Eternal Exodus

Eternal Exodus


Welcome to Hell, kid.

The afterlife isn’t what you expected. Sure, you can live forever here, but only if you stay in the good graces of those in power. And it’s looking like you won’t.

Luckily, you have a Subjugator: a forbidden wrist-worn device that allows you to summon demons.


  • 150 unique demons to catch and fuse

  • Form a party of up to 4 demons at a time

  • Fuse demons together to get a more powerful species of demon that inherits up to 4 of its parents' spells and skills

  • Craft weapons and armor for your demons

  • Sidequests to catch legendary demons

  • In classic 90s JRPG fashion, you’ll encounter a variety of minigames during your quest

  • Full English and Japanese support, with more languages coming soon

  • Built in a custom engine on top of Unity

Heavily inspired by franchises like Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon, Eternal Exodus has a series of mechanics that, while easy to learn, offer depth and complexity. Catch demons in the wild, and fuse them with demons in your party to create stronger species of demons.

Through skill inheritance, you can fuse demons to end up with demons who otherwise wouldn’t naturally be able to learn the skills you give them. Want a Clammy that can cast Heal-All? Simply level up a Whisper to level 8 so it learns it, then fuse the Whisper with a Skullray to get a Clammy.

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Battle Chess 4000

Battle Chess 4000

Battle Chess 4000 takes the classic game of chess and rushes it headlong into the future. Chess pieces become animated space-age characters, created from state-of-the-art digitized clay models; with the pieces animated moves being both intriguing and hilarious. Not only that but Battle Chess 4000 has a library of over 300,000 opening moves and an artificial intelligence that can handle any level of opponent.

Battle Chess 4000 features include:

  • State-of-the-art animation from digitized clay models

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Battle Chess 4000 on Steam

far light

far light

A game inspired by the jrpg of the nineties of turn battles, however it has something new like choices and freedom but like everything of the nineties do not think that you will find things easy.

interact and explore the game this is the biggest premise in this game of ten finals because even the main missions are not shown only commented by the npcs and the choices be careful what you choose after all.

you can end up as a slave or as the queen of your country this game is all interactable from buying a store to having an extra income to counting the truth to an old friend of your father will all give some kind of consequence whether it is good or bad I hope you like this experience different from other modern games

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far light on Steam

Project Apax

Project Apax

Join Laia and Evan, two young graduated Apprentices from the Kingdom of Agni, in their adventure to face the powerful Kingdom of Gea. The echoes of a dark past return to threaten all we know, unless the prophecy of the Anointed comes true.

Paying tribute to the great classics

Inspired by great classics like Final Fantasy IX or Golden Sun, Project Apax is a nostalgic old school RPG with a deep narrative and interactive battle system. With an appealing anime style and neat VFX, it immerses the player in an animated movie. All music has been composed by YouFulca.

Battle mode

  • Realtime turn-based combat

  • Interactive and dynamic combat actions

  • AI-powered enemies that will require strategy

Exploration mode

  • 3 continents and 10 cities, with over 80 hours of content

  • Interactive environment

  • Rewarding puzzles

  • Explorable dungeons

  • Two encounter modes: random encounters and visible enemies

The world of Project Apax

_Iberis was a world at peace. Gone are the times of the Great Conflict, which was about to end the world as it is known. Nations that ruled their vast lands evolved and their inhabitants lived peacefully in prosperous cities. The threat once known as The Collapse, which would disrupt the equilibrium of the known world and lead it to its destruction, was nothing more than a tale to scare children at night.

Or so we believed.

Conflicting cults began to emerge trying to manipulate society and governments to awaken an ancient menace. The five great pilars, major seals from a dark power, began to rumble, heralding the arrival of a new era. Iberis is at the beginning of a new stage which can mark a cruel and tragic destiny for the world, unless the prophecy comes true and the Anointed appear to face this threat.

None of us knew what this trip was going to bring us, nor the consequences that our failure could bring.

Let me tell you how, in a few minutes, world was plunged into Chaos.

Evan, Agni’s Fire Apprentice_

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The game is very enjoyable from the peaceful soundtrack to the ping you get from catching a new monster. Keeping in mind its early access somethings could be made clearer, like for example perhaps in the pause menu a place where you can see the controls, or perhaps adjusting the dialog from some NPCS made easier to understand, For those who don’t know how to think. For the price of roughly $22, id say its worth it, the game currently has 20ish monsters to catch and Nyanko (Dev) has already pushed out a large number of fixes for bugs that the very welcoming and active community report in the games discord page. All and all if your looking fun, peaceful game to take your time on and enjoy with minor challengers, then this may be the game for you.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

Neumunsters is a game that is very charming because of the design of its monsters and surroundings. The game also shows a lot of potential with all of the planned content. Nyanko also patches a lot of bugs really quickly and tries to add new stuff as soon as possible which is quite astonishing if you consider that they make by themselves. I personally would say that the game is worth its current price explicitly if you consider that it will get more content over time.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Nuumonsters on Steam



There are so many versions of Worms out there but the original is the one with–-

*Less cartoony graphics - pixel art here instead of smooth cartoons.

*Fewer items - you have a good selection of weapons, but the most exotic items are the exploding sheep and banana bomb - no Holy Hand Grenade, Carpet Bomb or jet pack in this version.

*Less polish - sound effects are fuzzy and the menus are a bit unwieldy.

*Worse AI - computer characters never use ropes, spam the teleport awkwardly, get stuck behind cover and never ever miss with ranged weapons.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

i love womes and have been playing since i had it on my sega mega drive (similar to this version), while i have not played much of the newer ones - this version is simple at it’s best:

quick to start a game

no long loading times

fun short sharp matches

pleanty of weapons (not as much as later games of course)

pleanty of fun teams including teedies and waterloo (based on abba)

i really love this game - and i know some people might not like using the dosbox emulator - but for me (windows 7) works very nicely, with minimum errors

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Worms on Steam

Guile & Glory: Firstborn

Guile & Glory: Firstborn

I just completed Guile & Glory: Firstborn (it took me 17 hours – story + delve runs), and I had a great time adventuring in the Drowned Lands. If you like turn-based tactics games, and if fighting epic battles against mythical beasts gets your blood pumping, you should definitely pick this game up.

Guile & Glory: Firstborn is described by its dev as being inspired by Into the Breach (gameplay) & the Golden Axe series (atmosphere), and this is exactly what the game delivers.

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

A lot of people compared this to Into the Breach, but it’s really more like Deadly Rooms of Death for people who aren’t masochists. Like DROD, there’s no miss chance, no random choices from the AI, and no excuses besides your own incompetence if you get yourself killed. But unlike DROD, you can level up, change your loadout, or even take a hit and accept a lower score. There are outcomes in between “choose exactly the sequence of steps the dev intended” and “die horribly,” and the bonus objectives encourage excellence without mandating it.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

Guile & Glory: Firstborn on Steam



Let me start this review by saying this is one of the hardest puzzle games I ve ever played.After playing SOK and SOK MIN I wrote the reviews saying I dont think I could beat SOK MAX but here I am and I have beaten it without any guide and with lot of patience and dozens of fails.This whole series get a huge recommend.

The game has at least 10 uber hard levels that melted my brain and on some of them I spent hours trying to solve them.To be honest the bigger the levels get in this game the easier they are.

Real player with 33.7 hrs in game

SOK MAX sets out with a “bold” promise - it’s a follow-up to the excellent SOK, and there are… wait for it… more boxes on each level. With a different color. And they are sometimes ordered in funny patterns!

The above may or may not be a selling point for a Sokoban game, but the developer once again took the level design very seriously. Interestingly, there are two distinctly different kinds of levels. In one, you have to find the right initial steps, and then you have to work a lot to complete the level. These are usually the large levels with the many boxes. In the other, you need to consider each and every move because the game wants to kill you - much like the best levels in the original SOK. These levels are generally smaller, and sometimes start out with the mocking pretext of only one box being off target.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

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Master of Orion 1

Master of Orion 1

I played this game when it first came out kids. That’s right. I played on DOS. My CPU was so slow in late game you’d hit ‘next turn’ and go grab lunch and PRAY it was done when you got back. Games took a while.

Back then you kept your games on a shelf, in boxes like freakin' board games. Back then you went to a physical store and walked around trying to decide what to buy because the gaming magazines with reviews lagged behind the release of games so you had to decide what was good by the box art.

Real player with 4370.9 hrs in game

Minimal micro-managing. Multiple choices: play one of 10 species; 1-5 opponents; 4 “galaxy” sizes; 4-5 levels of difficulty; up to 15 random events, positive or negative that may or may not occur. There is usually more than 1 choice, often 2-4 of next level of technology to focus research on (computer, construction, force field, planetology, propulsion, weapons) and options via sliding bars to apportion research points among categories; likewise choices @ ea planet to apportion among shipbuilding, missile bases, industry, ecology, tech. You have shipbuilding choice features (size/ propusion/weapons/special features); espionage/sabotage/limited interactive communication choices; ship/fleet combat. Graphics limited (2D). If you want to spend less time learning the game and just playing, this is an easy game to learn and can readily be made more challenging by your selection of species, level of difficulty and size of star domain. If current tech-graphics and very detailed management are more to your liking, you will want a more modern version of MOO or one of the more recently developed similar themed games.

Real player with 1154.0 hrs in game

Master of Orion 1 on Steam

Yachu Dice

Yachu Dice

Simple, nice and clean.

Lot’s of fun with friends; It offers both local and remote play multiplayer.

Overall it’s very worth it, but I think it needs a couple more features like support for more players (6/8), multiplayer online would be nice though not necessary and mayyyyybe some dice customisation or something like that.

Definitely recommended and I hope it keeps updating and maybe gain a decent player base! (one like Nerts! Online).

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Best game ever that has existed, GTA V is not even close to this perfection.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Yachu Dice on Steam