Blacken Slash

Blacken Slash

Blacken Slash fuses tactical turn-based combat and fast-paced hack, slash and loot gameplay – and takes only the best out of both genres to create a simple, but endlessly rewarding gameplay experience where you fight, loot and repeat until you die. Play on your own and perfect your gear across dozens of runs and see which difficulty you can master – or compete with other players in an online leaderboard where you start from scratch each week.

  • Minimalist – easy to learn

  • Difficult – hard to master

  • Short levels – short play sessions

  • An abundance of items

  • Various playstyles and builds

  • Challenging achievements

  • Weekly online leaderboard

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Blacken Slash on Steam

Ruin Raiders

Ruin Raiders

EN: If you like rogelikes, this game is a must for you. The aesthetics are beautiful and controls feel smooth. I love raider’s interactions between them. The main mechanic of the Game is well executed, alongside with the RNG, which feels fair, though sometimes you would like to smash your keyboard because you’ve failed an 87% shot chance. I cannot wait to reach the goal of the game and unravel its secrets, alongside with its easter eggs. Thank you so much, again, OP Team. Looking forward to know what else you are capable of doing :)

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

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Great game, if you just like the combat in turn based tactical games, minus the over world and doing research.

Instead upgrades are droped, looted or crafted and permanent upgrades are made before the start of each run, making up for the rogue-light side of the game even when you die, you can use the currencey you made while playing to make meaningful upgrades.

Each biome has 3 levels on the 3rd level is a boss fight, as many other rogue-like/lights each biome has a theme and adjusting your gear and playstyle for each biome can make or break a run.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

Ruin Raiders on Steam

Zodiac Legion

Zodiac Legion

Zodiac Legion is a turn-based tactical RPG featuring lethal combat, squad management and strategic elements. Lead your heroes through daring raids and forgotten ruins, defend your land in a time of conquest and betrayal, and master the secrets of volatile ancient magic to restore a realm beset by the armies of undying fiendish sorcerers.


  • Lead your knights in turn-based tactical battles.

  • Explore ancient ruins and places of power, thwart the plans of enemy lieutenants, forge alliances, and restore the Zodiac Order.

  • Smash your way through fully destructible dungeons.

  • Expand and strengthen your stronghold, research new spells and craft powerful artifacts.

  • Reshape the terrain to your advantage.

  • Develop your warriors into mighty champions.

As the Grandmaster of the Zodiac Order, it will be your duty to restore this knightly brotherhood and rally its champions under the banners of the thirteen Zodiac signs. You will manage your domain, take important diplomatic decisions and train your warriors in the arcane arts. Enemy armies will invade your borders, forcing you to dispatch your knights on missions resolved through turn-based, tactical battles. Their superhuman powers will tip the scales in the face of overwhelming odds, but beware: many will not survive the ordeal. Yet exploring the secrets of necromancy may reveal that a Zodiac Knight’s duty need not end in death.

The work on Zodiac Legion began because we shared the vision of a game that would combine the tactical combat and strategic campaign of X-COM, with the fantasy aspects and dungeon crawling typical of most roleplaying games.

We decided to use the theme of the Zodiac because of its association with classical mythology, and due to its ties with distinct character archetypes, which served as the foundation of our class system. There are hundreds of distinct features and qualities attributed to the signs by astrology, which lends itself to a robust and interconnected system that has an impact on all the aspects of Zodiac Legion’s gameplay and storytelling.

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Zodiac Legion on Steam

Wanna Survive

Wanna Survive

simple but good strategy game, I’ve enjoyed it a lot in my first hours.

After a while sadly, the game started to show its flaws. The second part of the game ramps up the difficulty so much that the game ended up not being fun anymore. It becomes more about exploiting the enemy AI and retrying. You are surrounded by a ton of enemies and you have to proceed by trial and error (played the game in original mode, which is hard mode).

Sure the game gives you the possibility to go back by one turn by paying in-game currency, but redoing the same turn over and over because you don’t want to lose any characters is not fun.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

The game is a neat little hidden gem. With the gradual introduction as the stages go on of new characters with abilities, there is always something new to learn in order to make the dynamic of the group work better in fights. Wanna Survive has a very steep difficulty curve, in which things seem to go from 0 to 100 very fast. This isn’t neccesarily a bad thing upon reflection, but it definitely left me frustrated to begin with- however, one can’t say that the game is boring because it is too easy. I’ve played through to the end once, and though I won’t be replaying immediately to check off the last few achievements I can see myself picking it up once more for a second playthrough in the near future, which would take the amount of time I got out of this game to roughly 10-11 hours once all done.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Wanna Survive on Steam

Edifice of Fiends

Edifice of Fiends

Nice tiny tutorial how to do your fights & skills

Saving your progress is possible but at a certain cost :P

Each floor you progress through gives u shops & items to buy and improve your character

Interface kept simple but goes fast even playing with the keyboard

Gives you the possibility to change the keybindings

Game also is getting regular updates at the moment of writing

Some minor points:

First floors not have much of a scenery/setup change, took some floors to see a small chance, could use for sure some variations

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I saw this on sale for 80% off ($1) and decided to pick it up.

Can’t recommend it. This is a poor RPG maker game and there are better ones out there.

Let’s take a look at the listings on the store and go one-by-one, shall we?

“Every choice matters as you try to fight your way to the top of the Edifice of Fiends”

Your choices are… what do I buy, and what skills/attributes do I spec into. There are not any other meaningful choices (well, I guess you could waste your time picking up a pickaxe/felling axe so that you can possibly make gear that is basically as good as what you can buy in the store)

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Edifice of Fiends on Steam



its a game

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Good design, challenging gameplay

The game starts off with a well scripted intro. It presents what’s at stake very well and got me hyped to explore the world.

Music choice is really good, as is the character design for most of the characters. Level design is visually appealing and I had fun from beginning to end, apart from occasional frustration with a couple of bosses.

But it isn’t flawless by any means.


  • Good level design, character design, skill animations and music

  • Challenging

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Heroines on Steam



Wastelander is a roguelike turn-based colony-building game. Explore a barren alien world and build a unique colony by unlocking new buildings, and re-activating ancient alien technologies while defending yourself from destructive atmospheric storms. Can you build a unique thriving colony, and find a way to escape this deadly predicament before it’s too late?

In Wastelander you’ll start from nothing as a castaway on an alien world. As your colony expands you’ll find alien artifacts and buildings, perks, technology upgrades, and consumable items scattered across the map.


Create a simple colony as you explore your immediate surroundings.


Harvest resources and expand your base. Connect to alien ruins to unlock new buildings and alien technology.


Create a sweeping colony that spans the globe. Connect your base to all the alien ruins to escape the planet before the final mega-storm buries the wasteland and you along with it.


  • Simple turn based colony building gameplay that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master!

  • Scan your surroundings to uncover resources and other hidden alien items.

  • Build and expand your colony using your resources efficiently.

  • Construct defenses to protect your buildings from regular destructive storms.

  • Upgrade and unlock new buildings as you explore maps shrouded in mystery.

  • Use powerful abilities granted by ancient alien buildings

  • Unlock the secrets of the alien ruins to improve your technology and unlock a path to escape and victory!

  • Compete with other players' high scores on the “Daily Challenge” leaderboard.

Wastelander on Steam

Mars Power Industries: First Job

Mars Power Industries: First Job

An interesting expansion to the original game. I like the atmoshpere and the new mechanics!

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

That was surprisingly fun! About 20-25 minutes of gameplay, but this is a teaser for the complete game, so perfectly understandable.

You’re in charge of colony planning, sort-of. There is no narrative, and you have to experiment to find the rules of the different building types. I’m intrigued by the end of Year 21, the last level. The full game is going on my wishlist right now!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Mars Power Industries: First Job on Steam

I Have Low Stats But My Class Is “Leader”, So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord

I Have Low Stats But My Class Is “Leader”, So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord

A simple, lighthearted tongue-in-cheek adventure that, though repetitive in terms of gameplay, was a generally fun experience for me. I don’t regret helping to fund this game on Kickstarter.

Real player with 21.2 hrs in game

This is another in the weird and insane lineup of games that Cannibal Interactive have put out. The gameplay is intentionally overly complicated and intended to be an experience rather then fun, and in that it certainly succeeds. With no grinding, no leveling, a SMB3 map system, and no real major item management you are left with two things: story and combat.

The story and writing in the game is a real strong suit. With fully fleshed out characters that if you can remember and tell apart, have actual meaningful relationships with one another. The game introduces all the characters right from the start so trying to juggle 99+ characters is a mindfuck, but worth it if you put the effort in.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

I Have Low Stats But My Class Is Leader, So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord on Steam

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale

This game is great! You can get to kick your office coleagues' asses and not get sued for that :)))

Jokes aside, the gameplay is dynamic, and the leveling up scheme makes you feel edgy, looking for hp and xp. Great idea! Enough of the AAA games crap, this is where gold lies. Can’t wait for it to get popular!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

loved the game was pretty fun to play :)

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale on Steam