Tower Alchemy

Tower Alchemy

TD crafting + mechanics + 60+ towers = Unique gameplay and interesting take on TD. Combine towers to make more powerful ones. Buildings and potions provide bonuses. Complete objectives for rewards.

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Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Tower Alchemy on Steam

Protect Eggs

Protect Eggs

Protect Eggs

Protect eggs and hatched birds from being caught by foxes and Eagle

The player plays a lovely squirrel and Phoenix, looking for the phoenix nest in the beautiful forest, laying eggs (press R key), driving away foxes and eagles during the incubation period of bird eggs (left and right mouse button skills), when the bird is born, it can be summoned around (Q skill)

Phoenix nest is divided into three kinds, each with different functions

The flame above the bird’s head can replenish the life of the big bird

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Protect Eggs on Steam



Neither a plus or a minus at this stage, but I think the game needs rebalancing in favour of the creeps as the level tends to drag on too long (for me at least). Notwithstanding, graphics are fine and everything seems to work as it should.

The basics for a good game are there. There are some interesting new concepts, such as ‘no go" areas in the mazing that can gradually be bought back in exchange for core integrity and the “nuking” of various map areas when a creep gets through.

I will watch with interest.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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DeHexTD on Steam

Factory Defense

Factory Defense

Jabo sends an expedition of humanoid robots to a planet identical to Earth for the purpose of taking it over and building a huge industrial factory there. But it’s not all that simple, because not only does Jabo want to take over the planet, the rival company Toady has similar plans. Toady regularly sends assault ships to land their troops to drive their competitors off the planet and destroy their factory. Your task is to protect the factory at all costs and take over the planet!


Earn experience by killing enemies, Pump up your research tree to get more powerful weapons! Send resources to your company with the railgun to get new mechanisms and buildings! Explore the open world and find various components!


Set up turrets, artillery, air defenses and other defensive structures, devise tactics, team up with your friends, pick up your weapons and destroy the enemy!


You’ll have to build various mechanisms to create the items you need to evolve. Over time you will unlock new, more complex structures and items, so you will have to expand your factory and think carefully about its design.

Factory Defense on Steam

The Hero We Need

The Hero We Need

Create your unique towers, upgrade only the parts you need, build an arsenal of towers, or try them out in survival mode.

In THWN, each tower is individually created with runes that define the projectile and effects. This allows for versatile strategies that match your playstyle.

Fight your way through hordes of demons and enemies alike to discover Elizia, a world where the 5 realms of humans, elves, trolls, dwarfs, and turtle folk lived in harmony until the demons invaded.


“Genre mashup that combines the best qualities of RTS games with those of tower defenses. […] is something we didn’t expect that we wanted, but now we want to play more of." - GameReviewMonster - Full Review

The Hero We Need on Steam

The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker

First of all, thank you Exor Stuidos for this wonderful game and allowing me to participate in its development cycle to help make it a better game by simply being one of the many bug testers. I have stuck with them from the beginning and watched this game grow over time and am today to finally see its release is a happy day. My review of the game is as follows:

Simply put, it is a legendary game. You play as a mech named Mr. Riggs piloted by Ashley who is on a mission to make this new planet ready for colonization, but its full of crazy lifeforms never seen before aka aliens and strange plants and beautiful sights. In this game, you mostly explore and gather intel of the various lifeforms and plant matter, but need a working base to power up a rift to new areas and ultimately back to Earth. Unfortunately, the aliens want you dead because they do not take too kindly to Mr. Riggs and Ashley stomping around in their yard, so game becomes a tower defense with lot of exploration. Game rewards exploration by ability parts for Mr. Riggs and cosmetics. There are many weapon types, weapon mods, tower mods, many tower types, lots of base mechanics, and lots of combat.

Real player with 59.1 hrs in game

Incredibly fun and gorgeous mix of the best elements from a few different genres, in dire need of more complexity and variety.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely recommend Riftbreaker to everyone. I got a solid 46 hours of enjoyment out of it, I can probably push it past 50 even. And the game has been incredibly fun during that time. However, that’s my main issue. I am already at the point where I feel like I’ve done everything, seen everything, and there’s no room for replayability or challenging myself, after “just” 46 hours. Maybe I’m just spoiled by games like Factorio, but I really was expecting to get at least double that time and get a replayable experience. And I feel like the game COULD be that, it could be greater than it is. It should be and it deserves to be.

Real player with 46.7 hrs in game

The Riftbreaker on Steam



BarricadeZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the only things left are monsters, and you, a robot. Yet, there’s a tiny spark of hope falling from the sky; a baby. Now you have to get to work, because of course the monsters are after the little bundle of joy.

You have to build your own defenses, and that’s the meat of the game. The gathering and crafting system reminds me a bit of Terraria (to name one), and is nicely done, imo. During the night the monsters will test your design for you, and failure is definitely not an option. Remember the defenseless baby?

Real player with 293.1 hrs in game

It’s ok but definitely not worth $20; get it on sale. Technically a 2D Tower Defense game. There is fun to be had in finding a base design that works for you, lots of options and flexibility. But some very questionable design choices concerning the mining/resource gathering you’ll be doing a lot of underground. You might think that you would be splitting your time between topside and the mine; being topside during the nightly attack waves. You’d be wrong for the most part.

The clock is always ticking (except for pauses during daylight to build/upgrade your base) and you will eventually realize that the game actively punishes you for being topside during attacks at all. That is precious time you could be spending downstairs gathering resources that you need. Now early on, maybe being topside in battle might be useful to scrape by some in-battle repairs between waves. But by day 30 or so of a 78 day campaign when you have enough resources to be well established, there is no good reason to be topside at all. Good defenses will require virtually no active maintenance at all aside from a swift repair visit come daylight. Your war effort is actually crippled by wasting time topside during attacks when you could otherwise still be mining. This means that to play “well”, you must never waste time being up in your base during battle - which is really strange for a TD game. Watching mobs march through your death trap is kinda half the fun of a TD at all and here it is very strongly discouraged to do so. Expect two thirds of this game to be straight up Terraria mining, only the mines get very boring, very quickly. There is some mystery in “Is there a bottom to this mine?"; don’t bet on it, even when you think you’ve found it.

Real player with 106.3 hrs in game


Monsters per second

Monsters per second

In this party-based strategy defence game you will visit distant planets, build small camps and battle fierce monsters. Can you survive by learning and exploiting their weaknesses or is your party doomed to never return home?



Prepare for battle!

When the enemies arrive, place your archers on towers and gates and secure the ground with your melee fighters.


Build walls and gates to withstand the approaching waves of monsters.

Keep your adventurers fed! Do not forget to plant food for your party so they can eat and stay nourished.


Before starting a map, you can hire new characters, buy new weapons or adjust the difficulty of the map.

While each character has unique strengths, you can only choose four characters for each mission, so choose wisely.

If you win the battle and complete the map, a new map will be unlocked, and you may be rewarded with gold.

Each map takes around 30-50 minutes to complete.


  • Two unique planets

  • 10 maps with 19 original monsters

  • 27 weapons to unlock

Monsters per second on Steam

Sci-Fantasy Defence

Sci-Fantasy Defence

Sci-Fantasy Defence is a combination of real time strategy and first person shooter. Survive and build a portal to escape from this place. Use advanced technologies to extract resources, construct buildings and craft weapons. In order to overcome the barrier of attack speed of weapons and get additional projectiles when firing, use magic items from dark fantasy parallel world.

Thousands of Enemies

Thousands of enemies attack at the same time.


In addition to building a base, you can use weapons. Customize it as you like by adding improvements for burst, speed and damage.


Place aura towers that increase burst, speed and damage of your turrets. Combine the number of turrets and aura towers as you like.

Sci-Fantasy Defence on Steam

Ultimate Summer

Ultimate Summer

If you’re someone who’s a fan of games where you’re basically a one man army fighting off hundreds of enemies and strategizing on what traps are best to use, where to use them, how long should you mine for rocks and wood to get items, etc. Along with trial and error. This is a game that does it pretty well for the price. For $3 you can’t go wrong with this game. It has a neat art style in it’s cutscenes and in game slight cel shading. Enemies have some neat designs. The game can get addictive and fun. It’s fun to just axe and shoot enemies with the guns provided.

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Ultimate Summer

Asmodev’s are back with another banger, following the events from Infernal Radiation. Ultimate Summer takes the storyline further with another twist in the story-arc with a mix of a third-person shooter and tower defense gameplay.

Throughout the game, there are multiple references from the previous game and the story spills over to this one.

*– [Real player with 10.6 hrs in game](*