Sea Wolf: Tactics

Sea Wolf: Tactics

Sea Wolf: Tactics is a tactics RPG that aims to honor the best parts of the genre while introducing new systems.


  • Drive Back the Empire: The empire has conquered and expanded for centuries - now they are at your doorstep and threaten your way of life. Although they vastly outnumber you, use cunning tactics to destabilize their hold of territories, incite rebellion and disable their empire.

  • Explore Midgard: Accomplish quests that will have you exploring every corner of Midgard, capturing empire strongholds, completing trading missions, and hunting down dangerous bounties.

  • Customize and Train: Build your raiding party up using new warriors you encounter on your journey and level them up. Carefully choose abilities from each classes' diverse skill tree to create warriors that can adapt to any situation.

  • Honor the Gods: Provide the Gods some amusement by willingly accepting additional burdens in battle and they will reward you with their favor. Burdens change the rules of combat in challenging ways that will force you to adopt new strategies.

  • Raid or Trade: Coexist peacefully with neighboring villages and they will offer you lucrative but dangerous trading contracts or chose to raid them and steal their resources for yourself.

  • Tactics Modernized: Sea Wolf: Tactics was created from a love of classic tactics games. Sea Wolf: Tactics aims to honor those iconic titles by adding new systems and streamlining old ones. Combat is responsive and quick. Battles are smaller scale to limit action-less turns but Battle Campaigns challenge you to survive multiple battles in a row.

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Sea Wolf: Tactics on Steam

The Rooster’s Chess

The Rooster’s Chess

Not even worth the time to install.


No single player mode of any kind.

No players in the multiplayer que during prime time hours (2 days in a row).

Waited 4 hours a day on two different days and didn’t see a single other person logged into the game to even attempt playing against.

Also the menu interface is horrible and the in-game purchases are overpriced cosmetics for things like ugly background images.

While you are here, would you consider following my curator page?

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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this game is now broken. it used to be cool but now it starts in a broken state which only lets you place with the ai opponent. i used to play this with my son and uncle, no more

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

The Rooster's Chess on Steam



Nice looking, funny and challengeing game. Cool story and idea. I’m looking forward to complete new tasks.

Real player with 78.6 hrs in game

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Give it a shot! Overall, I think this game is in a great state of development and a perfect candidate for Steam’s Early Access.


  • The game is about 80% complete by my estimation

  • The player controlled characters are great game representations of monster stereotypes (LOVE IT!)

  • Many of the things that players have come to expect as base level standards are present in this game, which I think we often take for granted in blockbuster titles

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

MonsterSoft on Steam



does what it says on the tin. fun puzzle experience.

I could do with like…. 20% more(?) XP early on, but not a deal big deal.

Real player with 29.3 hrs in game

rly cool but a bit easy. guess it’s meant for people that are about 1200 rated in chess max (for the hard mode). which is cool with me. very accessible.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

ChessLocke on Steam

Kitty Tactics

Kitty Tactics

As an SRPG guy this is a wonderful little treat. The only real issues I have are that the meta is pretty singular– you have to mitigate square takings, and then maximize yours, so it typically becomes befriend a bunch of cats and have kittens to flood the board with cats who shouldn’t take your squares up. Then you just let them sort each other out while you drive around grabbing tiles.

Some extra win conditions, map styles, and maybe an extra beginner class or two to spruce up the early scratch-lick-lick-lick-lick-scratch meta just a pinch. With these, Kitty Tactics would be in a great position as a simple, accessible, but variable and replayable game.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

While I am reccomending this game, it is what it says on the box. A $4 game with adorable cats. I personally love the concepts presented, and will be looking forward to any updates/improvements in the future. I feel things that would add to the game a bunch would be local or online multiplayer. This game would be brilliant with friends at a party, imagine the sight of 8 cats fighting it out, teaming, changing teams, and leveling up would be great. I feel the territory is a great idea that could have more added to it, such as buildings or other construction options. I’m not sure if that would take away the game’s simplicity, but I also felt late game it was difficult to keep territory out of enemy hands, which is why I suggested elements of construction such as walls or towers. But overall, worth what I payed for it. Can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Kitty Tactics on Steam

Quantum Protocol

Quantum Protocol


  • Game is incredibly cheap for the sheer amount of entertainment it offers.

  • The gameplay is completely unique and will feel both fresh and familiar if you’ve played YGO or other TCGs.

  • Everything from visuals to music to UI hit a very good standard that lets it blend in the background as you play.

  • The game still receives frequent update with a developer very receptive to feedback.


  • Learning an entirely new set of skills can feel a little arduous at the start.

  • The ‘fail until you succeed’ logic surrounding the game can make things feel a tad hopeless.

Real player with 76.0 hrs in game

Full Disclosure: I received a copy of the game to playtest during development. You can even fine me in the credits as “SaruRoku”!

Quantum Protocol is first and foremost, a Cardgame, with a story that’s presented in a visual novel style.

The visual novel elements do string along a fun, but mostly lighthearted story, without any of the “choices” that would make a visual novel game, but they do provide levity and a change of pace after most stages, as well as giving you some insight to the various characters who’s decks each follow their own themes.

Real player with 71.2 hrs in game

Quantum Protocol on Steam

Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever


Forever and Ever is an anime-inspired turn-based strategy game with billions of different heroes ready for adventure. In a world of heroes and villains battling for immortal glory, a strange storyteller falls from another world. As this mysterious bard, recruit uniquely generated future legends with diverse appearances, backstories, and personalities. Only your tactics and the bonds of their friendship can lead them to eternal fame and fortune!


  • Build a team from 10 different character classes that support a wide range of tactics!

  • Battle with action-packed abilities that can be customized to fit your strategy!

  • Every fight is fair- win or lose based on your decisions, not how much you’ve been grinding!


  • Discover procedurally generated backstories to reveal your heroes' past, personality, and secret ambitions!

  • Forge friendships on the battlefield whose bonds will save them in clutch moments!

  • You’ll never see the same hero twice! Forever and Ever features over 5 billion uniquely-generated characters!

  • If they die, they’re gone forever (and ever)!

Whether your heroes are ancient defective gardening robots, magical animal children, zombified party addicts, or edgelords from the future, the journey starts with an interview! Learn about each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, backstories, and personality, and find the heroes that are right for you. Maybe your team needs an Outlaw, a rockstar gunslinger who can’t stop dishing out damage? Or a Crusader, a bulky knight-officer who shields your team from harm with the power of THE LAW? Or a blasphemous Heretic, who dares to use their magic to protect instead of fight? These character classes and more await you in the world of Forever and Ever!

Guide these heroes into battle, and soon they’ll discover Secret Techniques: modifications and additions to their original abilities to expand your tactical options. Develop a fierce warband that fights with your personal flair!

Throughout their journey, heroes develop bonds and relationships that strengthen over time. These bonds show their true power in heroes’ most dire moments, and can save them from certain death. A Crusader and a Punk, once enemies on opposite sides of the law, now fierce comrades, push each other to fight beyond their mortal limits. An Exorcist shouts a word of warning to her wife, letting her dodge a deadly blow at the last moment. A Hermit heals his rival from the brink of death, and friendship begins to replace their antagonistic feelings. What story will you and your heroes tell?

Forever and Ever on Steam

epsilon wars

epsilon wars

Great vibe, cool music, clean graphics. And harder than you expect.

Like, I’m not that dumb, right? Maybe? I have decades of experience with gravity, this shouldn’t be a problem…

Game is what a $5 indie title should be: knows what its doing, does it well

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

This a refreshingly relaxing game of intergalactic warfare. The musical score lulls you into a false sense of security while your opponent is busy planning your demise. The gravitational pull of the planets makes for a fun strategical aspect and the random map generator allows for endless universes. An entertaining game for sure!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

epsilon wars on Steam

Final Hope: The Plot

Final Hope: The Plot

Well, this is alpha early access, really rough. The game has not been enjoyable as it is; however, it has all the potential to become a lot of fun if the developer continues to improve (imagine if this is at v.0.3, then v.1.2 would probably be excellent).

It IS really cheap, so you may want to take a gamble to purchase it now on the hope that development continues. You can play if for a while.

I am giving it a thumbs down because, to me, it plays like an alpha (not a beta - early access is supposed to be for tested betas) - but I’ll give it a DEFINITE thumbs-up if the developer continues with development (for that reason, I’ll keep the game instead of refunding it).

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Definitely in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, which is a style of game I like. For what feels like an alpha version, by a solo developer, it is still rough around the edges but has a lot implemented. I am curious to see how it shapes up over time and what the final version will be like.

Man, I got utterly decimated by the orcs in the first fight; those archers are brutal.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Final Hope: The Plot on Steam

Shattered Worlds

Shattered Worlds

This is another GREAT game by Orfeas. I played the demo at Aldorlea, but waited for the game to come out here on Steam.

This game has so much going for it: great graphics, full screen, secret rooms to discover, great story, visible enemies who don’t respawn (yayyy), several game modes, including Story mode as the easiest mode, and Nightmare as the hardest mode, and - something I haven’t seen before - you can choose “Followers on/off, which means that if you go for off, you won’t see the other characters trailing behind you, which always annoyed me in other games.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

interesting game - beautiful graphics with secret rooms and extra special secret rooms - a skill tree allows the player to build up each character and there is plenty of places to gather monies for items- a detailed quest guide helps with the game- story wise - an interesting one. the help sheets available do help with the game but detailed maps would be helpful in some of the caverns as would a portal to be able to return to same place after voiding out instead of having to repeat going through again. battles are not that hard in the normal mode as long as you have plenty of items. would recommend this game

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

Shattered Worlds on Steam