Distant future. Research spaceship faces with unknown physical phenomenon in a faraway space.

The outcome is safe - the spaceship manages to overcome the anomaly without visible consequences. Though, on arriving to the Earth, the crew discovers it not the same way, as it should be. It seems, the anomaly represented a point of contact of several parallel layers of reality, where the events were happening a little bit differently. When the spaceship went out of the anomaly, it appeared in another layer of reality, not in the same when it got into the anomaly.

In that reality the Earth was not affected by a meteorite, which killed dinosaurus. Giant reptiles remained the dominant form of life, and mammals were poorly developed. As the result - the intelligent life and signs of civilization appeared much later, and by the current moment the society is on the level of Stone Age.

Primitive tribes and dinosaurs, magic and futuristic technologies are waiting for you.

In the “skirmish” mode you have to find and destroy the other players bases. In the campaign, you must complete the mission task.

For each victory, new unit types will be unlocked.

Pangea is a hybrid of turn-based strategy, tabletop game and roguelike. Heroes' moves across the playing field are determined by dice rolls. Turn-based tactical battles take place in a separate hex based arena.

  • Explore procedurally generated maps full of prizes and dangers

  • Enjoy colorful tabletop game styled graphics

  • Lead 4 unique factions with their own set of units and structures: a warlike primitive tribe, guardians of the forest thickets, terrible monsters and highly developed aliens from a parallel world

  • Influence the playing field - change the landscape, construct buildings and set traps

  • Unlock many bizarre creatures and lead them into battle

  • Uncover the secrets of the Pangea world in a story campaign

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Pangea on Steam

Curious Expedition

Curious Expedition

The Curious Expedition is yet another Kickstarter-spawned entry into the ever-growing field of Rogue-Likes, but with a refreshing new twist. This time around, the player takes on the role of a small party of 19th-Century explorers engaged in a gentleman’s wager - to travel the world on six concurrent expeditions, competing to see who can gain the most fame. It’s a fairly quick and lethal game, but that’s exactly what it’s meant to be - a good way to kill a few hours at a time, running expedition after expedition off to their doom.

Real player with 150.3 hrs in game

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The Short Pitch

TCE is one of the best games in its class, a Roguelike-inspired strategy/adventure game that will leave you wanting more. Easy enough to beat several times in one day if you’re dedicated, yet hard enough to make every victory feel like you clawed your way to it from the depths of hades.

If you’re looking at this game and you’re even half sure you want it, get it. If looking at it fills with you a warm and gooey sense of longing for the hours spent huddled around CRT monitors taking turns playing The Oregon Trail, buy it. Even if you’re a more modern gamer, but you’re a fan of FTL, Caves of Qud, the Binding of Isaac, or similar, buy it.

Real player with 82.6 hrs in game

Curious Expedition on Steam

Evolution Board Game

Evolution Board Game

UPDATE I no longer work for Northstar. This review should be considered to be for the first year of the game.

So up front… I worked on this game. I want to be super clear about that. (In case you can’t tell by me having more hours logged in it than it’s been out in the wild.

So why review. Well obviously I want the game I worked on to do well… but there is more than that.

For those who don’t know, Evolution was a table top board game first and has been for years. It was one of my earliest modern board gaming experiences and I still love to break it out and play it. The constant evolution of strategies and plays with the traits that can be played makes the game very replayable.

Real player with 967.7 hrs in game

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I’m definitely addicted to this one. Good game balance, I never feel like any build is just too powerful. Challenging AI. Cute/Beautiful art. Fun facts. Satisfying sound effects; glad I can turn the music off without turning them off (though the music is good to).

I assume you could unlock brutal mode right away but playing through the campaign on both difficulties has been both an enjoyable difficulty progression and given me plenty of content to consume. Especially with the fun of trying to unlock sketches. But Darwin gets super annoying on the second go through.

Real player with 99.7 hrs in game

Evolution Board Game on Steam

Curious Expedition 2

Curious Expedition 2

I’ve really enjoyed this sequel. I see a lot of criticism about bugs, art direction, and combat. Here’s my take on it:


Yeah it’s buggy, but it’s to be expected right now since it’s in early access. I was able to play the game all the way through. Some tips on impassable bugs I encountered: DON’T RUN OUT OF SANITY. When you do, you’ll get a tutorial popup telling you to rest/eat consumables, but you won’t be able to exit the screen. Instant game over and restart. Try and be diligent and stock up on lots of consumables so you never have to deal with that.

Real player with 172.8 hrs in game

I really enjoyed this game. A lot has been changed and improved from the first game. It is a really fun challenge. I completed four complete campaigns and got all of the achievements in 145 hours of playtime. The value for the price is fantastic.

You begin by choosing a leader. As you progress in the game, additional leaders become available that you can use in future playthroughs. I changed my mind on my favorite leader a couple of times, so there are definitely options for everyone with vastly different strengths. The leader makes a big difference in the best way to approach specific expeditions, but it isn’t limiting options - you can still generally play how you choose with whichever leader you pick.

Real player with 145.7 hrs in game

Curious Expedition 2 on Steam



As you can see I have a TON of hours in this game. Absolutely fantastic, best 4X game I’ve ever played with unparalleled battles in a setting that can’t be beat. Simply the best strategy game out there bar none.

Real player with 2201.7 hrs in game

Graphics/animations: 9/10 (zoom in for awesome animations)

Fidelity to the franchise: 9/10

Replayability: 8/10

AI: 3/10

Depth: 10/10

There are only four negatives. One you feel nickel and dimed for all the expansions, but it’s worth it. Two the AI and seige battles are very problematic. The AI…is…well…stupid…compare the AI to games like Starcraft 2 and you’ll quickly find yourself wanting human opponents. Online ladder needs a rework and the loading time for the campaign map is long. But other than that it’s a fantastic game. 7.6/10 Over 1300 hours played.

Real player with 1414.4 hrs in game

Total War: WARHAMMER II on Steam

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life

Well made platformer with a goofy side and a darker side. Fits the named genres well and has a well scored soundtrack. Replayability also makes this game worth the time youll be able to get out of it.

Real player with 53.0 hrs in game

Fantastic game with an amazing world. The lore and story are phenomenal and the gameplay is very fun too. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys funny and interesting worlds akin to that of Undertale/Deltarune (You can definitely see a lot of Toby Fox influence in the game lol)

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life on Steam