Western Sigil

Western Sigil

Western Sigil is a tower defense game in which you take on the role of the sheriff’s son, tasked with maintaining peace in the town of Wadeville. Idyll will not last too long since a dangerous plague has broken into the city walls and your mission is to find its source and stop the rot from spreading.


Recruit cowboys, Indians, National Guard soldiers, Mexicans or even bandits - everyone, regardless of their political views, wants the end of the ugly plague.

Or Do they?


Strategically deploy your forces on the map and set up turrets. Hire new members and gain experience to develop your units. Throw away their rusty guns and gear them up with new weapons to make your team even more powerful. Set ambushes to weaken your foes and find out who’s the cause of the overwhelming havoc.


Fight orcs, demons, skeletons, goblins, trolls, forest creatures and even animals like wolves or bears. The variety of monsters you will encounter in-game is a good material for a separate bestiary book, a weird one, that is.


The task is made difficult by the fact that there was some kind of strange magic involved in all this. To remove the unfortunate spell, you must find all the mysterious sigils and close the portal leading to another dimension, the very home of awful creatures disrupting the peace in Wadeville.


  • Protect your lands in this unique tower defense & resource management game sprinkled with a spicy pinch of strategy.

  • Get in the ranks with cowboys, Indians, soldiers, local Mexicans or bandits.

  • Distribute the units on the map properly - their location determines their strength.

  • Hire new members to boost your performance on the battlefield.

  • Gain experience and develop your units by equipping them with new, shiny weapons.

  • Set ambushes and place standard and premium turrets to protect every single acre of Wadeville.

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One of the best TD games I played for sure!

It’s easy going, it has elements I’ve never seen in any other TD game (like the genius alliances), gives the game a whole new meaning and fun, I also love the upgrades in and out of the levels, the whole theme is fun, the characters (towers) and their looks are awesome, I simply love it.

Hope you guys are planning to keep updating the game with more towers, powers ups and such!

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

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Exorcised is a newly released Tower Defense game.

The game is set in a Japanese fantasy world, with many versions of Japanese females clothed in cultural Japanese style as the towers, and with demons as the enemies, no story or known plot in the game, so lets move on.

The game is pretty straight forward, like many other Tower Defense games, the enemy move on a fixed path from one side to the other and you, as the player, need to place those sexy female towers to eliminate them.

There are several kinds of towers, each with somewhat different stats and characteristics which could be upgraded later on, and some different enemy types and bosses.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

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OTHERWAR is a tower defense game mixed with bullet hell. Take control of an angel and defend heaven from the satanic armies.

  • Play in 3 main areas with their own unique monsters and levels

  • Use 9 different towers to fight with the evil forces

  • Control the God’s chosen angel

  • Change the game by unlocking skills

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Otherwar on Steam

Spirits of the Hellements - TD

Spirits of the Hellements - TD

Summon spirits and harness the Hellements in this Tower Defense game. Bend your enemy’s path to burn them with fire, shock them with lightning, and slow them with wind, or place your defense on the elements to infuse them with power. Upgrade your spirits using the souls of your enemies and send them back to Hell!

High Intensity Action

Test your ability to strategize against the never ending hordes of Hell. Play in varied maps that will force you to create new strategies using everything at your disposal.

Infuse your Spirits

Place your defense on the elements to infuse them with powerful abilities. Each spirit comes with their own unique fire, lightning, and wind infusion.

Bend Their Path

Create your very own maze by blessing the ground. Force enemies to walk through the Hellements to burn, shock, and wind them down. Each level you play will present you with a different challenge in how you create your enemy’s maze.

Spirits of the Hellements - TD on Steam



**_“We need your reviews and comments on the Steam site.

Comments help us to reference our game to continue “PAGO FOREST”.

Thanks to your contributions, our license still exists! We’re counting on you! “_**


Flora, a former leader of Nova’s army, is back in service. Still alive baal the necromancer contaminates the pago lands with his evil power. Flora’s mission is to build a large army and recover power artifacts to annihilate her enemies. In her quest she will need you! Are you up to the challenge?

Pago Forest worthy successor of The Dragon’s Vengeance (scenario) renews its gameplay. We are no longer in an educational game this time but in a real tower defense! The goal is to put the right characters or tower at the right time against the right enemies. For this you will need gold! a lot of gold! and courage of course… The game is composed of 5 acts, 26 missions that each have their trailer. Each act ends with a boss. Like its predecessor, the dialogues will be well garnished with jokes :) We will also find a mana bar for the spells delivered by the artefacts (beware some powers are only used once per level) The game is simple to understand but you will have to use strategy to finish it…




This is a strategy tower defense game, you must protect seven rows against monsters by putting soldiers in each row. The player must choose between buying defensive structures, attack soldiers, or mining. As the game progresses, special and aid units are unlocked, also the enemies are upgraded in their variety. It is a very entertaining game where you do not pay to win, it does not require internet, it is not too long (infinite), it is complete and contains unlockable elements.

History: A war between the north and south zones forced all retired soldiers to return to service, Colonel Steve among them. Steve has a special mission within his own territory, and this is to recover the containers from laboratory 3. This would be a simple mission if it weren’t for the fact that he must confront the biological weapons that the enemy used in the city and the scarce resources assigned to him. Will he be able to overcome all obstacles? It depends on you.

Epidemyc on Steam

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Perhaps Kingdom Rush Vengeance is good when considered in a vacuum, but since I don’t live in a vacuum I can’t recommend it. The Kingdom Rush tower defense games are generally excellent, but in my opinion this is the worst of the bunch. Since the other games are nearly identical, I recommend playing an earlier Kingdom Rush game instead.

The main difference with Kingdom Rush Vengeance is that stars you earn don’t mean anything. In earlier Kingdom Rush games, the better you do, the more stars you earn, and beating the optional challenge modes gives even more stars, and stars are what you used to unlock upgrades. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, you get the same number of upgrade points no matter how well you do, and beating the optional challenge modes does not give any additional upgrade points. That takes away most of the reason to try to get a top score or to beat the extra challenge modes.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Review

TLDR: If you’ve played and enjoyed previous Kingdom Rush (KR) games in the past, then this is an easy recommend. As long as you’re ok with a few tweaks. If you’re new to the series, then Kingdom Rush Vengeance (KRV) is a solid, enjoyable tower defence game.

In this title, unlike the others, you play as the “bad-guys” lead by Vez’nan who was defeated at the end of the last game. The main game takes place across 16 maps in 3 different lands. An additional 9 maps are unlocked after completing the 16th level, 3 maps taking place in each land.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense on Steam

The Extinguishers

The Extinguishers

The Extinguishers is a Third Person Shooter Tower Defense Game.

The Adults are slowly all turning into demons and terrorizing the city. An organization called “The Extinguishers” are recruiting kids around the world to defend their cities. To keep the demons away from H.Q. build towers and create new and stronger weapons to defend your base.

Kill the demons to collect Eternal Flames. The Flamers can also be used to research and build, new equipment and towers.

You will need all the weapons and contraptions you can get to fend of hundreds…. maybe even thousands of demons storming in your city.

The Extinguishers on Steam

Tower Attack

Tower Attack

Pretty good game, I killed a lot of purple people


Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Tower Attack on Steam

Exodus Borealis

Exodus Borealis

I feel like it is important to point that this game this is made by solo dev, who has been great at interacting with everyone in discord and is willing to listen. Now those of us that have dipped into the early access games will know that this is something to cherish lol.

Also the Gameplay well let me go into more detail about that, but it is important to remember that it is early access so may change after i write this review but what i have found so far is:

Tower defence - The towers have this kinda Age of Empires feel to them this brings back that old nostalgia i love that! There also is an Arachnophobia mode this is something i recommend you play i wont tell you why, just trust me it is worth it! The enemy ramp up nicely giving a good amount of failure and felt to me like fun Gameplay

Real player with 84.1 hrs in game

This game is excellent for civ building and tower defense gamers. I am a seasoned (72 years old) player of both. The combo of both makes the game intriguing and challenging. It has depth without drudgery. Folks who do not play either of these genres may like this one just for that reason. To me there is a third aspect included - research. Which path should you choose first. There is no formula - one choice may be the best this go round but not in the same sequence the next time. And there will be a next time as you progress from map to map. Deciding how to allocate workers is another juggling complexity. The Dev’s UI design is a thing of beauty. Easy to use, informative info tips and an effective warning/informing system. Whatever your gaming proclivity I encourage you to give this one a try. It is just that unique.

Real player with 63.1 hrs in game

Exodus Borealis on Steam