Probability Race

Probability Race

Probability Race is a futuristic racing game. You must use logic, math, probability and luck to win the championship. Play a great variety of minigames and compete in turn based races every day. Unlock abilities and race your way to victory in this platform/stragegy/turnbased game.

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Mage Tower

Mage Tower

Mage Tower is an RPG game that blends fixed number turn-based with 2D platformer action adventure.

Player need to match their equipment and use limited resources, take on challenges in carefully designed levels.

  • A horizontal scroll game with a fixed number of turn-based level design as the core gameplay.

  • Smooth 2D manipulation, forward dash, double jump, and use your sword to kill enemies immediately.

  • Powerful equipment system, up to 12 equipment strategies can be set.

  • Get new equipment and skills constantly! A flexible combination of skills and equipment is the key.

  • The follow system allows player to get help from NPC.

  • Rich level elements, including attack gems, defense gems, buffs, keys…

  • 2D pixel animation brings life to countless characters.

  • The unique visual design brings a unique beauty to the game world.

  • Up to 200 kinds of monsters! 10 epic boss battles! More than 400 monster skills! Face fierce enemies and defeat evil demons on your journey.

  • The game is played with beautiful music, created by Bert Cole.

If you have any problems during playing, you can press F10 to call out to feedback.

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Kill Demons

Kill Demons

Classic RPG single game, carrying players full of memories!

Liu Qingfeng, a disciple of Sanqing palace, obeys his master’s orders to fight the sword protector in the demon cave and get back the demon sword. On the way down the mountain, I met Murong Xiaomei in Wangyou village and killed the snake demon with Murong Xiaomei. Later, he ran into the mysterious woman yuan Pingzhi in Jianye city. The three of them wandered the river and lake together. In the process of killing demons and demons, they gradually discovered a big secret. How will Liu Qingfeng choose? Can they finally save the world? It’s up to you to continue to write about the world of Voldemort

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幻想曹操传 Fantasy of Caocao

幻想曹操传 Fantasy of Caocao


In the later period of China’s East Han Dynasty, from year 184 to 220. Caocao, family of eunuchs, fall in love with multiple wives all the way. Begin as nobody and finally unify the Three Kingdoms.


*A stand-alone indie game

*Really excellent and beautiful character image and cg

*Light strategic card battle

*True Three Kingdoms history, discover a different story.


*Multiple branches, multiple endings

*unlock 7 wives at most, play little games with them, unlock new special card and CG

*Follow master story, through card battles, discover different history and unify the Three Kingdoms

From developers

I am an indie game developer and this is my first time to make game.

I want to make a game I’d like to play, after all I am the first player.

I wish it has beautiful characters which you could enjoy,

I wish I am not only an outsider of history, I build story through each option.

幻想曹操传 Fantasy of Caocao on Steam



Отличная реал-тайм стратегия, хотя на самом деле сложно дать точный жанр, тут смесь многих, и это круто.

Рисовка и движения персонажей просто огонь, это и привлекло к покуке, и не пожалел :D

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Stars received: 1.9/10 ___ Note: v.4 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

Game description key-points: indeed a puzzle, with little sense whereabouts

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game




Not even 2 min in game, second phase and it crashes, the game its on chinese i know, but still its annoying. pls fix

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Cirno'sBattleofFaith on Steam

far light

far light

A game inspired by the jrpg of the nineties of turn battles, however it has something new like choices and freedom but like everything of the nineties do not think that you will find things easy.

interact and explore the game this is the biggest premise in this game of ten finals because even the main missions are not shown only commented by the npcs and the choices be careful what you choose after all.

you can end up as a slave or as the queen of your country this game is all interactable from buying a store to having an extra income to counting the truth to an old friend of your father will all give some kind of consequence whether it is good or bad I hope you like this experience different from other modern games

far light on Steam

Rise Of Three Kingdoms

Rise Of Three Kingdoms

a really great game to add to all those RTK fans, its just deep enuff to keep you intrested, complicated enuff for you to form many different kinds of combat strategy, but not so compicated or deep that you have to micro manage every single city (tho i know many ppl enjoy that). Its simple enuff that you can go thru many turns without noticing how much time passed by.

The only bad thing i can think of in this game is that, its hard to tell with simplified english, how the Arrays/formations, and skills work with theyre descriptions being very simplified english. Therefore you end up using the wrong formations against other formations, as words in chinese are many other words in english, and in english, a word can mean many other things when used in various contexts and sentences.

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

Good game bad translation but for the price imo worth it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Rise Of Three Kingdoms on Steam

300k - The Game

300k - The Game

fun game to play while doing something else

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game


Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

300k - The Game on Steam

Exile Origin

Exile Origin

As a felony, you are exiled to C42, which is a barbaric, desolate and fearful hell. Among other unforgivable prisoners, there are only monsters and darkness that devour everything.

here you will experience: [/]

Build your Rebel team: build your 4-person team among many criminals. Each character has a variety of skill matching options and additional skill options. According to the characteristics of your enemy, give a fatal blow, explore the secret of “origin” religion, a variety of team matching, rich tactical options, and more in-depth cultivation space. Are you ready to face the unspeakable fear?

Explore the secrets of origin Religion: the purpose of tongue cutting ceremony is to return to the legend of the mother planet. What secrets are hidden by origin religion on C42? You need to explore all the way and look for secrets in the depths of the earth. Every step you take forward, you will have fear and strangeness waiting. Whether to join silently or fight back, you need to have your own answer

set up your own team to uncover the truth of this exotic planet [/]

game features: [/]

The origin of exile is a roguelike round RPG with the theme of waste punk played by a single person. It explores the barren planet, faces the unknown fear, seven unique felons and hundreds of skill combinations for you to explore the unknown world. With freely matched tactics and various random events, you will have a new and exciting experience every time in the dungeon

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