Hate Wave

Hate Wave


A pricey game that seems like nothing more than an asset flip. The mouse handles horrible, the day to night cycle (I assume that’s what it is) is horrendous, and the enemies all look stock. The audio is good enough though, and honestly it achieves a cheap Devil May Cry (PS2) knock-off atmosphere I did appreciate.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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The only thing this game and Dark Souls have in common is that they both have two words in their name.

The lighting is a mess and you play half the time in pitch darkness.

The enemies march in lockstep directly at the player.

There is one location and it is as boring as watching someone watching a video of paint drying.



Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Hate Wave on Steam

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale

This game is great! You can get to kick your office coleagues' asses and not get sued for that :)))

Jokes aside, the gameplay is dynamic, and the leveling up scheme makes you feel edgy, looking for hp and xp. Great idea! Enough of the AAA games crap, this is where gold lies. Can’t wait for it to get popular!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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loved the game was pretty fun to play :)

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Office Strike War - Multiplayer Battle Royale on Steam

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

I love this game and i see the potential

Especially combining card is really fun and i want to be able to combine two combined cards with eachother and just go crazy with it. I like all the references to other companies the naming of moves are great like the one horn demon. And praise no microtransactions

But and this is something that needs to be sorted you can basically take about 2 moves have a 2 energy lead, reverse literally everything and then just win from either the opponent not having any cards left or they keep hurting them selves and then you use one of your cards to put them out of their misery.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

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If you’ve played RAW Deal, With Authority or Synamic D this is a game you want to check out.

It’s still in Early Access, but the foundations are already here for something awesome . A wrestling collectable card game, much like the games mentioned above where you build your best desk of cards to challenge the AI or PVP for EXP to level up and VC (No micro-transactions).

VC earnt from winning matches is then spent on opening packs of cards to acquire new moves to add to your collection.

There is also a create a wrestler option where you can watch your CAW perform the cards moves during gameplay and a create a card and combine option, where you can cook up any move you wish.

Real player with 38.8 hrs in game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game on Steam

Rings of Hell

Rings of Hell

This game is an odd intersection of a lot of my interests so of course I like it but you might too.

From the store description it looks like a similar style of a bigger game is in the works and I’d definitely be interested especially if there is gonna be more Red & Blue.

I would recommend this game easily especially since it’s free, but here’s some feedback for the devs,

-please let us adjust text speed & skip cutscenes. It wasn’t a huge deal in a short game but in a longer one this would definitely be annoying.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Suprisingly fun game! However the FPS are all over the place for my system. Please make graphic options so we can at least reduce the resolution or tweaking the setting

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Rings of Hell on Steam



To be honest this game is definitely not for everyone. If you would like to get into this game you have to spend a lot of time raising your understanding. The reason why I recommend it though is because it is actually a decent game. Probably 80% of beginners will stop playing before they get past black belt just because they feel very restrained by what they can do. In some ways this is true, but the limit to what you can do is many, many times greater than what people (beginners) think. Watching the Tori Legends as you first open the game can make you feel discouraged as you can’t even do a flip properly. It can takes YEARS in some cases to polish your skills to that level, and even then you may still not be able to do as good as you hoped because this game really depends on the mindset of the player. The physics of this game are difficult to understand and get use to. At moments you feel that you’re flying way to high to do your tricking/sparring or that your body just got 20x heavier and stopped half way through a flip. You need to understand every little effect that each joint does. People (beginners) really underestimate most of the joints just because they are not skilled/experienced enough to use them properly. This is what changes the effect of your physics and understanding of situations. Suddenly your flips and and hand spring landings are getting smoother, faster, and lower to the ground. Your vision of how you see your joints and shadow are completely overhauled. Your arsenal of moves are multiplied to an unimaginable number. You see improved and more efficient ways of overcoming a landing or counter that didn’t seem possible when you first started. Eventually you steadily become a pro at visualizing foreshadows, predictions, and problem solving. You never really realize how much you improve because it almost always felt with you.

Real player with 2593.8 hrs in game

Let me get right to the point and say I love this game. When I first started out about a year ago I felt like a toddler learning to walk, and I admit, it was a bit frustrating. Then I turned to Youtube. I learned a few basic aikido and judo (two different mods/game modes in the game) opening moves and from there my results sky-rocketted. I was flooring noobs left and right until I got to the intermediate level where (most) every player had a rudimentary understanding of how to move in the game then it was fairly evenly matched and I quickly got over myself.

Real player with 1099.4 hrs in game

Toribash on Steam



Lead your clan to victory! Take out the rival clan’s king and win the battle.

Think before you slay and strategize your every move on the chessboard.

There are four “Elements of Power”. Each element has its unique Kung Fu fighting style. Choose the right element and get ready to fight.

Engage and destroy in one on one combat only if you sure you can win.

CLAN WARS game is composed from a Chessboard and a one on one combat fighting arenas. On the Chessboard there are 14 warriors for each clan, you must defeat the opponent warriors, but only when you kill the opponent WARRIOR KING the game ends and you win. You have one and a half minutes to make your move. If you do not make a move on time, the turn move to your opponent. When you engage a fighting battle with an opponent warrior, the two warriors will be teleported to a fighting arena. Only the winner is teleported back to the chessboard.

CLAN WARS on Steam

Age of Gladiators II: Death League

Age of Gladiators II: Death League

So I’m about three hours in now, and actually having a lot of fun. Its not as deep as I hoped, but still a really solid squad manager for a detail orient statistic loving player.

As for gameplay, it took me a few tries to get a decent start going, but on the fifth try I got it right. I am now “Rotwound,” a rather arachnoid ex-fighter. Gonna say, not too fond of the gladiator stylization, but whatever, pushing on. Rotwound opened the game by hiring a vorcinne (the hairless spider dude, ‘cause there’s also a spider yeti, yeeeah) scout who can hire other spider dudes at the beginning. The scout found a couple ok fighters, but most importantly Slowsin (the spiderdudes have rather menacing portmanteaus as names) who is an excellent melee fighter with loads of damage and accuracy, but not much hp. Slowsin is given an axe and medium armor and an adrenal booster, and sent out to fight. This he does with great joy and abandon. Fairly quickly “Slowsin” racks up ten kills, and is renamed “Executioner,” for reasons “Rules and Guidelines” does not let me make a joke about. Executioner has now led Rotwound’s gladiator asteroid team of spider dudes to 14-0 victories and speicializations in axes, medium armor, and adrenal boosters. The old spiderdude scout found another few badass spiderdudes, and then went to recruit what are apparently constipated trolls. He found a very scary constipated troll, who is now training to be more scary. This brings the story of Rotwound and Executioner to day 90, at which point they have not lost a gladiator, fight, or limb, because apparently Rotwound can live up to his name ‘casue amputations are a thing. I think. There’s something about cybernetics later on. Gonna keep updating this as I play for while.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

TL:DR - If you enjoyed the first game, you can’t go wrong with this sequel as long you’re OK with the Sci-Fi setting instead of the Rome setting. (Though the Rome setting is coming soon per the Devs)

If you like a detailed opinion of the game, read on! :)


I’m not much for writing reviews on the steam website, but felt perhaps this one was a good time for that cause I’ve been enjoying the dedication the Devs have given to this game post release so far. Overall if you played the first game, called Age of Gladiators, then you will encounter features very similar to that with this one.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Age of Gladiators II: Death League on Steam