Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition - Tower Defense

Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition - Tower Defense

Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition includes all existing game content of Cursed Treasure 2, plus 3 hand-crafted new levels! The total game re-balance and new mission rating system makes it more fun to play all previous levels once again, even if you have played before.

The mission rating mechanism has been changed from “Don’t touch my gems” to “Come touch my gems” that you always get a 3-star rating for the mission as long as there are still 3 gems on the field! The enemy waves have been adjusted and where the gem dropped will also affect enemies’ behaviors, all of these make the gameplay enjoyable with various of skills and tactics for many possible combinations.

Localization support: Chinese, German, French, Russian… and your native language may be eventually added at any time!

Why be good when you can be… bad? Cursed Treasure 2 is an addictive tower-defense game that puts the power of darkness at your fingertips. As a creature of ultimate evil, you don’t ask for much… just to raze the odd kingdom and have your cache of all-powerful magical gems safely hidden away. Too bad the (ugh) good guys are out to steal them. Using the powers of the orcs, demons, and undead, you’ll build unique and powerful towers along paths to destroy any hero that dares get close.

Upgrade your undead crypts to instill fear in foes that make them flee in the opposite direction, or turn your demonic temples into mighty icons capable of turning the ground to lava beneath anyone’s feet. You’ll upgrade and enhance each unique type, and of course, unlock spells of your own to enter the fray… when the going gets tough, the tough drop meteors on everyone else, after all.

Sure, your enemies have paladins and angels and ninjas and more, but when you’ve got power like yours, they’ll wish they stayed at home. Cursed Treasure 2 is casual but engaging tower-defense with style, packed with 27 levels that can be conquered normally or in Night Mode for even more challenge. It’s good to be bad.


  • Three powerful and monstrous tower-types, each with their own unique skills to unlock!

  • 27 levels of maniacal mayhem across a lush fantasy world.

  • Replay stages in re-balanced Night Mode with limited illumination for added challenge.

  • Earn ability points to improve everything from spells to towers and more.

  • A wide variety of enemies tricky powers and abilities to overcome.

  • A vibrant and colorful style… just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

What’s new in Ultimate Edition

  • 3 gems instead of 5 and updated mission rating requirements: just keep all the gems on the level to get Brilliant! Yes, they can touch your gems now.

  • 3 brand-new levels! Hand-crafted and polished.

  • Total re-balance. More fun on every enemy wave. Among other things, the dwarves are not that mighty now - don’t bother piling up the skulls to beat them.

  • Easy mana bottles and coins pick-up with mouse over. You won’t mis-click the scrolls anymore.

  • Mana bottles auto-collection. Don’t forget to upgrade the mana limit!

  • Updated experience system - now you get experience even if you lose. But not if you quit - hold on to the last!

  • Optimization and debugging for the smoother evil spreading experience. No more erased saves

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Cursed Treasure 2 Ultimate Edition - Tower Defense on Steam

Hell Loop

Hell Loop



  • It’s fun to find effective strategies.

  • The “no escape” mode is very challenging and fun.


  • Your trap choices can make some playthroughs on higher difficulty impossible.

  • Difficulty levels are hidden in main menu.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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The game is pretty great as a tower defense + strategy game. The drawings are perfect and looks pretty great for your eyes, you can’t wait that much from a platformer. However sinners can scream and that would make you feel like you’re a real Evil LMAO. However, traps are pretty enough to kill all the sinners. I had one problem with achievements. I tried many things to solve it but I didn’t had achievements while I was completing them. Contacted developer about that and he said yeah there can be a bug about achievements which will be solved %100.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Hell Loop on Steam

Fiery Disaster

Fiery Disaster

Fiery Disaster is like a low effort 2D top down tower defence game, but without the towers, you just click near the enemies and try to hit them with your single defence gun (volcano, whatever).

This is pretty bad, the whole thing just doesn’t work. Play a proper tower defence game instead, Steam has hundreds of them.

At least the developers used an appropriate name for this “game”.

Real player with 38.9 hrs in game

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I don’t think the creator of this game knows what tower defense is. This is not a tower defense game. I am also fairly certain this is not a strategy game in any way, I mean, shoot the guys coming at your gate is not a strategy, it is the only objective. Strategy implies there is more than one way to do a thing or choices to make in upgrades or something, this game has none of this. By level 3 the game is near unbeatable. Making a game hard for the sake of it is not adding substance or challenge, especially when there is only 1 thing you can do in the game, shoot lava at approaching villagers. I see now why this game is often 50 cents, still not worth it.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Fiery Disaster on Steam



As a fan of both strategy games and tower defense, I can safely say that I had fun playing Protolife and would recommend the game to anyone who is a fan of an unorthodox twist to tower defense and, more specifically, turtling or turret-creeping in strategy games.

Note: I have completed the main campaign and have dived a bit into the postgame content. Anything I discover in the New Game+ and/or the Experiments (randomly generated scenarios) will be added at later times.

Gameplay: 8/10

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Probably the best way to know if you’ll like Protolife is if you liked Creeper World or Infested Planet… and you don’t mind a control scheme which has no mouse input.

To be clear, there is nothing “wrong” with the control scheme, and I have played it on a keyboard as well as with an Xbox controller, but it’s a uncommon to find a game these days with no mouse input so that seems to be a deal breaker for some people. If you’re using a controller, I strongly recommend the D-pad rather than the joystick, because the game works on a grid and the digital input of the D-pad matches that much better than an analog stick.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Protolife on Steam



An interesting spin on the TD-fps genre. The gameplay will keep you on your toes, and the artstyle, effects, and theming are consistent and quite good. It’s definitely an indie game, and there are a few rough spots here and there, e.g. the controls, tower placement, metal beam in the HUD, etc. That being said, the game was fun.

Side note, the current build is near-impossible. The groups of big bois are brutal and the titans are broken. But I imagine the devs will balance the game shortly

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Play through here:

The Good Graphics are nice sound track is pretty sick and I like that they give you an active component with your builder. The bad Minions like killing your towers, you can’t be at two places at the same time and the default paths are a continent apart from each other, you have to actually physically pick up resources which despawn quickly so if your towers are killing things on the left while you’re on the right you’re getting half the resources at best, YOU HAVE TO BODY block to have any form of success, there’s not many tower choices and you can’t upgrades your towers, Minions LOVE killing your towers and some are thicc barely get frozen and are just blitzing so you have to lay sacrificial towers to appease their tower blood thirst, PLACING TOWERS IS HARD the area you can put them is very limited and you have to have a wide gap between your towers which is ANNOYING AS THE WORLD, you only have 30 very short seconds to lay towers while you try to fight with the build mode to even drop them AND THEN you have to run back to body block a path, there’s no wave counter that I noticed or any kind of stat to tell me how my towers are doing whatsoever, The Machine gun tower takes forever to start shooting like it will literally watch enemies run by then start shooting like 10-15 seconds later. Overall I think it’s a neat concept, but in my subjective opinion I can’t recommend it because I don’t think in it’s current state it’s worth the time investment to try and figure out how to win.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Bulkhead on Steam

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue

A solid tower defense, reminiscent of the Warcraft III tower defenses it was inspired by. Its strength is in its simplicity. A lot of tower defense games try to go wide, giving players many options of towers while restricting their ability to influence placement and mob flow. This game does the opposite by restricting you to one tower type. It lowers your immediate ability to change your damage types/styles, but allows for larges mazes and clever placement.

As you continue playing, you can collect power-ups that will allow you to shape your game-play even more. The towers are all still the same tower, but you can add attack speed, damage, give the ability to stun, or insta-kill low-health enemies, etc. to them. Every power-up comes with a penalty, that makes the strategy involved more complex, modifying all of your enemy’s abilities at the same time as it modifies all your towers.

Real player with 56.9 hrs in game

I have to think the devs like Path of Exile because the way you “gear up” has so much in common. Everything you find has an upside and a downside. There are uniques that are build enabling, but total garbage if you don’t build for them. There is a specific range for the rolls that a unique can get. There is stuff that has great synergy together (For example, if you stack the increased chance that the enemy procs some special ability, then there is no big downside to grabbing more of that. But the downside that you are completely prevented from getting even 2% of something like enemy dodge chance because 2% dodge X 200% increased chance chance equals insta-death. They also both have the concept of “increased” and “more”. (i.e. you can get 5% increased damage or 5 more damage.) They also both have tooltips that show your basic damage oputput without revealing any useful information without you doing math. (i.e the tooltip will show your crit chance and it will show your percentage increase that random events proc. But it will not show your ACTUAL crit chance after it has been modified by your chance chance.)

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue on Steam



**_“We need your reviews and comments on the Steam site.

Comments help us to reference our game to continue “PAGO FOREST”.

Thanks to your contributions, our license still exists! We’re counting on you! “_**


Flora, a former leader of Nova’s army, is back in service. Still alive baal the necromancer contaminates the pago lands with his evil power. Flora’s mission is to build a large army and recover power artifacts to annihilate her enemies. In her quest she will need you! Are you up to the challenge?

Pago Forest worthy successor of The Dragon’s Vengeance (scenario) renews its gameplay. We are no longer in an educational game this time but in a real tower defense! The goal is to put the right characters or tower at the right time against the right enemies. For this you will need gold! a lot of gold! and courage of course… The game is composed of 5 acts, 26 missions that each have their trailer. Each act ends with a boss. Like its predecessor, the dialogues will be well garnished with jokes :) We will also find a mana bar for the spells delivered by the artefacts (beware some powers are only used once per level) The game is simple to understand but you will have to use strategy to finish it…


The Last Hope: Zombie Defense TD

The Last Hope: Zombie Defense TD

A very competent Tower Defense title.

Does not bring anything new to the genre but what it does, it does fairly well. Good upgrade trees for towers and abilities and not too easy - you will have to think. Something different - from the fifth level the game will throw decoy units (crows) at you, so you will have to be careful about over use of archers and mages.

Not really a fan of the endless mode as it can go on too long (at least for me). I gave up at 175 waves. Maybe this aspect needs to be more difficult.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Great game with great potential, although some achievements are hard to come by.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

The Last Hope: Zombie Defense TD on Steam

Immortal Defense

Immortal Defense

Some of you have probably been waiting for this game to pop up. I considered about where to put it for a little while before eventually deciding to have it be at the very end. That’s because, in my opinion, Immortal Defense is the best tower defense on Steam at the moment.

The peaceful planet Dukis finds itself under attack by the evil Bavakh empire, a war-faring race of red, devilish aliens. Their armadas are vast, and with no notable army of their own Dukis is no match. However, they have one trick up their sleeve: Subject K, who has volunteered to be a Path Defender, a process that involves separating his soul from his body and sending it up into space. It’s unclear whether K represents one of his names, or whether he’s the eleventh person they’ve tried this with. Once up there, K gains the ability to see the Bavakh’s ships as they move through Pathspace (basically hyperspace), and the power to attack and destroy them before they reach their destination.

Real player with 89.3 hrs in game

Whether you’re new or old to tower defense games, Immortal Defense is a good buy. With tons of unique mechanics but still holding together what makes a good tower defense a good tower defense, and on top of that all a great story considering it’s a game where you’re shooting geometrical shapes flying on a line… Immortal Defense is amazing for what it is.

In Immortal Defense, you play as a Pathspace Defender whose goal is to defend your home planet by literally becoming a god and shooting invisible hellbeams from another plane of existence at people who are invading you. You do this by what else- placing towers! While the story and gameplay get more complicated than that (and bring all sorts of delightful twists and turns), that is the basic premise to the game.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

Immortal Defense on Steam

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Perhaps Kingdom Rush Vengeance is good when considered in a vacuum, but since I don’t live in a vacuum I can’t recommend it. The Kingdom Rush tower defense games are generally excellent, but in my opinion this is the worst of the bunch. Since the other games are nearly identical, I recommend playing an earlier Kingdom Rush game instead.

The main difference with Kingdom Rush Vengeance is that stars you earn don’t mean anything. In earlier Kingdom Rush games, the better you do, the more stars you earn, and beating the optional challenge modes gives even more stars, and stars are what you used to unlock upgrades. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, you get the same number of upgrade points no matter how well you do, and beating the optional challenge modes does not give any additional upgrade points. That takes away most of the reason to try to get a top score or to beat the extra challenge modes.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Review

TLDR: If you’ve played and enjoyed previous Kingdom Rush (KR) games in the past, then this is an easy recommend. As long as you’re ok with a few tweaks. If you’re new to the series, then Kingdom Rush Vengeance (KRV) is a solid, enjoyable tower defence game.

In this title, unlike the others, you play as the “bad-guys” lead by Vez’nan who was defeated at the end of the last game. The main game takes place across 16 maps in 3 different lands. An additional 9 maps are unlocked after completing the 16th level, 3 maps taking place in each land.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense on Steam