The 8 Sins: New Hell Order

The 8 Sins: New Hell Order

Seems like a great game, but i found it very confusing.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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The 8 Sins: New Hell Order on Steam



Hell Review

Published by Slitherine, its no surprise that Hell is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game that offers challenging gameplay for even the most battle-tested tacticians among us. Still, the game manages to offer an inviting platform for beginners, complete with a helpful tutorial and an in-depth game manual. Moreover, it is a “skirmish” style of strategic warfare, meaning that the game skips the often tedious and mind-boggling affairs found in grand strategy games and thrusts players right into the action. By doing so, the game is easier for newcomers to the genre to catch on and since combat is the central focal point, more effort and development has been put into the tactical aspect of it and the results are impressive.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

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Story is cliche, and text certainly has its share of spelling errors, but it seemed simple to play and a fun way to pass time. Art is decent (kind of like Warcraft, cartoonish), and relatively easy to figure out. A manual would have been nice, but most nowadays don’t provide more than the basics anyway, certainly little in the way of tactics or strategy. Didn’t find a manual for this game, but didn’t find one, just tutorials. A couple other points: Your units gain experience and level up…but that doesn’t seem to carry over from one battle to another (you have to start from scratch each battle). Also, in the later battles you’re able to choose some of the units you can bring in with you, but your choice is quite limited. For example, in some battles you get longbowmen, but others only crossbowmen. Or if you get longbowmen, you can only take two perhaps. I’m guessing this is the way the game designers ensure the game stayed balanced.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Hell on Steam

Sanguine Melancholia

Sanguine Melancholia

I’m really enjoying this game. Currently, though, I have one major complaint: I can’t figure out how to save! Please, help.

Edit: Got a tip on how to save. Thanks!

Real player with 54.9 hrs in game

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I had high hopes and high standards for Sanguine Melancholia, having played some of MollyAvast’s previous game, I Am Still Alive.

This game took my expectations and blew them out of the water.

Every party member eventually grew near and dear to my heart, I felt true anger and sympathy towards the villains. I had the pleasure of being able to stream this game on Twitch and absolutely had the time of my life, marveling at every small detail that brought so much life into the world of SanMelon.

The extras that are unlocked at the end of the game, as well as the small lore/interaction cutscenes you can unlock throughout the first playthrough, add so much to the game, as well. There are so many scenes I’d love to see between these characters which feel so real and genuine, and being able to watch them play a game of cards or hear about what they were going through before our story started was a real treat.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Sanguine Melancholia on Steam

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

SMT 3 Full Save Progression (COMPLETE)

True Demon Ending : Complete (Hard / Chronicles / 18/06/21)

Freedom Ending : Complete (Hard / Maniax / 20/07/21)

Yosuga Ending : Complete (Hard / Vanilla / 02/08/21)

Musubi Ending : Complete (Hard / Chronicles / 01/11/21)

Shijima Ending : Complete (Hard / Vanilla / 18/08/21)

Neutral Ending : Complete (Hard / Maniax / 04/10/21)

Compendium: 100%

Puzzle Boy Completions: 6

Mot Deaths: 3

Extra Press Turn: Complete

Real player with 357.9 hrs in game

It’s an old game but still a great game, never gets bored of the gameplay and stories, bought the deluxe during the autumn sale 50% discount. The new HD graphic looks good, main characters and some mobs now have voice acting, also now we can choose skills we need when fusing demons which is convenient. It was a pain and time-consuming before on PS2 that we had to keep shuffling until we get at least some okay skills. Hey Atlus, I wish you guys add Persona 5 Royal on PC too, yearning for that game so badly since a lot of us are unable to get a console.

Real player with 129.9 hrs in game

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster on Steam

Guardians of Lumen

Guardians of Lumen

The land of Lumen is hostile. Monsters, both the Horrors and the Daemons, force the residences to live in 9 strongholds while they prowl the wastelands.

Against the beasts of shadows, two forces strive to keep the people safe:

The Deciphers study and worship the past in hopes of carving a path to the future.

The Guardians fight and serve, ever ready to help even the smallest of citizens.

With the help of ancient spirits, they stand ready against the darkness.

Will you aid them?

Key Features:

  • Classic, turn-based combat with modern twists.

  • 26 Unique Ay, each with their own Ability Tree, Quest and play style

  • 6 Playable characters each with history, emotions and a story of their own

  • An interactive world where your actions are remembered and honoured.

  • A unique progression system, unrelated to experience points or skill point grinding

  • 180 Mini-dungeons

  • A story that moulds to your actions.

I hope you enjoy it.

Guardians of Lumen on Steam

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

429.4h (2021Nov16). The final Trial. Stage tells Power 78+, in fact there are summoners, two lvl 44 (power 88) and one lvl 45 (power 90). I understand that people might think, this is a waste of time. That I needed that number of hours is not the point. The point is, the final chapter of the main campain is labeled ‘Power 80+’ This suggests, 4**** champions might do it. Fubar (you know what I mean, if you saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’)

260.1h and counting (2021Aug29). The Warhammer universe is permanent at war, good vs. evil, whatsoever. Warhammer Silver Tower provides fantasy and roleplaying (what you probably would expect from a Warhammer game), presented in a quite modern tile based menue. So you have to put in a little phantasy of your own to bring fantasy alive.

Real player with 433.0 hrs in game

Straightforward turn based game with nice quick play cycles. It is fairly intuitive so you can get stuck in quickly and the graphics are good. Lots of interesting characters to acquire, but getting them takes a lot of grind and they are generated randomly so you can end up getting the same one you don’t want several times :(

It is a great time waster and I like that you play for a little or as long as you like without having to worry about remembering information between games.

Some satisfying moments when using special powers and blowing up in game objects to take out monsters.

Real player with 69.5 hrs in game

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower on Steam

Cartridge Monsters

Cartridge Monsters

i love this game, for being a pokemon style game with mythical creature twist makes the game more enjoyable!, i played from start to finish and from the visual attacks to the BGM for the regular fights and the bosses is very enjoyable, plus the visuals wasn’t to overbearing to the eyes, so for players just getting into vr i would say this game would be a good start, with it’s go at your own pace story,to taking the time to grind your monsters, so it doesn’t make you feel rushed to beat the game. it also really gives you the time to see the hard work put into a simple but enjoyable vr game.

Real player with 29.7 hrs in game

The voice recognition was great the last time I played this. Instead of just saying “Earth Nova”, you could say “Earth Nova that b^#&*!” and it would still work.

Tip I wish I knew: You have to actually aim and hit stuff when shooting magic bullets. Shooting in the general direction of something won’t work if the bullet doesn’t actually hit it.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Cartridge Monsters on Steam

Demonpact: Clarice

Demonpact: Clarice

After having allegedly consumed most of the content in the game, I’ve decided to write the review this game deserves.

I will start with my initial impression and its evolution;

I was very unfamiliar with Goiaba’s business as a whole previously, only knowing them through a friend of a friend kind of deal, and while I can appreciate the art, the trailer and screenshots of the game don’t do it justice.

Even in the first few minutes of the game, the situation presented makes me think I’m getting into some early 2000s highschool furry webcomic situation based on the first 3 characters presented and how they talk.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

A very well made furry RPGmaker brazillian game. I’m pretty amazed it was free, taking into account how much content there is to explore. No grind too which is always nice. There’s a lot of secrets and easter eggs to dig, I have spent like fourteen hours and didn’t find everything yet!

The game does carries some heavy serious stuff plus some edgy and saucy jokes, but do check it out if that doesn’t bother you. For me it was an enjoyable experience.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Demonpact: Clarice on Steam

Irongate Arena

Irongate Arena

Continue your family legacy into new and exotic lands, but first prove yourself a worthy commander to the men who have pledged fealty to you. Battle in the proving grounds where humans are not the only fighters trying to knock you on your ass! Will your reward be glory or death?

If you have the strength, journey through the desert where if the heat doesn’t kill you, something or someone venomous just may. If you have the will of a warrior those deadly and toxic creatures may join you and take up your cause of vengeance.

To make it in the harsh, icy, North you must be a wise in deploying the right strategies to defeat your enemies in the Arena. Vikings, elves and witches can be so cold, but not cold enough to turn down a little coin to join your ranks, if the price is right.

Put your team skills to the test and push their limits in order to survive the Inferno. Hotter than Hades itself only the most vile creatures dwell here, along with the strongest arena fighters. If fear has not run your men out, then you may stand a chance, otherwise see yourself cut down by powerful beings capable of wielding great strength and abilities.

You must have strategic cunning when facing Lord Asshat, so that you may reclaim honor to your surname. Will your become the champion your father was or will you fall before your enemies?

Irongate Arena on Steam

Power Chord

Power Chord

Power Chord is a team-based roguelike deck-building time-resetting battle against the demon gangs of Helmoth.

Assemble Earth’s mightiest musicians, each with their own unique cards and gear, to fight your way through the hordes and destroy the only guitar powerful enough to reopen the scratch between worlds.

Choose from a diverse cast of kick-ass characters to assemble your band, with each member having their own unique set of cards and playstyles. Combo your different band members’ cards to unleash devastating attacks and shred your opponents. Be careful though because if a band member falls in battle you’ll lose them and access to their cards in future battles until you revive them at a pit stop.

Discover new cards as you bar brawl stage-to-stage, unlocking new strategies to take down demons and strengthening your instruments of destruction. Choose your way through a branching path filled with battles, merchants, random encounters, and valuable rest locations to heal and revive fallen characters.

Power Chord on Steam