Circle Empires Tactics

Circle Empires Tactics

Circle Empires Tactics is the third instalment in the much-loved Circle Empires series. Use your instincts to predict your enemies’ movements and counter them. See your orders unfold in victory or utter defeat, in short intense battles! Collect resources, recruit counter units and use various spells to overcome impossible odds.

Play as the leader of the oppressive Human Empire, the brutal Lizard-Orc alliance or the cunning Wizards of light and darkness. Level up your leader and gain new skills allowing you to implement different strategies.

Each faction offers unique units and creatures, each with their own special abilities and traits. Play to your strengths to emerge victorious!

Circle Empires Tactics offers a wide range of difficulty levels for both single-player and co-op. Choose the difficulty level that fits your experience (or ego), from new recruit to descendant of Sun Tzu.

Play with your friends in 2 vs 2 or PVP with teams. Or tackle the single-player adventure in a solo quest. The question remains the same: how well can you anticipate the actions of your rivals?

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Circle Empires Tactics on Steam

Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~

Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~

On a fateful night, Diana Pendragon, the second princess of Mediana is betrayed by her own army, and set up as a traitor and a witch.

In the middle of the war, King Uther Pendragon fell victim to a curse the court blamed on the young Diana.

Escaping with her most loyal knight, the princess set up on a quest to find allies and uncover what’s really happening in the shadows, in order to clear her name and reclaim her title.

Little did she know that what she was about to discover about herself and the nature of the world would change her fate, her family and the country forever…

Our campaign has been fully funded on Kickstarter, thank to all the backers!!

Features you expected the game to have (and we have those!):

  • Over 20 playables characters with their own story and development.

  • 20+ different classes with their own weapons, movement type and skills.

  • A rich storyline with original elements you haven’t seen anywhere else like a military empire, a dark cult, dragons, and heroes who fight for justice.

  • Around 20h of playtime.

Features you wished the game never had (and oh dear, we do have those!!):

  • Permadeath (disabled In Easy Mode). Because characters die when they’re killed.

  • (Un)Fair RNG (you’ll learn that 90% isn’t a guaranteed hit…)

  • Depression caused by the sight of your precious waifu/husbando dying in front of your eyes to that 2% enemy critical hit

Features the game actually has, and you probably didn’t expected

  • In-game choices that will influence your journey and unlock special story elements

  • Character exclusive quests, that focus on the backstory and relationships of each units.

  • High quality art for characters and in-game events.

  • Arthurian myths elements. Lots of them. Please, the heroine’s family name is Pendragon, what do you need?

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Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ on Steam

Tales Of Chandar

Tales Of Chandar

In the dangerous lands of Chandar the evil mage Haaraf have kidnapped the Princess. Mharak, the King of Chandar selected his best fighters and mages to get her back. The small, but tough group have managed to free her. But this is not the end, only the beginning: your goal is to get her home alive!


Tales Of Chandar is a mix of Turn-Based Strategy & RPG, where you’ll fight dozens of various enemies. Gain experience, level up your heroes, unlock their special skills and find out which of these are suitable for your playstyle.

Interact with strangers for side quests and unlock new characters who’ll join your party and help you on your journey.

But enemies and monsters are not the only one to fight with: you’ll have to pay attention to your heroes' thirst and hunger level, which will drop constantly as you’re wandering the lands. Place down traps to get food, and fill your bucket with water when it rains, or when you’ll find a lake.

You’re not satisfied with your currently selected heroes? Just find some wood, make a campfire and you can switch your party members.

Look out for treasure chests scattered throughout the world, and open them for valuable rewards.

Key features:

-More than 10 heroes to choose from

-More than 60 enemies to fight with

-5 chapters with bosses and mini-bosses

-Turned-based battle system

-RPG system with upgradeable attributes, unlockable special skills, and useful collectable items

-Stylish 2D graphics

-Up to 4 players local (hot-seat) co-op gameplay experience

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Tales Of Chandar on Steam



An outstanding game, one I thoroughly enjoyed playing and reviewing. Great artwork, excellent game mechanics, balanced play, plenty of progression, an epic score, and such a tonne of content for a great price. If you are looking for a review, then please take a look at the link above. Otherwise, get out there and buy DragonClash.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game


  • Card game about Dragons' fight

  • nice cards / art

  • complex actions and ruleset


  • very confusional

  • not beginner friendly

  • very long battles, if you are starting to grasp the game’s content

  • a little tiring and/or boring


  • boss battles / mechanics

  • further ingame depth and progression

As a Dragon lover, i picked up this game because it would have been a nice addition to my library (or hoard, since we’re talking about Dragons).

Also the game game seemed to look nice.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

DragonClash on Steam

Guardians of Lumen

Guardians of Lumen

The land of Lumen is hostile. Monsters, both the Horrors and the Daemons, force the residences to live in 9 strongholds while they prowl the wastelands.

Against the beasts of shadows, two forces strive to keep the people safe:

The Deciphers study and worship the past in hopes of carving a path to the future.

The Guardians fight and serve, ever ready to help even the smallest of citizens.

With the help of ancient spirits, they stand ready against the darkness.

Will you aid them?

Key Features:

  • Classic, turn-based combat with modern twists.

  • 26 Unique Ay, each with their own Ability Tree, Quest and play style

  • 6 Playable characters each with history, emotions and a story of their own

  • An interactive world where your actions are remembered and honoured.

  • A unique progression system, unrelated to experience points or skill point grinding

  • 180 Mini-dungeons

  • A story that moulds to your actions.

I hope you enjoy it.

Guardians of Lumen on Steam



If you like backgammon look no further. Very nice concept for a board game.Thinking to buy a physical version as well. The only problem is that the AI is way too easy even on hardest level. High difficulty level should be more about optimal play than hostile rng. But it is a casual game with endless replayability and serious depth. At the moment the players database is small -though you can always find easily an opponent- but this is a quality classic board game that will eventually be recognised. It is relaxing to play and it takes same approach as backgammon: One should play lots of games and with better players than him/her self in order to become better.

Real player with 505.2 hrs in game

After more than 100 hours playing this game, I owe it a review. Blueline developed this digital version of the game, but it was a board game first. I believe it came out last year (2016), and it’s from the mind of John Yanni. He also designed the very very fantastic Hive. Blueline also developed the digital version of that game.

I know Tatsu won’t appeal to everyone, but I really dig it. It’s my come home from work, turn on some music/podcasts, and relax game. As much as I love Hive and other abstract strategy games, they can be very stress inducing at times. Tatsu certainly rewards strategy and skill, but it’s much more chill for me.

Real player with 476.4 hrs in game

Tatsu on Steam

最后的大法师 光明之旅(Last Archmage Journey of Light)

最后的大法师 光明之旅(Last Archmage Journey of Light)

The legendary mage Merlin betrayed by his teammates in the Demon Wars, fall from one of the legendary heroes to a rookie mage, and embarks on a new journey. After all the ups and downs, love and hate, is he confused? Or will he forge ahead and take the journey of light to be the greatest mage in the land of magic? Complete weapon and equipment system, powerful magic system and various ways to use magic scrolls. Welcome to this Japanese open world exploration RPG turn-based game!

In addition to the nine characters who join the main team, hundreds of unique NPCs will also appear.Unintended discoveries of treasures can significantly strengthen a character, instead of the traditional upgrade system. The areas of the game are left free to explore from the start.

The combat system highlights the differences in resistance to the six types of magic: wind, fire, lightning, ice, light, and darkness. Different demons have different resistances to these six types of magic. The resistance of different demons to spells in the game cannot be directly observed.The various maps in the game are not marked with difficulty levels, while this could be done, the development team felt that it would ruin the authenticity of the game. After all, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what the next piece will taste like. Furthermore, the weapons that characters from different professions can equip are different, and the vast majority of them have additional effects.

What are you waiting for? Come on a journey through this wonderfully magical fantasy world!

最后的大法师 光明之旅(Last Archmage Journey of Light) on Steam

AFK Summoner

AFK Summoner

cann’t join trial of the champion, same shit

Real player with 580.0 hrs in game

p2w and the p2w purchases don’t even work.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

AFK Summoner on Steam



Kingslayers is a free-to-play online multiplayer tactical strategy game with both standard turn-based and chaotic “delayed execution” game modes. Choose from various units and skills to build your ideal team formation then outsmart your opponent to slay their King before they slay yours. Additional units and traits can be unlocked giving endless opportunities to customize and theory craft different formations and strategies.

Kingslayers on Steam

Knights of Frontier Valley

Knights of Frontier Valley

Get ready for unlimited adventures in Frontier Valley, a mysterious and unforgiving place. Take on the role of an adventurer and guide him through his years from age 20 to 40 in a unique and dynamic world. Gain fame and fortune, while never losing sight of the most important goal: staying alive!

  • Survive the dangers of both the wilderness and faction politics in a procedurally generated world full of secrets and lore.

  • Choose your character from a number of different classes, customize his skills and appearance to your liking, and pursue a profession that fits your style of playing.

  • Join a faction and gain titles and glory, or go at it alone in your search for long-lost wisdom and powerful artifacts.

  • Fight in gridless, turn-based tactical combat, or choose to have the AI battle for you quickly.

  • Adapt to a highly dynamic world with day/night-cycles, seasons, and ever changing places and characters.

  • Craft items from a large number of materials, and interact with the environment in creative ways to gain the edge over your enemies.

  • See your actions become part of the valley’s story, impacting friends and foes alike.

  • A true Indie game: designed, funded and programmed from scratch by one person who has never done this before.

Knights of Frontier Valley is the RPG that can be played over and over again. No two games are the same in this challenging fantasy adventure with survival and strategy elements. Making it to the end with one character will just make you want to start over right away with a different one.

Knights of Frontier Valley on Steam