Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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Video review: https://youtu.be/YqyShJet0tA

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Bullfrogs on Steam

Kingdom Chess

Kingdom Chess

Kingdom Chess takes the world’s most popular board game to a new level by expanding well known mechanics with countless variations.

Game is still being developed and isn’t available for sale yet.

Please read Early Access description to find out what features has been implemented.

Get in touch if you wish to receive a free beta key before game is released in early access.

Complete version of the game will include:

  • Numerous maps in different sizes and shapes with variety of obstacles and interactive elements.

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Kingdom Chess on Steam

Tsuro - The Game of The Path

Tsuro - The Game of The Path

It’s like a holiday for your mind…

It’s really is. As a visual art teacher and board-game enthusiast, I’d fall in love and buy Tsuro for mobile (my android phone) as well as Steam version. It’s the best purchase I ever had and felt with all digital-adaptation board-games or tabletop out there.

Honestly if the developer could even manage to put matchmaking without delay from other players (like online PVP) that would be much-much-much greater in the long run! Also if somehow we can customize our own ‘stones’ and change them with personal 3D characters or objects: it’s heaven sent.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

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Tsuro is a simple puzzle board game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Kind of like chess where you need to plan several moves in advance. The game consists of you picking a colored stone and drawing 3 tiles. These tiles have lines on them which your stone will follow along a path. Each player places a tile in front of their stone to move it in a certain direction. But be careful, other players can make your stone follow a path off the board if you are to close to their stone. There are a few different game modes you can play. Survival: be the last stone still on the board. Longest Path: travel the farthest distance by the end of the game. Most Loops: gain more loops than anyone else by crossing over your own path. Solo: this is just a relaxing mode to see how far and how long you can stay on the board. Bomb: This solo mode you need to make a path quickly because a fuse will try and catch up to your stone, getting faster as time goes on.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Tsuro - The Game of The Path on Steam

X Wars Deluxe

X Wars Deluxe

Good game, but still mad it has no +1.

Real player with 203.6 hrs in game

This game has that Advance Wars nostalgia feel. The matches aren’t drawn out too long which is nice. However there are a few bugs. I was able to contact the developer and he was willing to hear all feedback and assured he would be making necessary adjustments to this game to improve it.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

X Wars Deluxe on Steam

Concordia: Digital Edition

Concordia: Digital Edition

Great electronic version of the game. There are options that make scoring easier to visualize during the game. The UI allows take-backs before finalizing an action, which is also very helpful. Realtime games would be a great update.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

It’s really addicting. I only play vs AI but it’s just a joy and with my novice experience every game feels close. I would recommend turning off visible scoring to mimic the board game and not make bad decisions looking at short vs long game.

UI could be improved a little bit for me to easily see what I have (housing resource count) at a glance, the various overlays don’t quite do it for me. Maybe there is a better way and I’m just too new.

Music is great though I wish there were some more varied tracks instead of what feels like the long “one” song built in.

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

Concordia: Digital Edition on Steam



TOCOViX is a turn-based strategy game where 2-4 players take turn to place Crosses on the game board. The goal of the game is to combine Crosses to create “Shapes”, which award points and “Stops”. The purpose of Stops is to hinder opponents by preventing them from completing Shapes. A player is unable to move when all of the boxes on the board surrounding their Crosses are already occupied. The match is over when all players are unable to move or when the last standing player has more points than the others.


Choose between 10 levels with 3 different starts each. As you progress with the game levels get more complex.


From the Main Menu you can access tutorials with a detailed description of every game mechanic. Each explanation is made of both text and animations and can be interrupted at any moment.


TOCOViX comes with hard challenges which range from winning all levels against the CPU to conquering a certain number of boxes in a single match. Complete a challenge to obtain a Trophy and obtain all Trophies to unlock a special Cross!


Thanks to dedicated servers you can challenge other players from around the world! Every time you complete a match online you are awarded or deducted points from your online score. Challenge other players to rise through the ranks and enter the Diamond League!

TOCOViX on Steam

Clash II

Clash II

Clash II story, similar to its predecessor, will be set on the mystic land called Karkhan. For years, there has been conflict between invaders bearing the signs of one God, self-called Purians, and a population that has lived for generations there, practicing magic and worshiping many Gods.

The growing conflict will take us back to the center of the war between the two factions. The story will take place almost fifty years after the events of Clash, when the Purians won the war. They will spread even further their faith and laws.

The initial assumption of the Clash II story are the times unfavorably called Pagan Reaction - when our ancestors rebelled against the new faith imposed on them by force and sword. During the game, we will be able to lead natives, disagreeing with the dogmas of the new faith and rebel against a foreign culture of invaders who want to extend their influence to the entire continent.

In the campaign of the Purians, we will lead the fate of the hero sent with a penitentiary mission, aimed at taking over the kingdom from the hands of Willhelm, who by his behavior lost the favor of the Holy Servant.

Heathens will be lead by heroine, burdened by her Gods to unite agitating tribes and help them stand as one to protect the forgotten customs and their own freedom.

In both cases, the basic units will be the forces that we know from chronicles and history, strengthened, of course, by beasts from mythology and legends.

How we lead our own kingdom – through battles, covenants, diplomacy, technological and spiritual development – will have a big impact on the shape of the game. During the campaign, we will traverse almost the entire continent, where we will be able to fight wild beasts, find treasures and ancient places of worship. In addition, we will encounter marauders and deserters and perform many additional tasks that are waiting hidden for unneutered seekers.

Clash II on Steam

Hex Gambit: Respawned

Hex Gambit: Respawned

“Hex Gambit: Respawned is like chess meets Into The Breach meets American football.”

-Rock Paper Shotgun

Command your squad of robotic minions in the enthralling battle sport of Hex Gambit! Whether you’re tackling Campaign mode alone or after some multiplayer board game action, this is an easy-to-learn tactics game that’s hard to put down. Matches take about 20 minutes.

Bounce across the strangely-elastic heads of your opponents. Swat characters clear across the map. Inspire your teammates with an operatic blast from a guy with a giant speaker for a head. Your minions are teeming with useful tricks to master!

  • Match wits with the undefeated Mastermind in Campaign mode.

  • 3 difficulties to tackle as you learn the ins and outs of the sport.

  • Local multiplayer for 1-4 players, 0-4 controllers

  • Free for All & 2v2 Modes

  • Spice things up with any number of Easy or Smarter AI opponents.

  • Steam Remote Play supported!

  • 10 Captains to choose from

  • 7 map themes with 21 different layouts!

  • Make your own House Rules with tons of match options.

  • Player handicaps help inexperienced players go toe-to-toe with veterans.

Hex Gambit: Respawned on Steam

Charterstone: Digital Edition

Charterstone: Digital Edition

Pretty darn nice implementation of the board game. I have played the campaign once in real life :) I have finished one campaign with this program against 5 AI opponents. My second campaign got really wonky screwing up rules and end of game choices. I think I might have hit some less major bugs in my first campaign, but I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying enough attention or wasn’t clear on various rules.

Sooo, It is good and it is fun. The developers are already patching the game that was obviously released a bit too soon. But they ARE patching.

Real player with 94.0 hrs in game

Halfway in the campaign. and while somethings are nice it is a mediocre worker placement game as you are building the worker placement yourself…

this happens by what is available to you and since you can’t choose specific buildings it is a hit or miss.

SO my main issue is that there isn’t a way to build your own custom map. Or at least i can’t find it. That would have been fun tinkering with it and see if you can outdo some of the maps allready in there. Can’t believe the bottom one was approved. that was just no fun. have to test the others.

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

Charterstone: Digital Edition on Steam

Steam: Rails to Riches

Steam: Rails to Riches

Would I recommend this game? Perhaps, but if it has to be a binary answer, I tend to say “no”. Once you figured out how to play this game, it is some fun if you like strategic board games. But the in-game tutorial wasn’t any helpful to me. In the end, I watched a video on YouTube explaining the physical edition of this game, and figured out the rest by observing the AI and trying out stuff, taking a couple hours untill I finally knew what I’m doing.

There are also some glitches. Rotating track pieces, or changing the piece after you accidentaly picked the wrong one, feels quite clumsy. Undoing an action requires redoing the whole phase. You cannot always zoom out, which is in particular a problem when moving goods. If you accidentally attempt to do an illegal move a warning pops up and you have to wait until it disappears by itself, which is quite annoying. Some elements (like the action cards) are unnecesserily small, so unless you know where you have to click, you don’t have an idea what you are doing (in particular when playing from the couch).

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

Some of the physical map expansions don’t seem available (yet? ever?) but it’s a good implementation of the boardgame. Fully cross-compatible between Steam and iOS – I’ve had two games going at a time for a while, and I can play my turns on either platform. Game servers have had a tendency to randomly go down on occasion during my several weeks playing so far, but only delays playing for some hours or overnight. Touch play on iOS phones can be a little finicky in dragging and dropping hexes; the undo button can certainly be your friend! Animations could use an option to speed up. (UPDATE CORRECTION: such an option already exists under the options menu, and the fastest version is handy for me.) I’ve turned off the repetitous and somewhat shrill sfx.

Real player with 16.3 hrs in game

Steam: Rails to Riches on Steam