Eternal Elements

Eternal Elements

In this challenging strategic tower defense game: towers are elements and enemies are materials. The elements interact with each other and enemies in unique ways (erode stone, freeze water, melt sand, shatter glass, corrode iron, etc.). Learn the best elemental combinations to defeat the materials in each wave. Challenge yourself even further with unlockable difficulty modifiers. Constantly gain power to take on even more difficult challenges.

Key features:

  • 50+ challenging and fun maps

  • 9 elemental towers to master

  • 14 unique enemies to counter

  • Hours of handcrafted challenging campaign gameplay

  • Infinite replayability with customizable settings and challenge modifiers

  • Constant power gain through unlockable and upgradable passive skills

  • Discover new strategies to beat seemingly impossible challenges

  • Unlockable maps, modes, and gameplay options

  • Survive as long as you can in endless mode

  • Change the gamespeed to play at your own pace

  • Build and manage towers while paused

  • Win or lose you always get experience points

  • Reduce the base game difficulty with accessibility options

This game has 3 core concepts that influence every aspect of the game.

  • Challenge: Each tower has strengths and weaknesses, so do the enemies. It will take cunning strategy to figure out the best way to beat each map. The game offers multiple difficulty modifiers and custom challenges so you can challenge yourself as you see fit. The greater the challenge the better the reward.

  • Discovery: Think about new strategies, discover new ways to play, and be surprised by what you unlock. With over 100 unlockables, multiple tower/enemy interactions, and a plethora of customizable gameplay options, there is no shortage of new things to try and strategies to discover. Let your imagination run wild thinking about unique challenges you could face and fun ways to beat them.

  • Progression: The game works by a simple formula, time spent = progress made. You can increase the speed at which you gain progress through the strategies you employ. But every enemy you defeat grants experience points regardless of if you win or lose. You will constantly gain more power to eventually beat every challenge you face.

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Eternal Elements on Steam



This is imho 36 Tower defense or assimilated games i played sorted by interest :

Some people might find this list useful for discovering unknown TD.

Legend :

(TD) - pure Tower Defense

(ATD) - Assimilated Tower Defense

(FPSTD) - First Person Shooter Tower Defense

(S) - Solo

(M) - Multiplayer

1- (Warcraft 3 & Starcraft’s TD \o/) (TD) (M)

2- GemCraft Chasing Shadows (TD) (S)

3- Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal (ATD) (S)

4- Dungeon of the endless (ATD) (M)

5- Defender’s Quest : Valley of the Forgotten (TD) (S)

Real player with 38.3 hrs in game

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CastleStorm it’s all fun and engaging until you step into the viking realm and you learn to swear as if godzilla is trying to chew off your head while playing angrybird in a tower defense game. What did i get myself into?!


CastleStorm (CS in short) is developed and published by Zen Studios. The PC version was released on 29 July 2013. It is also available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Switch, Wii U, Xbox 360 & Xbox One. According to Metacritic ( ) it has:

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

CastleStorm on Steam



If you want a game to play for relaxing, I recommend this game.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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Yeah it’s released finally and I like this game! To build up my tower with all this different parts is fun and to see how it works against gravity and natural forces is also great. The defend could be challenging sometimes but after a while there is always a way :)

Of course I am not yet through every level but so far I would clearly recommend it.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

ChaosTower on Steam



This is a strategy tower defense game, you must protect seven rows against monsters by putting soldiers in each row. The player must choose between buying defensive structures, attack soldiers, or mining. As the game progresses, special and aid units are unlocked, also the enemies are upgraded in their variety. It is a very entertaining game where you do not pay to win, it does not require internet, it is not too long (infinite), it is complete and contains unlockable elements.

History: A war between the north and south zones forced all retired soldiers to return to service, Colonel Steve among them. Steve has a special mission within his own territory, and this is to recover the containers from laboratory 3. This would be a simple mission if it weren’t for the fact that he must confront the biological weapons that the enemy used in the city and the scarce resources assigned to him. Will he be able to overcome all obstacles? It depends on you.

Epidemyc on Steam

Incremental Epic Breakers

Incremental Epic Breakers

I liked Incremental Epic Heroes (IEH) by the same developer, so I gave it a try. I have to say that at first I didn’t like this one very much. It required a lot of active play, it was very slow to improve, and honestly just breaking blocks wasn’t very fun. I stuck with it though mostly out of loyalty to the developers.

It got a LOT better. First the developers put out an update that speeds the progress early on which was really needed. Secondly, the game modes get interesting later on. The missions are the first start, but it really gets fun with the challenges and as you really start to use the crafting system.

Real player with 469.1 hrs in game

Not a fun game at all. Only playing this to get rewards on IEH

Multiple bugs and logical errors. Capture shot that costs 5k coins in store doesn’t do anything in challenge when placed, what a waste. If you buy quest rarity, the quests you get are practically impossible to complete by a normal human. You want me open 100 chests in 24 hours? Active play I don’t see more than 5 an hour. 10 mimics in a day? I think I’ve seen 10since I started playing 2 days ago. Too many flaws, don’t waste your time here even if it’s for IEH bonuses

Real player with 291.9 hrs in game

Incremental Epic Breakers on Steam

X-Morph: Defense

X-Morph: Defense

Tower defense genre was never known for having a lot of variety. And man, we have a lot of such games. In a way, tower defense is like hidden objects genre. Which means that most of such games feel almost exactly the same and it’s really hard to remember certain names. It’s like “Tower defense games? I’ve played those before…”. So, how to make your game to stand out? Well, there are only two ways. The first one is to add a unique feature. And the second one is to make it especially spectacular. EXOR Studios chose the second way.

Real player with 79.8 hrs in game

Usable Planet Located

X-Morph: Defense or XMD is a combination of a ‘Tower Defense’ and a ‘Manic Top Down Shooter’.

At first I had my doubts this was a good idea, but in game it makes perfect sense.

The issue with the standard tower defense is you place your towers, start the wave and sit back, maybe add or alter a tower or two during, then go back to waiting for the wave to end and repeat.

This is not the case for XMD, unless you’re playing on Easy with all unlocks.

You have the usual between wave time to do what you need, place, move, sell & change turrets, but once the wave starts you can personally get involved, helping out how you see fit, as well as all of the above.

Real player with 54.3 hrs in game

X-Morph: Defense on Steam

Scuffed Tower Defense

Scuffed Tower Defense

A must play game. Scuffed Tower Defense is genuinely a lot of fun to play, and I’d recommend picking it up if you’ve got the money. Buster.


  • Buster.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

When I first saw this game, I had high expectations, mainly because of its resemblance of the hidden gem New EPIC SCUFFED BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 (POGCHAMP). After playing it, I can gladly say, my already high expectations were blown out of the water by this modern masterpiece. Most triple A games cannot even compare to the work of art that is this game. From the aesthetic design, to the gameplay, everything about this game is the definition of groundbreaking.

When it comes to aesthetic design, this game is perfect. Menus are simple, yet effective. The background of the main menu in specific shows gameplay that makes you pumped to play. The sound design has real bangars that always get you hyped for the next wave. The enemy design is minimalistic, but charming. The levels in the game all have a charm to them in a different way. From the dark lighting of the asteroid, to the minimalistic style of the fall, every level feels different from the last. The voice acting has tons of personality and sets a tone for the rest of the game. Even the towers all shoot bright bullets that feel really satisfying to watch tear down the enemies. Also the doggo is really cute I wish I could pet him.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Scuffed Tower Defense on Steam



So, first did i recommend the game? It’s a big yes. But there is some little thing that need to be said. First, in respone with every player saying “it’s an endless lose spiral” no, look a little bit at the game and you will see that when a tower get destroyed, IT’S ENTIRELY REFUND. Second, if you die on the first few day… You’re not ready for the days after 80. You can’t blame a game cause you’re bad. It’s remind me of something… A yes, Git Gud Scrubs. Third, the dmg of the tower. I see some people complaining about the dmg of the tower being unfair, that it’s ridiculous. To that i have to say that i didn’t get any problem on this side on my first run. The first tower you get is insane with some upgrade, it OS every little infantery ennemy, and you destroy ennemy tank quickly. So yes, the game is hard, but not impossible. You need to prioritize some upgrade, when you see a precise ennemy, focus it, etc… there is some kind of aim assist too, so aiming is not THAT hard. I love all the effect of explosion, it was soooo good. The graphisms are good too, and i love to see all the little infantery fly when i nuke them. It’s hard, but not impossible.

Real player with 49.4 hrs in game

This is a recommendation, but with some major caveats. I’ll break it down into good and bad here. I’ll also go in depth on a major complaint I have with the game.

The Good:

  • A fun and relaxing tower defense game

  • A nice balance between the impact of your towers and the impact of your own manual fire control of the Taur Prime cannon

  • Very sleek aesthetic, the game and models looks good in a classy indie way. The guardian robots look especially cool with a Greek Hoplite style spear and shield armament

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

Taur on Steam

Thunderballs VR

Thunderballs VR

jame sbond


it was ok

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Thunderballs VR is a free VR shooter game in Early Access. It worked on my system, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok. I tried the training, which is a solo game. Has some instructions in the training but not enough. You have hand gun and shield. You can control cannons, which are more powerful but mounted.

Try this game, if you like PvP shooter game.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Thunderballs VR on Steam

The Last Defense

The Last Defense

ThugGames' goal is to build a series of games that explain one major story.

All of the games are from various genres.

We’re starting with The Last Defense to introduce our players to the universe’s story.

A continent driven by mythic powers. All nations have different abilities. After years of war between themselves, they now have a common enemy and are forced to unite and fight together in order to protect their world. There are five kingdoms. Only the kingdom of Murgaz is standing (Kingdom of Men / Middle Kingdom). All surviving mages join the forces, under the command of King Severin. YOU are playing from the eyes of King Severin and control your own defense by:

  • Build your own Defense!

  • Cast special abilities for every mage, based on their power. (Fire Mage example)

  • Replayable game with different experience every time you play.

  • Gameplay for hours.

  • Follow a story with every chapter.

The Last Defense on Steam