Aurora Dusk: Steam Age

Aurora Dusk: Steam Age

I bought this game yesterday for the $7.00 sale and have 31 hours as of posting this. Certainly feel I’ve already gotten my moneys worth and really hope this game continues to grow in content and perhaps have a sequel one day.


~Almost everything you do lvls up a skill; farming, woodcutting, everything… character creation gives you a bonus in certain things but even a dwarven tank with armor making occupation can master magic, farming, or w/e just depends on how much you use it.

~The sheer amount of skills is staggering.

Real player with 1824.5 hrs in game

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UPDATE: Negative Review status is no longer accurate, but neither is recommend. Though I find it fun, I am nuetral toward this game. Mainly because a couple old bugs still havent been fixed that are quite annoying to me.

Keep in mind this game isnt finished. Id only buy it if you want to help beta test and support the developer financially. If you have read the negative reviews thus far, you will have found out that none of them even played beyond the tutorial campaign. Even in its current state the game is still surprisingly quite fun and addictive. EDIT:The game is in much better shape now. No more freeze ups or crashes(at least for me)

Real player with 427.8 hrs in game

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