Glitch War

Glitch War

Glitch War is a Action, Strategy, video game. It’s a game where you command units as you take back your world from invading monsters. You control unique characters who each have their own special attacks. There are puzzles and boss fights that you will have to make your way though. There is an open world to explore. You can go in any direction you want, find new areas, new units, and experience each area as you progress through the game. I am an indie developer and have been working on this game for just under a year now and its really shown me my passion for creating games! It has been such a blast and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making the game!

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Glitch War on Steam

Unholy Heights

Unholy Heights

An apartment management tower-defense game about your resident monsters against humans.

While the idea of being a landlord is enticing the tower-defense part can get incredibly tedious & repetitious since there’s not a whole lot of strategy to use here from beginning to end.

The idea of the tower-defense is just to stop humans from stealing your money and if they get away with it you only lose your highly expendable tenant should they have died defending the money taken so there’s no real fail state. You try and stop the humans by knocking on the room doors of the monsters of your choosing and IF they’re home (which most usually are) they’ll do their tower-defense thing and help kill the intruders.

Real player with 59.0 hrs in game

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Let me tell you about Popan.

Popan was the first baby ever born in my apartments. She was a Cheepy so I didn’t have high expectations. Popan was probably 3 days old when her parents died in an unfortunate ambush on my complex. I had a ton of other tenants, so I didn’t see the harm in waiting for her to grow up. Somehow, she never became in debt. This fucking baby was paying the rent. She grew up to be a total badass. She would single-handedly wipe out entire waves of enemies without breaking a sweat.

Real player with 34.2 hrs in game

Unholy Heights on Steam

Runeverse: Sea Brawls

Runeverse: Sea Brawls

The best designed autobattler by far. Minimal RNG that can be easily mitigated with good play, extremely good balance between the factions (every faction can truly beat every other faction) and the developers are lightning fast in taking aboard feedback and correcting any issues with the game. For anyone who likes this genre of games, this is a must play.

Real player with 274.4 hrs in game

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I love this game, i played it back when it was a beta mode in another card game they had, then decided to make it its own standalone game which is awesome. Used to be extremely buggy and barely playable. Although. as time went buy the developers would listen to their players and fix all the bugs and stabilize the game. Which made this game amazing and really fun to play. Constant updates and they love hearing suggestions and taking them to consideration.

Real player with 156.2 hrs in game

Runeverse: Sea Brawls on Steam

Monster Battle Quest

Monster Battle Quest

If you like strategy based, action sort of games then this is DEFINITELY for you!

The GUI isn’t the best and the game isn’t that hard until level 20.

It’s not too hard and is definitely worth the price.

You can upgrade all your monsters so that they are stronger!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Overall it’s decent. Some later levels are just so much more difficult to do to 3 stars than the ones around it. And then it can be followed by one that has so few enemies that there’s no way you’ll ever lose on it, let alone get less than 3 stars.

Mostly the challenge is when there are ranged enemies you can’t kill before tanky enemies get in front of them. You’re pretty screwed then and forced to just send low tier mobs to act as a shield for a more powerful monster on your team. At least that’s how I managed to do it most of the time.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Monster Battle Quest on Steam

Monsters per second

Monsters per second

In this party-based strategy defence game you will visit distant planets, build small camps and battle fierce monsters. Can you survive by learning and exploiting their weaknesses or is your party doomed to never return home?



Prepare for battle!

When the enemies arrive, place your archers on towers and gates and secure the ground with your melee fighters.


Build walls and gates to withstand the approaching waves of monsters.

Keep your adventurers fed! Do not forget to plant food for your party so they can eat and stay nourished.


Before starting a map, you can hire new characters, buy new weapons or adjust the difficulty of the map.

While each character has unique strengths, you can only choose four characters for each mission, so choose wisely.

If you win the battle and complete the map, a new map will be unlocked, and you may be rewarded with gold.

Each map takes around 30-50 minutes to complete.


  • Two unique planets

  • 10 maps with 19 original monsters

  • 27 weapons to unlock

Monsters per second on Steam

Hijack Overdrive

Hijack Overdrive

_Why blow up an enemy vehicle when you can steal it?

Why stay in 1 vehicle when you can pilot a small fleet?_

Hijack Overdrive is a fast-paced action game where you steal enemy vehicles mid-combat to fight back. You’ll have to jump from vehicle to vehicle in order to grow and maintain your self-acquired-fleet as you pilot them single-handedly through the enemy forces.

It’s a unique genre-mix of Platformer, Shootemup, and a bit of Towerdefense.

Key Features

  • Innovative new game concept

  • 3+ hours of action-heavy gameplay

  • tons of different vehicle-types to acquire and use as you see fit

  • Bring acquired vehicles to the garage to dismantle them or built new ones, and take them to other missions

  • Grow your own personal fleet to lead assaults into the monster realm!

  • Defeat big boss-monsters

  • Unique scoring system by breakdancing on vehicles


You’re part of a small resistance fighting against a tyrant set on world domination. His quest for power has led him to look beyond our world in search of the elusive monster-realm and the power it contains.

He must be stopped before it is too late, but his forces vastly outnumber the resistance’s. In a last effort, “operation Hijack Overdrive” has been set in motion.

Now all hope rests on your shoulders, as you’ve been trained and equipped to turn the enemies’ numbers against them!


At it’s core Hijack Overdrive is a tactical side-scrolling platformer. Staying in 1 vehicle will often mean the death of you, so you’re constantly on the move, stealing different vehicles, creating a small fleet on the fly, all while dodging enemy fire.

Depending on what you decide to do, a vehicle can be an enemy, an ally, a platform, or a shield.

You decide how you want to tackle each situation, but you’ll have to think fast.


You’re stationed in a base near the front line, from there you will start each mission.

After completing a mission, the vehicles you acquired get added to the garage in your base.

You can use any vehicle from your base to start a mission with, and even summon one when in a pickle.

There’s also a unique challenge for each vehicle type in your garage, so try to collect them all!

Grow your own personal fleet and use them on special missions where you’ll need every last one of them!

You can redo completed missions at any time to get more vehicles in your garage. (and get the ones you missed)

Hijack Overdrive on Steam



A good way to discount the rage of this whole pandemic.

The game is interesting and very cartoonish, which left it with a very nostalgic style from my childhood and my drawings.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

A very nice minimalist game with a great retro music and sound effects, the art is like some 8-bits early games. Protect the cells against the virus, that is what we are right now fighting for !

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Pandemos on Steam