The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras

The Curse Of Mantras is a dating sim with optional card battler gameplay.

You play as either Lily or Ace, and you wake up in a strange supernatural world known as the Afterlife. A strange man, Mantras, greets you and introduces you to the world’s rules and your companions.

Your companions are other dead people that represent an avatar of one of the four elements: water, fire, air, earth, and one of the two arcana: life and death.

Lily and Ace are the avatars of death. The most powerful avatar, the only one who has the power to activate a strange device, a music box, which can make them remember their past lives, and most importantly, why and how the died.

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The Curse Of Mantras on Steam

Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Agarest: Generation of War Zero is a prequel the Agarest: Generation of war game that came out back in the 2007. If you played the other agarest series you know what you’re going into but if you haven’t well lets just say it’s gonna be pretty interesting. Now onto the breakdows:

The Pros

(+) Tons of skills combination to choose from

This is self-explanatory I think. As you progress the story and complete side quest you will unlock more skills to improve you’re party. Always check the estorica book for combination list. Don’t just throw random skills in each character. If you do that you won’t survive the end game.

Real player with 180.3 hrs in game

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As with the Origional, Zero is a true work of art. The Generation system is vastly improved from the original, and the affection system adds its own level of stratagy. The gameplay, while at first glance appears simple, is, in a word, “Multi-Layered”. Mastering Esoterica and Combination arts is key to not only surviving some of the most difficult battles, but also recieving some of the best items in the game. With that in mind, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Agarest Wiki that contains truely invaluable information on the game itself.

Real player with 164.9 hrs in game

Agarest: Generations of War Zero on Steam



GODSOUL game concept

The love that stems from the heart, the firm ideal and dedication, will eventually turn into strength,

Link people who resonate, awaken the power of “God Soul”, defeat evil, and move towards freedom…

From now on, I will never be dictated by others

Type: Mythical Beast Girl x Campus Legends, Card Game + RPG Development

Background story

In a fictional city “Dream City”, the near future with advanced network technology.

People’s free time is constantly being taken away.

In the school, uniformly compulsory fees for supplementary lessons have been continuously extended for students to stay in school.

Moreover, advanced technology is abandoned, and unspoken rules are implemented to implement old systems such as “meal tickets”.

In enterprises, young employees have been forced to work overtime intensively for a long time, “voluntarily” killing their youth

During the break, people’s thoughts are also controlled by mysterious forces…

Most young people are enveloped by confusion, evasion, submission, and drifting with the flow…

The few people who firmly believe in themselves have been reluctant to be ordinary since they were young.

Even if they are rejected by others, they still fight for their ideals and people’s freedom.

They are “rebels” who are different from ordinary people. They will connect with your soul and compose the myth of rebellion.

Reality + Different Space Dual World:

Developed network technology, the real world of mild cyberpunk

People’s perception of thoughts, resonance, fantasy, and other worlds,

There are all kinds of “souls” and “devils” in different air.

Character introduction【Rebel】

Game Frenzy Little God

Birthday: 06.30 Height: 155cm Weight: 50KG

high school sophomore, some meaty girl

Cool action games always make her extremely excited,

Often write game strategy and live broadcast,

It is also an excellent target to be ridiculed by three-dimensional students.

Divine Soul: Cat Little God · Loki

Ultra Painted Dream Lingxi

Full name: Wang Lingxi

Birthday: 06.01 Height: 162cm Weight: 45KG

high school sophomore, gentle and soft like a rabbit, believes in cuteness as justice,

The cute girls often forget time.

Soul: Rabbit Lingxi·Aurora

Cyber ​​Hermit Moon Shadow

Birthday: 12.31 Height: 170cm Weight: 47KG

master student and company staff, she was a program girl who was squeezed by her tutor and company during the day

Amateur incarnation “Linghu” shuttles the network

Soul: Fox Moon Shadow Brunhild

The radio waves shine, Star Dreams

Weight: 44KG

high school sophomore, because virtual idol touches the soul, good at singing and dancing.

I hope to be an idol

Soul: Dragon Star Dream Thor

Awakener: YOU!

(You are the awakened, and the name is up to you.)

16-year-old sophomore, loves digital, games, animation and music.

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Awaking GODSOUL on Steam

Queen Of Thieves

Queen Of Thieves

Now let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of this genre (visual novel w/ RPG elements) and of the developer, Winter Wolves. However, I cannot recommend anyone this game unless it is on sale. It seems that as the developer starts chugging out more games per year, the quality of them keeps dropping. None of his latter installments can stand up to the original Loren The Amazon Princess.


_Artwork (decent; not as good as previous games)

_Good soundtrack

_Diverse and distinctive characters.

Real player with 34.9 hrs in game

The interface is confusing, but it’s a good game once you figure it out.

Important notes:

You can select the type of heist (from the start) by pressing on the things that don’t look like buttons at all, this lets you take more challenging missions and level up faster.

The weapon comparisons are a little hard to read, but all the weapons are basically equal so it’s just up to your fighting style.

Another non-obvious thing is that you can remove gems from clothes.

And finally the story is a bit “much” with everyone wanting to do “it” with everyone else at the drop of a hat, but if you can get over that, it’s quite fun.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Queen Of Thieves on Steam

Tactics & Strategy Master:Joan of Arc

Tactics & Strategy Master:Joan of Arc

Recommended : Ratings 5/10

Originally this game have a number of instability bugs, but the developer has been actively trying to fix them. I changed the ratings from “Not Recommended 4/10” to “Recommended 5/10” as a result.

This game is in Simplified Chinese only, which is fine with me.

This game is also really fun and has lots of potentials.

However, my main complain is that this game is rather unstable right now. It freezes randomly during long battles, and forces me to restart always. Although this game is interesting, I have not been able to get very far into the game because of the random freezes. I have already wrote a post in the forum, hoping that the developer will fix it.

Real player with 259.4 hrs in game

It is a game with broken dialog yeah but the game play is fun the story once you make sense of it is good. It can be a little bit of a challenge at times. Well even after I figure out how its played it’s all great I love the broken dialog it makes me laugh. I shouldn’t be mean but when I see stuff said wrong but know what they meant it makes it fun for me. My brother saw me play he was like Put Arrows What….. then we both bust out laughing. Please don’t take it to heart creator of the game we know you where trying to make it easy for us. I loved it so yeah I recommend it to others just hope no one is harsh on you game creators. I mean it makes it more fun when you see games like this I mean it from my heart. The leveling system is great so is the idea of leveling the gathering areas to get better stuff. Dungeon play is cool too I have not gotten far enough to where I’ve seen equipment break on you yet but it is over all great loved it. Loved the ideas makes me happy every time I play and at times like this man it makes me so happy.

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

Tactics & Strategy Master:Joan of Arc on Steam

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden

Definately the Definitive version of this game. Don’t expect it to be as grand as Persona 5 or as slick. BUT. The story is a classic and all the elements are there. It looks great and runs well. There are few games that were as loved as this one and it’s not aged too badly. If you don’t mind graphics that are a little old and you like social sims or dungeon crawling or RPGs in general, it’s honestly worth trying. If you want to experience all of the game to its fullest then try out all aspects of the game and hang out with classmates and do the other activities. The game rewards you greatly!

Real player with 143.8 hrs in game

The truth of this story…

Persona 4 is one of those games that will stay forever in your hears, not because of the mechanics, since this is applied a very old implementation of the Turn-Based RPG, but because of its story and characters.

The Story of persona 4 is amazing, a very cool mystery game with a mystic aura around the concept of the Truth Self and the TV World, the first 4 episodes were made to introduce the characters and mechanics in different ways, giving all the dungeons an special feeling, meanwhile around the end of

! Naoto’s dungeon the story spikes and a lot of plot twists happen around the mystery.

Real player with 124.6 hrs in game

Persona 4 Golden on Steam

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain’s Edition

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain’s Edition

Whelp, that was a fun ride. Quite a bit has changed from MoA and after playing through what is apparently now known as 1.0 (2.0 being a planned update that will rehash the story ending and bring back some lost MoA features) I can safely say that as a strategy RPG title, Sunrider stands loud and proud.

Our hull is holding! - The Great:

  • Alot of MoA’s clearly specialised ryder craft didn’t actually have alot of specialization behind them apart from raw stats. LD changes this a bit by giving your units a few upgraded and a few more completely new abilities that really set them apart from each other. Where as in MoA it didn’t reeeeaaaalllly bother me if a unit was knocked out of action, now in LD I can really feel the set back as I lose an entire front of strong counters for my recklessness in the form of a single loss.

Real player with 29.6 hrs in game

Well, this was…a thing. As the third game in the Sunrider “series”, Liberation Day has left me quite conflicted. The series as a whole has done much to transcend the boundaries of traditional visual novels, for better or worse. So it only makes sense that I write out another long-winded review for such a complicated game, right? Here goes…

Remember Mask of Arcadius? While classified as a VN, most of your time with this prequel was probably spent in the turn-based space battles. LD does the same thing, though the battles are more balanced and interesting. All of your crew from MoA is back and better than before, including new abilities and upgrades for a more diverse strategy (especially for Kryska, she’s great this time around!). To compensate, there are some interesting new enemies that require a bit more planning to manage effectively. Also, upgrades and purchases now have separate currencies, which makes customization significantly more interesting. Command points are now capped, but since you get them from each unit you defeat, you’re encouraged to use them more often, instead of merely accumulating them for the final missions. With everything factored together, I think the difficulty of LD is roughly the same as it was in MoA, as I alternated between Captain and Ensign difficulties depending on my patience. Now that it’s said and done, I think I had more fun with the battles in LD.

Real player with 29.5 hrs in game

Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition on Steam