Train Tycoon

Train Tycoon

I really like the idea of this game but the UI is almost unbearable.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Train Tycoon is a simple browser/flash tier railroad tycoon game. Run a train business, manage your budget, expand your empire.

It’s a great idea for a game (and has been tremendously successful in actual, properly built games). Unfortunately, in the case of Train Tycoon, the art assets and interface are extremely clunky and simplistic… I’ve seen better interfaces written in HTML. And there are better games you can play for free on the web.

The quality here is just far too low for this to be recommendable to anyone. If you’re looking for this kind of game, try Train Fever or the older Railroad Tycoon games.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Train Tycoon on Steam

Armed Emeth

Armed Emeth

Fun linear story driven metal max like game with golems instead of tanks.

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

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This plays a lot like an old SNES RPG called Metal Max Returns, but you have golems instead of tanks. It also has different options for the the golems like the items that grant access to certain skills. Instead of needing a more powerful engine, you need a more powerful core that can handle more energy (“Edea”) but the upgrades you apply come at a cost to the Edea levels (which also serve as your HP), so there’s a limit to how strong you can make your golem depending on the core you put into it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Armed Emeth on Steam



I got this game ~16~ days ago (edit… 22 … maybe 23…. thanks steam…. did anything important happen in the last three weeks that I should be aware of?) …. I’ve played 300 hours, which says something about the immersiveness of this game.

By far the best business management game I’ve played. It’s truly a master work of the genre. I tend to like strategy games, sports management sims and art tools, this draws a little bit of inspiration from each. When you need to take a break from the day to day plan of building a massive automotive empire, you can exercise other parts of your brain tuning up new engines, or designing the look of your next (hopefully) hot selling vehicle. This ability to shift gears keeps the game engaging.

Real player with 1022.3 hrs in game

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At over 800 hours I can safely say Gear city is a great simulation/game venturing more on the sim side. It has come a long way though it still has a few minor quirks that irritate me, however most of these will either be my own opinion (and yours may vary) and some are due to engine limitations at the time the project was started. That said the game is very playable and provides a lot of fun. Eric (The Developer) is fast to get back to people and help you solve issues and answer questions, he has been constantly working to make this game even better. I only took a break from the game because every time I hit 1930 in game an update comes out and I have to start over so patiently waiting for 1.25 RC2 which should be the last time you have to start a new game.

Real player with 1004.6 hrs in game

GearCity on Steam

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future: Blood Red States


Overall, it’s a decent game with great visuals and works well as a “play for a couple hours at a sitting” arcade game. If you pay attention to the developing story, it gets a lot more interesting. Take the time to read everything; it’s worth it, and begs you to stick around for the next chapter. Some of the mission types are a little ugly and grinding, some are great, but in general it’s more fun than not.

Full Review:

I have about 28 hours of playtime during the Beta weekend in addition to the hours playing the release version, so this review takes some of that into account as well.

Real player with 59.8 hrs in game

Based on a board game from the 80s, Dark Future: Blood Red States is a tactical car combat strategy game set in the near future in an American wasteland ruled by a number of warring factions with armoured cars with big guns. The game consists of multiple seasons, with each season seeing you assume a new role fighting for or against these factions. With each season, you have a choice of missions to undertake, be it Escort missions, where you have to escort a vehicle a certain distance, or to just kill as many opponents as you can.

Real player with 53.6 hrs in game

Dark Future: Blood Red States on Steam

Automobile Tycoon

Automobile Tycoon

Well… it’s not bad… but it’s not good.

I’ve burned quite a few hours in it, and keep coming back because I’m a car junky, but when I want that fix, I’m more often reaching for Automation, Gear City, or Production Line, and honestly I still prefer running Detroit in DOSBox, which this is supposed to be a spiritual successor of (it doesn’t catch the same magic though)

This is a decent spreadsheet simulator (turn off the inflation, or you’ll spend all your time micromanaging prices because costs spiral quickly but there’s no option to scale the selling price with inflation) but it isn’t really a car game. You could replace the products you’re making with just about anything, and change the R&D tree. Feels like it was built to be modular but then didn’t take off so they didn’t push it out with other assets.

Real player with 43.4 hrs in game

It is an enjoyable game. It provides different starting conditions which provide longevity. The drawback is that it does not provide clear cut challenges and it feels more like a big sandbox, which should explain some of the earlier bad critics. If you have no need for step by step challenges (like objectives or do this and that), you will find this a very nice game.

I personally dislike these step-based gameplay, where the game leads you through specific paths. so this game is my piece of cake.

Real player with 42.0 hrs in game

Automobile Tycoon on Steam

Deep Space Battle Simulator

Deep Space Battle Simulator

I found this on-sale in some Sci-Fi Steam section, then I googled it, then I got it for my friend and I and we’ve loved it. You can hardly tell it’s an early access game- I have played for almost seven hours without finding a single bug! My recommendations would be to:

1: Add more classes and weapons. Maybe a Medic (TF2 inspired skin?) who could have a slightly increased self healing rate, and an ability to made some sort of mini tether-heal machine, like in the Medical Bay. I think that more weapons would also be cool, especially weapons in favor of one thing, and not the other- like a blowtorch. A blowtorch could be a very short-rage secondary that does high damage to doors and robots, but very low damage to players, or maybe a bomb or C4 that can deal very high damage to door and entities, maybe even the ship, but is a one time use item. Or maybe you can tie in the C4, blowtorch, add a pistol, and you could even make a demolitions expert class!

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Great multiplayer game!!!

Here are some details: There can be 6 people on each ship, so 12 players total in PVP matches, or just 6 people in one co-op session vs the AI. The graphics do what they are suppose to do: Be there and convey all the actions going on. There will be times where it looks like to super ships battling it out with all the laser fire going on. That is about it with graphics. The game has pretty in-depth combat with variety of strats you can use to win against both computers and players. Want to focus on defense and getting your pilot ships to do damage? Dooooo it! Want to focus on moving your Capital Ship in for some crazy maneuvering with Gauss Cannons/Laser weapons and the super laser - Go for it. Want to break open a hangar and steal enemy ships or blow up some systems/people? Viable and fun.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Deep Space Battle Simulator on Steam