all the characters without spending any money. The graphics are good, sounddesign is catching and the turnbased combat is right up my ally. The only thing I might add is the option to change gear during missionselection. Other than that I would also like to see a male character who talks more (srly girls are not in shortage but where are the men?). That aside, the combat is exciting and story interesting (at least for me). I do love me a good grind (I did spend more of less 70% of my playtime grinding ressources) but that might not be the case for everyone. You can take it ez though. I recommend you try it out for yourself. Can’t wait for more exciting updates. ;)

Real player with 141.8 hrs in game

Summary: This is a pretty awesome game if you like SRPGs!

Story: It exists. It’s not great, it’s not terrible, just whatever. Pretty generic anime-esque stuff, a group of female fighters trying to take down the evil bad guys.

Artstyle/UI: Very good! The characters are clean and distinct, the attacks are flashy without being over-the-top. UI is tight and shiny, and easy to navigate. It’s anime style in the artwork, but chibi “big head” characters in the actual gameplay. It’s not distracting though, it’s very cute. Some character artwork is sexualized with huge cleavage, but compared to a lot of games of this stripe, it’s not over-the-top. Many characters are just badass/cool without being scantily clad.

Real player with 101.3 hrs in game

Battle Star on Steam

Silicon Valley Investor

Silicon Valley Investor

Huh, I surprised when it finished suddenly at the end of the 25th investment year. Even if it was stated at the beginning I missed that point. I am disappointed for it, 25 is a short period I think. Isn’t it possible a 30 years old people, starting investment with 300-400k and S/he can live 60 more years.

Why did I restricted to buy a limited amount of company share? If I had enough money, I should buy whatever I want.

I did not interested with social skills at the beginning (because I don’t know it will end after 25 years.), so I have no idea about this part.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Silicon Valley Investor on Steam

The Dawning Clocks Of Time

The Dawning Clocks Of Time

Absolutely amazing, the developers have done a good job of the noir style presentation, and good narration of the gameplay.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

The Dawning Clocks Of Time on Steam



The 11th year of Shaoxing in Southern Song Dynasty (1141 AD)

The Song and Jurchen-led Jin Dynasties were divided by the Huai River. The north of the river belonged to Jin and the south belonged to Song.

Song ceded many of its prefectures to Jin and paid tribute annually.

With even its emperor announced by Jin, Song became a client state.

Now, ten years has passed. Despite the seemingly peaceful relations between Song and Jin, there have long been turbulent undercurrents in the world of Kung fu.

The martial arts world is full of chaos, with numerous heroes standing out. Among them, there are the Four Wonders overshadowing all the others, named ‘East Shu’, ‘West Bo’, ‘North Gu’ and ‘South Po’…

[Classic pixel-art RPG for Chinese Martial Arts]

This is an SFC/MD-styled-pixel-art game. In-game scenes were inspired by Song Dynasty’s ink painting style, this game depicts an original traditional Chinese martial arts story, which takes you back to 1990s, the golden years of classic RPG games.

[High level of freedom for exploration]

With reference to the real ancient river terrain, we designed a huge map containing Jingzhou, Xiaoxiang, Bashu, Jiangdong and the central plains. Countless sects scattered amoung the map, with ancient towns and labyrinths. There is no fixed route. Go wherever you want and explore the world at your own pace.

[Multiple story plots, routes and teammates to meet and experience]

Experience stories with over 10 thousand words in text. Meet with different people along the journey; prodigals, talents, officers or bandits. You can choose to enjoy and relax in this world with friends, or work hard to gain the ultimate power. Choices are up to you.

[Many sects for martial arts cultivation]

There will be Sects to enter and hundreds of scriptures to learn. Sword, broadsword, staff, fist, palm, finger, dagger, musical instrument… Each Sect would have its own strengths.

Different attributes may end up in forming completely different KungFu sets, withover a dozen martial arts routes for you to develop.

The free trial version is open, add to your wishlist if you like it!~ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

大江湖之苍龙与白鸟 on Steam

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Finally after a long road this game saw the light of day and I was more than eager to put hands on it.

Despite the number of hours clocked in I have not finished it as I actually been redoing the game a few times to measure replayability as well as how better/worse I could do, but from what I experienced so far, I’m holding my vote positive.

It is however not a game without its flaws, if things that can be fixed to an extend, so lets break it down.

The definitely good:

  • Graphics/Artstyle

I am utterly in love with the detailed artwork pieces that are shown all over the game, and I feel that everything else helps build up a style that’s very uniform across the board and that’s even including the 3D models used for the characters during intermission/exploration. There’s certainly artistic liberty in some departments namely the mechanical designs, but I was already expecting some of the silliness coming in and I was not looking for much else here, so there’s definitely plenty of value.

Real player with 81.2 hrs in game

Right. Where to begin with this one. Be warned, this is less an objective review and more a personal retrospective, and there will be prologue spoilers. I don’t usually “review” games and am only giving this one attention as I feel it has the makings of a sleeper hit that hardcore fans will be trying to convince people to play. Like its predecessors, it hit shelves with absolutely no fanfare. Just seeing how few reviews games like this one gets shows how criminally underrated these hidden gems are.

Real player with 55.8 hrs in game

Fuga: Melodies of Steel on Steam

Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties

Infinite potential, incredible progress.

I started playing this game during the indiecade demo mid-2020, and the evolution this game has been through in just one year is massive.


  • Dev very responsive to Player Feedback

  • Lots of Character Drama

  • Interesting Events (Expeditions specially)

  • Interesting Systems (Secrets, Justice, Gatherings, Favors and Negotiation)

  • Powerful Modding Tool (Seriously, one could create a full DLC-worthy experience with it)

Real player with 996.3 hrs in game


Have changed review to - Would recommend.*

Only about a third of my gamer friends are big head enough to truly enjoy this game, but I know they will enjoy it immensely. I can see this one sinking hundreds if not thousands of hours into, and I’m already hopeful they go series with it.

I have a great deal of hope, if only because of how quickly the developers are acting on feedback and making solid changes. Meaningful save files now exist. There’s still a lot going on, so I’m not yet done with this review, but the nature and flow of the game are starting to make more sense.

Real player with 122.9 hrs in game

Star Dynasties on Steam